Scavenger Hunt Sunday
This has been a rather interesting week. First an earthquake…then a hurricane…a 30th birthday party and trying to mix in a newborn photo session (I’m actually doing that this morning, so I hope to share a sneak peak later in the week). Either way, it’s Sunday. If you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you too. If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! Next week’s items are sponsored by  Paper Heart Camera, Chelsea, and Abby.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The rules are simple:
  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. Creativity is also encouraged!
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots).
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) – you can use the button above.
  5. Leave comments for at least five entries around yours (we have so many new participants each week, this is the only way I know to be inclusive).
  6. Have fun! 
Without further discussion…here are my interpretations this week:

1. Old and New
Old and New RS
Last weekend we bought my husband a new pair of shoes. His old shoes are on the left…his new shoes are on the right. I probably should have taken his shoes outside. Those old shoes are nasty!

2. Night Photography
In the Dark RS
I really need to spend some time with this prompt…it just wasn’t happening this week. So, I grabbed my camera and walked upstairs to go to bed. I turned out all the lights and focused on our bathroom door. Kitty Paw ran in. I called her for a good five minutes hoping she would walk out so I could have a picture of her walking out the door into the darkness. Nope – she wasn’t having it. Turns out she’d put herself in “jail.” If you don’t understand that reference…look at Friday’s post.

3. Music Dance RS
Sometimes my mind seems to take better photographs than what I’m actually able to capture. I had this incredible vision of the camera pointed at my bare feet while I wore a long flowy skirt…I would spin around and the camera would capture the motion of skirt. Maybe I’m just lazy or maybe I just got  a tad busy…either way, that image still sits in my mind’s hard drive. However, Friday night I realized that if I did not finish the hunt, I may not have another chance (with Hurricane Irene and all). I came home from the gym, set up my camera and started dancing with my MP3 player (not an iPod…a Sony Walkman).
Photography love...

4. Cheesy
Cheese Toast RS
…or rather cheese toast. Yum.

5. Sun Spiderweb in the Sun RS
I have a confession…when I first saw “Sun” on our list, I started singing “Black Hole Sun.” Can you tell I’m a child of the 90s? Not exactly the type of music I listen to these days. Anyways…I actually had an entirely different shot ready to go for this prompt when I saw yet another spider web. In case you’re counting, this would be my third spider web of the month. Once again…I didn’t have my macro lens on me. I guess I don’t really need it.
bokeh1 bokeh saturday Grace Loves the Beatles

What were your interpretations of the items this week? I can’t wait to check them out. Be sure to load your pictures on your blog (or your Flickr photostream) and link up at the bottom of this post. Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until Tuesday night at midnight (EST). If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week, here are your items (these can also be found at the bottom of my blog each week):
  Photography love...      

Again, thank you to Paper Heart Camera, Chelsea, and Abby for so many great scavenger hunt items. I’ve actually got several weeks worth of prompts waiting in my inbox, but if you’d like to contribute items to the list, just send me an email with your suggestions (I can better keep track of them this way…and we’ve got some great prompts coming up in future weeks). Each week, I will select one reader’s prompt list, add those items to what is currently on tap and give the selected reader a shout out on my blog during Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for Shoot and Edit: Part 1, Week 33. The prompt/theme is “Ocean/Pool/Lake/River.” Happy Shooting!


    Hi Ashley, I hope all is well after such an eventful week.
    I love your shots this week (I do every week!)
    The old/new shot is great! We really do wear away at our shoes don’t we.
    Your selfie is great! I will have to get up a little selfie confidence! :) Have a great week.
    God Bless x

    Great selfie, as always. I love your night shot, even without Kitty Paw.
    How is everything in NC? Hope all is well.

    these are really fun! love the selfies! its so funny that you mention what you have in your mind is different than what photos you actually do take, I was thinking the exact same thing to myself the other day!! the spider web shot is soo GREAT!!

    I like how your music shot turned out! And I love “sun” too. Pretty flare!

    This is my first time participating Ashley, so thank you! I have been enjoying all of the photos taken by you and everyone who participates each week, they always inspire my writing and my eye to see the world differently. So I thought I’d push myself to try and do the scavenger hunt and found it much harder than writing posts for my blog. I love to be challenged and this is just what I needed. So thank you!

    Your music selfie was actually what I had in mind for that prompt, but I never got around to it.

    Love the sun shot!

    Want to comment before I lose electricity….darn you Irene! I love, love, love your night shot! Sometimes last resorts are the best :)


    Really enjoyed your entries. I love how simple and clear cheese is. Love love the sun shot.

    Always enjoy my participation in SHS. I love the directness of your Cheesy (awesome) and I love your music. Just jamming!! Hope you have an amazing week.

    I was thinking about you this week with the hurricane in the news. Glad you’re ok! Love your music shots, and I’m a sucker for spider webs too.

    Love the shots you captured – I always love when you do this – seeing other folks’ view of the themes make me smile!

    I really love this set! The composition and processing is just fabulous on all of them~though the selfie might be my favorite! I can hear the music.

    Yummm…cheese toast. People look at me like I’m nuts when I say that I eat cheese toast. Must be a southern thing. :) Love the night shot, too. Great use of negative space!

    It looks like I’m not alone in loving your “music” shot. It’s perfect! And, as always, I love the processing.

    Gorgeous shots. I love the old and new, and the beautiful sun shot!

    Never thought I would like a picture of a spider web but I do! And now I need toast. :) Great pictures!

    Ha ha love the shots of you having a boogie! Hope it was to some good hip hop music! ;)

    I love all of your shots. You always have great lighting and composition.

    These are all great, I really like the sun shot!

    Great set Ashley! Love the negative space in your night and cheesy shots, really striking. Great self portrait and beautiful light and colours in your sun shot. Your old and new shot made me laugh, my husband’s stuff goes nasty before he get’s a new one too.

    These are great! I love the old/new and sun! That spiderweb is just amazing! Have a great Sunday!

    Cheese toast is yummy, indeed! Love that take on Music.

    Your night-shot is absolutely wonderful! Great!

    I got my first spiderweb shot yesterday and it doesn’t even come close. . . love that last one!
    My favorite, though, is the night shot. Perfection!

    Love the simplicity of the cheesy photo!! Great night and sun photo!!
    Enjoy your day!!!

    It has been an eventful week for sure!

    Your music shot is too cute :)

    I didn’t get to participate this week, hope to continue next week though.
    I love our night photography!!

    LOVE the old and new and Music and sun! Great job this week!

    Just love the shot of you dancing.. I had such a hard time with that one. Your shots are always amazing. Hope you have a happy Sunday.. And thanks again for another fun week..

    Hugs, Linda

    loving those music shots! you rock.

    Your upload isn’t showing up on your blog, so I can’t link my photos. Am I the only one having that problem? Is it the hurricane, maybe?

    Love the night photography.

    Love your sun photo, Ashley!

    I like to see you gettin’ your grove on!

    It always makes me LAUGH when I read stuff like “Sony Walkman.” It reminds me that you are totally awesome with all things photo related, but have little interest in the latest gadgets. If you ever switch to an iPhone we are all going to be more blown away by your skills.

    note–little jealous of all your gym time. i really miss my time at the gym, but it is challenging with a little dude that absolutely hates going to childcare.

    I hope everything is okay there after the crazy week everyone on the east coast had! I love the sun shot, it is so beautiful!

    I know what you mean! I had a totally different idea for my sun and my night photography shots, but sometimes you get what you get!

    You in the mirror cutting a rug…that’s fun. I agree that your idea for feet and skirt twirl would be a cool photo.
    The light in that spider web made for a fantastic image…and I’m thinking I’m going to make me some cheese toast. Never tried that and it sounds good.
    Hope you’re high and dry.

    I LOVE the spider web(:

    wow! the sun photo is just beautiful!

    Love love the night photography photo!

    Love your night shot! It’s the negative space that always draws me in! Love it!

    OH I love the NIGHT SHOT! It feels like the lit up room is sucking you in. Awesome photo!

    And the SUN photo is so gorgeous thru the web! Very cool!

    These are all gorgeous, as usual!! I love you dancing and grooving to the beat, so beautiful!

    I love the scavenger hunt! I really love your doorway shot!!! Love all the pics! :)

    Great fun post again, looks like you haviing fun during your music shot
    Have a nice week !

    ooh, I love your shot of the sun :)

    I seriously giggled out loud when I saw the ones of you dancing to the music. It just completely warmed me from the inside out to see that. The composition gives the feel that I’m catching a sneak peak into the real you- WHICH I LOVE SO MUCH!!

    Lovely collection. Wish I looked that good after the gym. And love that backlit web shot. I actually took a shot like that this week too, but it didn’t turn out nearly as well. Hope you faired ok from the storms.

    Great shots! Love Sun the best…see ya next week!

    That does like a busy, crazy week you have had! :) I love your photos for this week especially night (love the position of the door and white-ness it brings) and the spiderweb is breathtaking (I loved that song as well). Great idea for music as well!! Hope this week is better!! Sabrina

    Oh wow! I love your spiderweb shot! Stunning!

    Oh gosh. Better late than never has been my motto today! lol…

    I love your music shot! You are so cute jammn to your tunes! These are all amazing Ahley!!

    Nice scavenger hunt photos. I am looking forward to seeing the photos from your newborn session. :)

    Amazing pictures! Love them all! The Night Pic was such a great idea!

    Gorgeous shots Ashely. I love the last two. I LOVE cheese toast. I eat it all the time.

    “My mind’s hard drive.” Love that phrase! I have all sorts of photos and paintings and projects there, myself. :) Love your night photo! Too bad Kitty Paw wouldn’t participate. :)

    i don’t think i can pick a favorite here! the bokeh is wow. the dance moves . . . well, they speak for themselves, and i can’t stop laughing every time i read about Kitty Paw and jail! as usual, you rock.

    I see where your niece got her dance moves… :D (Also, that spiderweb shot is just amazing–I love it!)

    Love the iPod shots and the spiderweb. Good work!

    Oh nooo :( stinky blogger mobile erased my long rambling comment. Let’s just sum it up… I hate soundgarden and love your photos. K? ;)

    I took all the photos and didn’t have time to edit them this week! aww – the life of a homeschooler – not time for me anymore!

    Your night photo is very efective ! And sun is so beautiful. Running shoes tell one so clear which is old and need to buy new :) Music is how you feel it !!!!!

    Have a nice monday ! And thank you for hosting such creativ, colourful and cheerful photo challenge !!!!!!! Keep on good work!

    I LOVE that last one!

    i absolutely LOVE the last one. thanks so much for linking up!

    Stunning , yet again…I am defintely joining the hunt this week! Thanks!

    hi Ashley…love your night photography shot… and yes… if Kitty Paw had come… that would have been very cool… =) hm… might have to try that with my kitty/bathroom…and kids holding kitty til I need her … ha ha… anyway… love your spiderweb shot too! Hope you are safe from the heart of the storm… praying for the East Coast!!

    These are all so great but LOVING the spider web. No matter it’s your third one. Still love. Beautiful!

    I finally linked up, better late than never! You nailed it again! I think I like the night photo the best, but it’s hard to pick. Thanks for hosting!

    These are all great! Love the one of you dancing with your mp3 player! It made me giggle.

    I’m hoping to get back into hunting this week. I took a few weeks off to spend time with the kids before school starts. But I really miss the hunt! :)

    I rather like your bathroom door/night shot. Although, having your kitty walk though it would have made it even better. So glad she’s not putting herself in jail for the night (maybe she’s doing something bad while you’re gone and punishing herself??? hehe! right, she’s a cat, there’s no wrong they can do!)

    I think your dancing dipstych is cute! And I hear ya on what’s in my head looking better than what I’m capturing!

    I got some web shots the other weekend (still have yet to share, hopefully sometime soon!) and didn’t use my macro… although the ones without a spider in them would have been cool to have it. Love the backlighting and flare!

    Great pictures this week :) love the music shots! & your night photography!

    Wow! I love that last shot so much.

    You should keep up with the spider web shots…they turn out phenomenal!

    I LOVE the door. Fantastic!

    Cool! I love the sun picture. My mom likes to eat old (make in the morning, eat in the afternoon) toast with cheese on it and I have to say I just don’t understand… but I like the picture of it! :)