Last weekend, my husband was working in our front yard when he noticed a few mushrooms. I must have trained him well because he immediately yelled, “Ashley, get your camera.” I think it started raining shortly after he called me outside so I told him that I would photograph them the next morning so he could promptly get rid of them. 
Mushrooms RS The next day, I walked outside with my camera and macros lens. The mushrooms had multiplied! In fact, you’re going to see more mushrooms in the Scavenger Hunt because even more of them sprouted up a few days later. 
And as interesting as I think they look on “film,” they were completely nasty when my husband finally dug them up. Yuck!
Mushrooms 2 RS Have a great weekend!

    I love that first shot! How sweet is that for him to find you a photo oportunity! He’s a keeper! ;0)

    The processing on the first shot is gorgeous! Seriously some days wish I had a macro but not in the cards right now.

    beautiful! Beautiful shots of fungus! :) hehe. But really you are so talented.

    We get a lot of strange mushrooms here too! I love it that your husband called you to bring the camera. My family does that too and I love that they’ve learned to see the world from the perspective of a photographer. I think you see things differently that way and appreciate things you never would’ve before.

    That first shot is great! Amazing how quickly they multiply! I also have my husband trained like that! haha

    I love the first pic!!!! So lucky to find them on your garden :)

    LOVE that first shot!

    Oh my goodness! I love mushroom shots! So far though I haven’t found any around here to capture. I think they look so cute in your first shot. :) I’m thinking I need to add mushroom hunting to my to do list this weekend.

    Ps. Yay for getting your honey trained…. Mine does let me know abt stuff occasionally, but most times he doesn’t get why I take pics of what I do. :)

    Beauties! Love that first one especially-nice use of focus, very dreamy.

    Lovely photo of the mushrooms! The definitely look better in photos than in real life.

    I love the first photo…but the second is neat, too. I got the linky up…sorry about that. I knew I forgot to put it in…but then I forgot again! :)

    Wow, Ashley these are great. :) I love that first one.

    Love these Ashley! Love that your hubby knows you so well. :-)

    Strange little things!

    Great shots…

    Hope you have a great day!

    I just had mushrooms randomly grow in the middle of my hard (no shade mind you)

    Great mushrooms! I love love love mushrooms – they are so interesting – can’t wait to see more!

    Great shots…The first one is stunning!!! =)

    This top mushroom shot is the one of coolest photos I’ve seen ever! It reminds me exactly of a children’s storybook! I love it!

    We had some very weird mushrooms pop up by our front door. Narrow and tall and so x-rated looking that I can’t even post them!

    Terrific shots!
    Love how the mushrooms look like a little village!

    I really love that first shot! Don’t much care for mushrooms myself but it did make a great photo!

    oh wow! that’s all i have! :)

    Don’t you just love husbands who are well-trained :). Mushrooms are such fascinating photo subjects. I always imagine little Lilliputians bustling away in their village underneath them. Scary, I know! haha.


    I love your first shot…the mushrooms looks so cute! Wow, that was a lot of them too…great capture! Your hubby is too cute :)

    They may be “Yuck,” but they sure made for some wonderful photographs Ashley! Love the first one. Fantastic composition and light.
    Have a great weekend!

    I grew up on a marsh so our yard was a constant mushroom field! They are so much fun to look at and snap pics of!!

    There is a fungus among us!!!! And I love it. So cute. In pictures…..

    Beautiful shots! Love the top one.

    I love that first shot. :)

    Marla @

    that first shot is why I love you.

    What a good hubby!

    How do you get your husband to do that? I’ve just graduated from the “you are crazy” look everytime I took random pictures, to “that is a nice picture babe” stage!

    Your hubby sounds a lot like my hubby:) Isn’t it the best thing ever to have a hubby who supports our photography passion and even encourages it! hehehe. Love that first picture especially!

    We rarely, if ever, get mushrooms~I didn’t know they were hard to pull out.

    I love your first shot~like a magical little world.

    Love that first photo! So pretty.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment of my photo and thanks for sharing on Foto Friday.


    Holy heck, I love the mushrooms! We had quite a bit of rain here in small town Missouri over the last few days and I’m hoping that we get a few mushrooms too. :)
    By the way, we’ve missed you in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. If you have some “blue skies” inspired pics, we’d love for you to stop by and link up. Hope you’re doing well. Have a great weekend, Ashley.

    Just catching up here Ashley as I’m on holiday. I love taking shots of mushrooms and I think those look great in the first photo especially the texture on their tops.

    OMG that first shot is AWESOME!!!

    That first photo is so pretty. I noticed a bunch of mushrooms this morning, I may have to try getting some photos. If they turn out half as good as yours, I’ll be happy. :)

    love it! oh, and check out the giveaway at my blog! it’s my first :)

    The detail is amazing in that first shot, and please send some rain to Texas!

    Very cool macro shot!

    Holy cow, those are some shrooms! The one thing I can say about our drought, it’s kept the fungus away. They do make for interesting subjects though :) I love the shot of the really big ones. I don’t envy anyone having to dig them up…bleh!

    I love that first picture. It has a fairytale magical feeling to it!

    Oh what pretty shots. I liked the first one a lot, and loved the “fairies point of view” on the second one.

    I Love your mushrooms. They have a fairytale appearance!

    We NEVER have cute mushrooms! Love it.

    Mushroom is my favourite English word. I just love the way it sounds! Wonder if they will be your hanging by a thread since you camera was the last thing keeping them in the yard?!
    Great capture. All that Is missing is the fairies!

    I have become quit the Ashley fan. I love all your photos!

    Great photos! I noticed a big patch of mushrooms at my church the other day but when I went back to photograph them, someone had smashed them. :(

    How lovely! I love that he calls you to bring the camera. That is how it is in this house too. I have 4 other people scouting photo opportunities for me :) I will be posting some mushrooms for Scavenger hunt :)

    I love that first shot so much. I almost feel like I am Alice in Wonderland and I am walking up to Absolem the blue caterpillar smoking his hookah on top of the mushroom.

    Ashley, that first shot is gorgeous!! And yes, my whole family is trained well, in fact I even have the occasional neighbor kids that will let me know of something interesting!! It’s helpful to have ‘people’!! haha

    Am I the only one who had a Smurf’s flashback when I first looked at these. I could almost see Papa Smurf’s house

    Mushrooms great shot! I was going to take some pics of mushrooms and my husband laughed…Hope you have a great weekend :)

    I think your images are absolutely fabulous! They capture the “mystery” of mushrooms so beautifully.

    The first shot is beautiful! You can almost imagine a little fairy flying about through them, lol

    haha, you trained him well :)))

    Dreamy and beautiful. These shots are so perfect I almost thought these mushrooms were toys! I love the macro in black and white too.

    Awww… your man knows you so well! Really cool fungus shots! Heehehe.

    These are so cool! The first one feels so fairytale-like, and the detail on the second is just incredible!

    so funny, my husband does the same thing, he called me outside when he found a box turtle, then again when he found a little frog. he’s always on the look out for photo opportunities.

    I love that first image Ashley. Beautifully focused and composed! They look like a little happy family there standing together!

    too funny about your husband giving you a photo shoot opt.

    great shots of them and like how you did your edits.

    Mushrooms can be pretty if you let them be ha,ha.

    The shots are beautiful as always, however, I can’t stop laughing….”Ashley get your camera” LOVE it:) Have a great weekend.


    Beautiful shots Ashley! The first one is so awesome…I’d love to have it printed for my kitchen!

    Absolutely gorgeous!! (And I never thought I’d say that about mushrooms!) :-)

    They look so enchanting in the first shot! Great atmosphere, composition and perspective.

    Great processing! I love both the pictures SO much!

    Love these, so cool! The first looks like a little fairy land, love the bark texture too. The second is so lovely and textured, love it in B&W.
    How well trained you have your husband! :-)

    Wow, those are awesome. I really love that first one, its very dreamy feeling (I feel like I could be Alice!). Can’t wait to see more.

    Great shots, as always! Both are quite charming! But as you know, I have a “thing” for mushrooms!
    missing moments mushroom in her yard is probably a stinkhorn of some description. They really are bizarre looking!

    I love the first shot. It’s like I’m waiting for fairies to jump out!

    Especially like that first photo! It looks like it should be illustrating a children’s story or something!

    I’ve never seen mushrooms look so purty! And I love that your husband spotted them for you! What a fun guy (fungi)–get it? If someone already used that lame joke, I apologize. :)

    Love the tones in that first mushroom shot. And my hubby has been known to say that to me, too. Haha. They know how we are.

    More ‘shrooms! What is it this year? ;) Great photos, though! I love the first one – such a dreamy effect!

    We have a few scattered here and there, but nothing like this! Invasion of the fungi. Great shots! Good for you in getting so close to the nasty little things.

    80 comments about mushrooms, and I had to chime in too. I love that first photo!

    I really really really really need a macro lens. I am always wanting to take the close ups of the mushrooms in our garden and I can never get this close! Sigh.

    Had to laugh because my hubby does the same thing … he and my son are always looking for mushrooms for me. You did wonderfully capturing them.

    We just found one in our yard today! I begged my husband to leave it til I could get some pics. Gonna try for some tomorrow. These are awesome!

    Mmmmm, love mushrooms! Love that first shot!

    The first image is absolutely amazing!!!

    I love that first shot. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. You just need a catepillar!

    I love mushroom photos, and keep looking for the magical creatures (or smurfs) that must be living in that first one, lol. Love them both!!

    The first one looks like a little fantasy land (like Alice in Wonderland)!

    Your first photo looks almost magical, like it should be the beginning of a story about woodland fairies. Great job!

    My 5 year old calls them toadstools. I think she thinks the smurfs really live in them. They do make for great shots and for good pizza ;)