August 27, 2011
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Liberate Your Art: Postcard Swap
A couple of months ago, I joined Kat and over 250 other artists from a variety of mediums for the Liberate Your Art: Postcard Swap. The idea being that we would send five printed postcards of our original art (or photographs in my case) to Kat, along with our address and return postage.She then swapped them with other participants so we would each receive six (including one from Kat) postcards from different artists mailed back to us over a period of a few weeks.

I’m excited to say that I received some awesome postcards over the past few weeks…I’m also excited that Kat has provided an opportunity for us to share our experience and make a few more connections. Here are the postcards I sent as part of the swap:
Salt of the Earth  The Marble Abstract RS
The Bug RS IMG_4960 blog
Even more important…I’ve scanned the postcards I received to share with you today. Where I was able, I included the name of the artist and a link to their website. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have…and I look forward to seeing what everyone else got in their mailbox. Have a great weekend!
Kat - Exploring with a Camera
Photo by Kat Sloma
Leon - Coast of Maine
Photo by Leon, Coast of Maine
Photo by Jen Erbe
Cindy Chilton - Arizona
Photo by Cindy Chilfon
Art by Brigitte v. Tienhoven