A Summer to Remember
Summer 2011 Collage RSThe past few weeks, I’ve been pretty bad about linking up with Alicia and Kristi’s Crazy Days of Summer challenge…but I saw that this week is the Sweet Summer Finale. Not only do we have the opportunity to share some of our favorite photos from the summer (encouraged to share photos inspired by their themes), but there’s some pretty sweet prizes too. Granted, I’m pretty excited for Fall to finally arrive, but I had a pretty good summer too…a summer to remember!
Crazy Days of Summer 
While you’re here…I thought you might be interested in knowing that our mushrooms are in full bloom. I might as well call this the Summer of the Shroom! If only I could get them to grow in one area of the yard, I could create my own Smurf Village.
Another Mushroom RS
Linking up with Hallie Westcott for 50mm Friday.
I actually captured this one on Wednesday evening with my 50mm f/1.4 lens. I walked around to the side of our house to check on a different mushroom’s status (it’s dying) when I saw two new ones. The one in the background (my lame attempt at bokeh this week) is now dying and the one in foreground is now open like an umbrella. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was weird to be laying in the grass photographing mushrooms. They can get over it.
By the way – thank you to everyone who voted for the mushroom photo I posted last week. I really hope that the above shot will be the last of the shrooms for a while.

    I love your mushroom shots! Hence the reason you were my winner too! :)

    Just beautiful . I love my 50mm too.

    All the photos are so beautiful

    They probably didn’t think you were weird…just jealous that they didn’t have the lovelies growing in their yards and that they weren’t taking a moment to capture their beautiful oddness :)

    It looks like summer was a success! (I’m so digging that photo of you and your niece–it just radiates happiness!)

    Great shots and collage, I lake It!
    I love your work.

    Nice weekend:)

    I love this collage!very beautiful photos!

    What a lovely idea! Love the collage. I wish I had time to do something myself.

    I love this magnificent frame where you can appreciate the beauty of the mushroom.

    That summer collage is lovely. I want to make one now, too! :)

    At least you get different species of mushrooms:) In our backyard there is going to be tons of mushrooms in autumn but they are all the same and I really don’t like them. I have lots and lots of work to carry them to bio waste every autumn.

    Your summer collection is awesome:)

    That collage is such a good idea! I love the last one (bottom right corner); that picture of you and your niece is definitely a framer.

    I love the summer collage and all of the mushroom shots, I’ll miss them! I think the entire city of Chicago thinks I’m crazy when I dead stop in the middle of a busy street to shoot a light post…or that I’m a tourist from a land without electricity. But either way, all of Chicago, and your neighbors can just deal with it, its worth a great photograph!

    Beautiful summer collage- I love all of these photos.

    Awesome mushroom shot! I love the colours . . .

    I am lovin’ all your mushroom shots!

    You take amazing amazing pictures and you have so many gorgeous memories saved now! Are you ever going to print a photo book of your favorite shots?? That would be so cool!

    wow ashley!! all of those summer photos are just amazing! you are amazing!!

    Love your Summer collage. Looks like a great Summer.

    So glad you caught this ‘shroom before it opened…I love it just the say it is :). Re: your neighbors…I can only imagine they’ve seen you photographing LOTS of things in LOTS of positions :)


    These are some beautiful summer photos!

    Love your collage!! All great captures. Of course, your mushroom is awesome. You are the Queen of shrooms :)

    I love your mushrooms!!

    Love the collage! What a great representation of summer! Thanks so much for joining us for the finale!

    Love your Summer collage! The mushroom shots are awesome. I definitely voted for your shot. Congrats!

    I love your collage!

    I love your summer collage. I want to do that with my favorite summer pics. it’s fun to see them all together.

    Love the mushroom. Very curious what lens you used on that. :)

    Those are very photogenic mushrooms Ashley – ours are not half as nice a texture as the ones in your garden.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging this weekend at all but I hope that Irene isn’t coming in your direction. Take care, Rosie xxx

    Love your collage. Beautiful pictures.

    What a beautiful summer

    I just love your mushroom shots. and your summer was beautiful (for me esthetically speaking and for you living it).
    Loving the collage!

    I love the collage! All of your photos are gorgeous. :)

    Ashley, I love every single photo in your collage. No joke! And that one of you and your niece in the bottom right corner? It’s been days since I first saw it and it still makes me smile! As far as looking like a crazy person snapping photos while laying the grass…same here. My neighbors think I’m nuts. lol
    Thank you so much for joining Alicia and me in the Crazy Days of Summer “Sweet Summer Finale” and thanks for sharing it with your readers as well. I’ve really enjoyed your photos throughout the challenge, and well…I’m just a big fan in general. You’ve been entered for a chance to win an amazing $200 photography and scrapbooking prize pack. It’s just our way of saying thanks… Have a great day. :)

    What a great summer you had! I love the mushroom shot, it’s gorgeous! (Loved the other LEM one as well too.)

    It’s nice to go back and see what we’ve experienced over the summer. I like this idea. :)

    I love this summery collage! Can I steal your idea?/Credit your post of course. ;)

    Wow, so many great photos in one place! My hat is off to you ma’am :)

    Wow! I love this :)

    As I had a mushroom shot of my own this week I am particularly taken with yours. Love the wrap-up collage, as others have mentioned it is fun to see them all together.


    Who knew mushrooms could be so cute?? I love your captures!

    You certainly captured an amazing set this summer! Really stunning Ashley!

    You definitely took some amazing pictures this summer.

    I’m sure if your neighbors saw your gorgeous mushroom shot they would understand the photo shoot with the fungus. ;-)

    Love the colors in the mushroom shot. See any smurfs when you were down on the ground? :)

    Sometimes I’m glad our nearest neighbors are a mile away when I’m flat on my tummy photographing my chickens. But then, they already know I’m weird. :P

    LOVE your mushroom shot from last week, totally deserving of “winner” status!

    A wonderful collection (saw you at fab fri)

    Haha. Just realized that collage was part of the challenge!! That’s what I get for not following links BEFORE commenting. ;)

    beautiful summer photos!

    What a perfectly lovely collage…looks like you had fun this summer! Thanks for linking up…mushrooms are fun subjects.

    First of all that is the most splendid collage! Stunning collection of gorgeous photos!! Second, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the shrooms and you post as many as you like! ;)

    great collage! I love that cupcake picture!

    a beautiful wrap up – – I should probably try to consolidate my shots into a similar collage. Uggh. Filtering is not my strength.

    Always a fan of how amazing you capture life. Oh, and if you get a smurf village, I’m totally coming down to see Smurfette.

    I love this collage! Kitty Paw is cracking me up!

    Awesome mushroom shot!

    Love your collage – I recognized most of those photos and what a fun way to wrap up summer! Your mushrooms are terrific!

    Beautiful collage!

    You are cracking me up with the shrooms! Great shot. I love seeing your best of summer collage, they look SO pretty laid out like that!

    Brilliant collage. Neat idea for summer summary.

    And I am also a sucker for mushrooms, looking forward to finding some here to shoot.

    Have a great weekend. xxx

    Beautifully captured mushroom!
    Love it.

    Cass from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

    The mushroom shot is amazing.

    I loved your mushroom shots! And nice summer collage..looks like it was a great summer :)

    beautiful photos. I love the one with you and your niece.

    Interesting blog, Ashley. Am following.

    Your summer collage is truly inspirational to me. Your photos are always so fresh and interesting that they make me want to go out and find some cool stuff right now to take pictures of.

    I love the idea of making a favorite memories collage. I really REALLY need to get my act together and figure that whole collage thing out in PS. ;D

    Love your collage! Really some of your best work!!

    Love the collage :) Summer treated you well :-)


    Love that mushroom picture!

    Fantastic summer storyboard, Ashley! Looks like a wonderful summer!
    Love the DOF on the mushroom shot!

    Love the collage! I need to figure out how to create those!

    My daughter would LOVE it if you grew an entire smurf village :)