A Summer to Remember
Summer 2011 Collage RSThe past few weeks, I’ve been pretty bad about linking up with Alicia and Kristi’s Crazy Days of Summer challenge…but I saw that this week is the Sweet Summer Finale. Not only do we have the opportunity to share some of our favorite photos from the summer (encouraged to share photos inspired by their themes), but there’s some pretty sweet prizes too. Granted, I’m pretty excited for Fall to finally arrive, but I had a pretty good summer too…a summer to remember!
Crazy Days of Summer 
While you’re here…I thought you might be interested in knowing that our mushrooms are in full bloom. I might as well call this the Summer of the Shroom! If only I could get them to grow in one area of the yard, I could create my own Smurf Village.
Another Mushroom RS
Linking up with Hallie Westcott for 50mm Friday.
I actually captured this one on Wednesday evening with my 50mm f/1.4 lens. I walked around to the side of our house to check on a different mushroom’s status (it’s dying) when I saw two new ones. The one in the background (my lame attempt at bokeh this week) is now dying and the one in foreground is now open like an umbrella. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was weird to be laying in the grass photographing mushrooms. They can get over it.
By the way – thank you to everyone who voted for the mushroom photo I posted last week. I really hope that the above shot will be the last of the shrooms for a while.