September 04, 2011
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Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I have an announcement…and no I’m not pregnant. For the first time in Ramblings and Photos history, I am taking a blogcation. Of course, that does not mean you won’t still see a daily post – quite the opposite. Over the next few days, I’ve lined up some incredible, inspiring and creative messages for you. Here’s what you can look forward to:
Monday: The Care and Feeding of Inspiration by Kat of Kat Eye View of the World

Tuesday: Obedience…NOT a Gray Area by Kel of Then There Were 5

Wednesday: DIY Camera Bag by Kristina of Moms Who Click
Thursday: Shoot and Edit (good to WOW) – Photoshop and Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

Friday: Getting Started in Self Portraiture by Elena of Selfie Magic

I’m so excited for each of these women to share with you over the next few days. I’ve read their posts…amazing! You really don’t want to miss them. In the meantime, it’s SUNDAY! If you’ve been participating in the Scavenger Hunt each week, I hope this week’s items inspired you. If you’re new to the Scavenger Hunt…WELCOME! Next week’s items are sponsored by Kat, Paper Heart Camera and Kelly-Marie.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The rules are simple:
  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. Creativity is also encouraged!
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots).
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) – you can use the button above.
  5. Leave comments for at least five entries around yours (we have so many new participants each week, this is the only way I know to be inclusive).
  6. Have fun! 
Without further discussion…here are my interpretations this week:

1. Stairs
Stairs RS
I don’t feel like this is my most creative work, but I’m trying my best to take new photos each week. I was actually attempting to use one of Jill’s tricks that she shared during last week’s good to WOW tutorial: Story Telling Photography. I’m really looking forward to applying this approach much more often (getting down low) and on something other than the stairs at my office…so stay tuned!

2. Macro
Lemon Macro RSLast year, my friend Karli took some amazing photos of fruit in seltzer water: click HERE for her tutorial. I took some notes and decided I would revisit her tutorial at a later time. As you see, I decided that a later time was this week (as if I don’t have enough to challenge myself with, right?). Let me tell you…this was by far, the most difficult experiment I’ve tackled to date and I didn’t even come close to my inspiration shot. I’m sure I’ll try again another time, but this will do for now.
  Photography love...

3. Clouds 
Sunny Day Original
I know I already shared this image earlier in the week, but I like it…so I’m sharing it again. Actually, the first time I shared this shot, you only saw it if you moused over. Now if you missed that post entirely and you’re a little bit curious what you missed, click HERE: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

4. Abstract 

I’m sure that no one is surprised that I went back to my favorite kaleidoscope effect in Pixel Bender. If you mouse over the image, you’ll see my original (although slightly edited) photo of more mushrooms in our yard. These things are taking over! I quickly turned those mushrooms into vintage wallpaper.

5. Smile
Beth's 30th Birthday RS-37
Do you remember my friend John…you know, the one who likes to jump into fireworks? Well, John was at Beth’s birthday celebration the other night. At some point in the evening, his wife told me that he self-identified himself as my “muse.” I’m quite convinced that he says stuff like that and does stuff like this (above) just to see if he’ll end up on my blog. As it turns out, he’s right. So, for purposes of this prompt…a bit of a stretch (although there are smiles in this shot), but it definitely makes me laugh.

What were your interpretations of the items this week? I can’t wait to check them out. Be sure to load your pictures on your blog (or your Flickr photostream) and link up at the bottom of this post. Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until Tuesday night at midnight (EST). If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week, here are your items (these can also be found at the bottom of my blog each week):
  1. Bokeh
  2. Process of Elimination (Exploring with a Camera theme: click HERE)
  3. Remember (Paper Heart Camera prompt)
  4. Statues (Kelly-Marie’s suggestion)
  5. Flying High (Kelly-Marie’s suggestion)
  Photography love...        
Again, thank you to Kat, Paper Heart Camera and Kelly-Marie for so many great scavenger hunt items. I’ve actually got several weeks worth of prompts waiting in my inbox, but if you’d like to contribute items to the list, just send me an email with your suggestions (I can better keep track of them this way…and we’ve got some great prompts coming up in future weeks). Each week, I will select one reader’s prompt list, add those items to what is currently on tap and give the selected reader a shout out on my blog during Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for Shoot and Edit: Part 1, Week 35. The prompt/theme is “Back to School.” Happy Shooting!


    Love your shots Ashley….that Macro is inspiring!!! Hope you have a wonderful blog-ation! Hugs!

    Love your shots this week, really love the macro. Enjoy your break!

    well I hope you have a nice break!

    Gorgeous shots Ashley. Have a great blogcation. I can’t wait to read the guest posts. Love your macro and that cloud shot.

    In love with the macro shot!

    There is so much beauty and inspiration in your art! And to make each photograph so unique and different from the others, I love it! Smile could be called Laugh this week from the intensity of your friend’s expression :) My favorite is clouds from earlier when I saw it with the mouse over. I could almost hear music playing!

    I am really struggling with my own photos, because I used to be much more of an artist and now I just don’t feel confident with my camera. But I am glad I am doing this Scavenger Hunt because it means I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I cringe each time I hit publish with my photos, but it’s forcing me to put my neck out there just for my own sake so I can keep trying to push myself to let myself go and be creative with the assignments. So thank you for getting me to step outside of my shell!

    I am looking forward to bokeh next week! A very poetic imagery in photography!

    Enjoy your break! I’ve taken several breaks, and think it really helps keep me from getting burned out. Your macro and clouds shots this week are absolutely gorgeous! :)

    My Flickr link:

    The macro shot is amazing!

    I don’t like my stairs shot much. I had intended to shoot at an outdoor location, but didn’t have the time to head out. Next time!

    Hello!!! Yeah for a blogcation- hope you have a good week!! I absolutely LOVE all your takes on the prompts!! Especially love the clouds and the micro is stunning!! Do you have any tips for doing bokeh without the use of a professional camera?? I have a Canon Power Shot SX130 is. Thanks!!

    I think your macro is incredible and just so cheerful! Very creative abstract and I do love that shot of your neighborhood!

    ashley! you’re macro shot is AMAZING. i wish i took that.

    Your interpretations are amazing, Ashley! I love your macro shot!!!

    gorgeous shots. you deserve a blogcation for sure! enjoy!

    Enjoy your time off…you deserve it, you blogging queen, you! ;)

    Love your macro shot, and your neighborhood. Hope you have a GREAT break!

    Love the macro shot. you take vacation unbelieving, sometimes I think you are superwomen with all these challenges and comments but I really hope you have a wonderful time, enjoy:)

    Have a wonderful break my dear! Your macro shot is inspiring. Karlie’s work is just awesome. Hahaaa… John looks like quite the muse!

    Enjoy your blogcation!

    great shots.. love the fruit.. i did that one as well…

    enjoy your blogcation.

    Love that smile shot :O)

    Ashley, I love all your takes! Fun! I like MAcro and the Abstract. That was so creative!

    …and I’m linking Sweepy’s post too. He is sleeping a lot! Well, he is getting old! But don’t say I said that! ;-)

    Have a great blogaction! What a way to exit ;) Love them all, macro is my fav this week.

    Lovely photos. Most I like the macro :)

    Finally, I made it to your scavenger Hunt but hopefully will give myself more time than I did this week. Love your macro shot!!

    Great set Ashley, love macro and clouds, wonderful colours too! Have a great blogcation, enjoy and relax!

    These are great! Love the macro and clouds!

    Love those tiny bubbles. Have a wonderful holiday, my friend!

    I like your macro shot, your right those shots are hard, I’ve tried it!

    Your photos are just amazing! Love the macro shot. I’ve been wanting to link up for weeks, but never thought my pictures were good enough. I finally did this week!
    Hope you have a great “blogcation” :)

    I also have to say i’m loving the macro shot my fave and the clouds are so cool. yay u pick some of my suggestions for next week :) thank you x x

    Okay I am loving that macro shot!! The colors and bubbles are amazing.

    Your lemon shot came out great. I’ve bought lemons several times to try out Karli’s tutorial, but I haven’t yet. Enjoy your blogcation!

    Have a great blogcation!!! Your pictures this week were great; and I think your last picture is hilarious!

    I see a fruit and seltzer water experiment in my near future! Enjoy your week off :)


    Well that will be good for you Ashley- I hope you enjoy your time away & I look forward to the guests that will be filling the space!

    LOVE the macro shot!!!!

    I love that macro, very beautiful!
    Enjoy your break.


    YOU totally deserve a blogcation. I hope you have something fun planned and look forward to the visitor’s posts.
    I remember that fruit/seltzer image…glad you tried it. It sounded messy to me. I like the bubbles against the yellow.
    You friend John looks like a lot of fun.
    Have a great week.

    Love the idea of fruit in seltzer water. I have to go check out her tutorial now!

    Awesome as always! Enjoy your blogcation – ha!! :) Finishing up — still need stairs and clouds…. :)

    Wonderful photos, Ashley! That kaleidoscope photo is really amazing!! Whatever Pixel Bender is, it looks fantastic!

    Oh, I forgot – have a wonderful vacation! :-)

    If anyone deserves a blogcation Ashley, it’s you! We’ll try to do a decent job holding down the fort in your absence. Have fun!!

    Loved your Macro and your smile shot made me laugh!!! Have a great break!

    Ashley you deserve a blogcation – I hope you have a great time away from the blog. Loved that macro as vinyl and your citrus shot too.

    Awesome interpretaions! I love the Macro, so bright and happy. I Also love the clouds shot! You’ll be missed while you’re gone!

    we all need a will do you good! though we blog friends will miss you, i look forward to having you return! enjoy! Take time every day in HIS presence and your strength and mind will be restored!

    Love your macro shot the best! Have a great break and RRREEELLLAAAXXX……

    Great week once again. I love Clouds as well, but macro is wonderful.

    Love the lemon! Looks so refreshing.

    Love your clouds and macro. The seltzer water is a great idea. My first week linking up. It was a lot of fun, and challeged me to step out of my comfort zone. Thanks :)

    Enjoy your blogcatioN! :) xx

    Awesome macro shot! Very cool! Enjoy your blogcation!

    Great shots, love the macro and cloud shot!! Have a good blogcation!

    I love the macro shot! I looks amazing! Enjoy your blogcation!

    you have got to be kidding me with your macro shot…that is amazing!!!!

    Love that macro shot!!!!! Geeeze!!!!!!

    Have a nice “blogcation” :) Hope you are getting to do some relaxing.

    Love your macro shot!! It makes me want to go brought a few hundred on a new lens. :) Have a great blogcation!

    As always, your shots are great…. I’m very inspired by your mushrooms. Thanks for offering this great blog for the rest of us!! We appreciate it.

    I love your macro shot! This is my first week linking up! Love this challenge!

    All wonderful shots as usual. I really need to play with Pixel Blender! That is so cool!

    great shots this week especially the macro shot! love it!

    What a wonderful set.. I just love them all.. that cloud shot is such a cool idea. and That macro is amazing. You rock…

    Have a wonderful blogcation! I kind of want to frame and hang your macro shot in my kitchen.

    great set for the week!! Really love you clouds and macro shot!!
    Well enjoy your day and you blogcation

    Yay! Enjoy your break!!