Best Friends
IMG_6547 bw edit RS
Our niece, Alyssa, really hoped that she and Kitty Paw would hit it off during her visit this past weekend. For the record, they did become friends…in a “I’ll jump beside you long enough for you to rub my back for about 10 seconds, then run off” sorta way (which is more attention than she normally gives people who are not her mommy and daddy). All weekend long Alyssa would attempt various tricks to get Kitty Paw’s attention. She sat as still as a seven year old can while watching TV…she left her bedroom door open in hopes that Kitty Paw might decide to sleep with her…she even tried the ignore approach. Nothing seemed to work.

So, on Saturday afternoon, we decided to take Alyssa to the Build-A-Bear Workshop. After getting a lay of the land, Alyssa decided that if my Kitty Paw wouldn’t be friends with her…she’d just build her own “Kitty Paw.” About 30 minutes later, Alyssa walked out of the workshop with her new best friend: a pretty white kitten she named Kitty Paw (Jr)…and one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure my Kitty Paw was slightly jealous.

By the way, our next theme over at The Mortal Muses is “Negative Space.” If you just take a look at my photo above, you know that I love negative space…but I’m more interested in seeing your photos. You can contribute your “negative space” photos to the Mortal Muses flickr pool by clicking HERE