Locked Up!
Kitty Paw - Locked UP RS Kitty Paw has been doing this thing lately where she puts herself in “jail.” Jail can either be between the pegs of my makeup stool (I’ve had this stool since my 9th grade Debuette presentation…if you’re not from the South, this might not make sense to you. It was made so that when I wore my big ball gown, that I could sit without wrinkling my dress. I now use it in the bathroom to do my makeup) or between the legs of one of our dining room table chairs.

Anyways, she used to greet us at the back door when we came home from work or sleep with us at night. Now…she just curls up in between the legs of my stool. You’ll also notice the ribbon hanging on the stool and the toy on the left – perhaps this is also her play pin. Whatever the case, I wish she’d come back and sleep with me.

    That is so cute. Maybe she’s finding security in ‘jail’. Kitties have a mind of their own, don’t they? :) Have a good weekend.

    Cats are so funny! Love it.

    how cute is that! love cats!

    This is a very unique shot. Cute kitty!!!

    Our cat used to sleep draped over my head…a hot furry wig. Maybe Kitty Paw is doing you a favor, a night in jail vs. furry bed head.

    Good morning folks and I’m sure some of you are watching hurricane Irene’s movements especially if you live on the east coast. …………. I have a post called “Lancaster on 2 wheels” today on Amish Stories where i tour the Amish country side taking pictures and observations which I’ve just posted…………….Enjoy your weekend everyone and i hope your out of Irene’s path and safe. Richard from Amish Stories.

    She is so gorgeous! I just adore cats :)

    Ha! You take the best pictures of Ms. Independent. They grow up so fast, don’t they? :)

    I want to hear more about your Debuette presentation. Do they still do them?

    You know I love me some Kitty Paw any day. She looks adorable here. I was in debuton, too!

    Cats crack me up and yours is no exception;0. I just love their spunky personalities and the little mischief they get into. I wanna meet that kitty of yours. Invite me over when you get back from your trip k;0 hehehe

    she is so cute!! love this picture and i love the black and white tone!!

    What a great capture.

    Awww. Sweet photo. Hope she is back sleeping with you soon. :)

    I love cats! Beautiful capture and very cutee kitty!

    Nice weekend.

    Our kitty, Gus, has been doing something similar. Except he get’s under Henry’s high chair. We know he’s just waiting for a dropped morsel. Smart kitty.

    Too cute! And such a sweet picture. :-)


    I found your site on I ♥ faces and have added you to my blog roll. I love photography also and feel like I will learn more from your site!

    So sweet! Sounds like she’s found her happy place. :)

    Cats ARE so funny, aren’t they?

    Seems they always like a small safe place with their favorite items.

    That’s funny, but I hope she goes back to sleepin’ with you too! Alivia crawls under the kitchen table and then gets stuck between the table and chair legs and I usually have to fish her out!

    ball gowns in junior high…definitely not something I have any clue about, since I am from socal!

    Awn, so adorable!! :)

    Kitty Paw the criminal…LOL

    You know I love me a good kitty photo. :) So cute.

    That Kitty Paw is growing up and breaking away from his momma and dada.

    ohh kitty paw. such a sassy girl! i love that pets can have such personality, it makes them so fun. -have a good weekend!

    You have been ditched for a stool? She is a character, Kitty Paw!

    What a lovely capture!

    Very nice picture! I love the composition and the processing.

    My 7 year old wants a cat very badly, but my husband and I, not so much.

    Our German Shepherd, Buck, prefers to sleep under a table. He and his siblings were raised under a deck, so I think it brings him comfort. They are silly, aren’t they? :)

    I love the idea of the ribbon on the stool. I know nothing of Debuettes. I was raised in Texas, but we don’t consider that the South. It is just Texas. ;) I hope she comes back to greeting you soon.

    It always upsets me when my male male cat goes through different phases…now instead of curling up with me in the early morning hours, he gets under the end of the bed. My husband always reminds me that he does this and it’s just a phase. My female cat likes to get under the papasian chair, if you’ve seen those…it’s kind of like jail too. I guess that’s just her spot.
    Thinking of you Ashely…hope you are safe. :-)

    Beautiful.. He is . Cute photo. Love your processing.

    Beautiful picture! Love Kitty Paw … typical kitty! :)

    This is so cute!

    She is so cute. I guess I wrote he.
    Have an awesome weekend.

    I read this this morning and could totally relate… what IS it about cats that makes us love them so :) I was a total cat person before I got two pugs :) still consider myself one. Love me some KittyPaw too!

    She is so cute! I love that she has a playpen!

    great shot!
    my cat when he was younger love to hide in the boxes and sleep there:)

    Cat’s are hillarious!

    cats are fickle…. lovely shot!

    Aw this is cute, great focus on her eyes.

    I’m sure you do miss her at night. Our new kitten has started sleeping with us, which would be nice, if she didn’t attack us in our sleep. :)

    She is sooo sweet! Love your summer to remember too. Have a great weekend.


    Kitty Paw is soooooo stinking Adorable!!!
    Cats have such independant personalities compared to dogs.
    My hubby says I cant get a cat (or dog) right now while we’re renting our townhome.
    But someday I will have cats and dogs….lots of them.
    I LOVE Animals!
    Great photo, Ashley!

    Love it hun!

    What a cute photo! I love the black and white and the Kitty Paw’s eyes and expression. Thank you for sharing!

    Super sweet! I miss our cat so much!
    Hair and all. He would jump onto the counter and sleep in a basket I had up there near the stove. LOL Crazy cat.
    Love the Black and White photo with the black and white cat.

    Thanks for joining in Foto Friday this week,

    Kitty Paw looks so intent!

    Why is it that animals love to entwine themselves in furniture? Our dogs do it all the time and it’s a mix of annoying and funny.

    LOL! Animals in general are so funny at times, but cats especially I think. I love that you still have that stool!

    Awe, Kitty Paw is so cute! And how great that you still have that stool! What a fun keepsake!

    Yeah, it makes me sad too, when Storm doesn’t want to sleep with me… doesn’t happen often….

    This is adorable–kitty jail looks like it has some nice amenities!

    Too cute! If only we knew what those little minds were thinking!!!

    Cute. She must feel safe and secure inbetween the bars.