August 09, 2011
Categories: Mortal Muses
Oh to be TWO
I’m musing today. The theme is two…because the Mortal Muses are two…two years old. My nephew is also two. He likes to run, and so should you. Run right (or rather click) over to the Mortal Muses right now and leave me a little blog love.

Actually, if you aren’t already following the Mortal Muses, I’m excited to tell you that we’re kicking off a new year with five new muses: Lindsey (aka The Modchick), Cara, Gilly, Holly and Christina…in addition to myself, Kirstin, Kat (who you know from Exploring with a Camera) and Christy (who many of you know as the Urban Muser). Be sure to follow us as we JUMP into our second year…it’s going to be awesome and inspiring.