Sisk Family European Vacation: Londay, Day 2
Saturday night, we got a good night’s rest…which was important considering we had another day of site seeing ahead of us. Our expensive cab driver told us that Sunday would be a good day to see the “changing of the guard.” He told us to arrive by 10:45 to be sure we could get a good spot. So we did just as we were told. Unfortunately, once we got into place (and waited a good 15-20 minutes), we were told that there would be not changing of the guard today. I initially thought they might have cancelled due to the weather but then realized that there was a major cycling event that would have interrupted the procession. Either way, I went to YouTube to learn a little bit about the ceremony: click HERE.
IMG_7513 RS
Unlike Saturday afternoon, Sunday was rainy and gray…thus the reason I went black and white on so many of my shots. Here you see Buckingham Palace. A little rainy weather didn’t seem to slow down the tourists.
IMG_7529 RS
I mentioned a cycling event above. I’ve learned that this event was actually part of the Sky Ride campaign, aiming to get one million more people riding a bike by 2013. You can read more about it HERE. I know one thing…if I lived in London, I could totally see myself riding a bike.
IMG_7532 RS
The crazy thing about the Sky Ride was that you saw bicyclists of all shapes and sizes – my favorite of which is this guy on the right. Even the clowns came out for a bike ride. I just love it! If you look closely, you can also see that it’s exactly 12 o’clock at Big Ben.
IMG_7554 blog
Here you see Big Ben. “The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster, commonly known as the Big Ben, is one of London’s most famous landmarks. The clock was the largest in the world and still the largest in Great-Britain. The tower was constructed between 1843 and 1858 as the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, now better known as the Houses of Parliament. The clock tower – its official name is Saint Stephen’s tower – is 316ft high (96m) and consists of a 200ft (61m) high brick shaft topped by a cast iron framed spire.” 
IMG_7559 RS
And right beside Big Ben are the Houses of Parliament. It was about this time that it started raining again. I quickly pulled my camera into my jacket and we took cover.
IMG_7563 RS
Finally, Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, we were unable to go inside but I did capture a few photos from directly outside of the building using my wide angle lens adapter. It’s such a shame that we don’t build more buildings like this today.
IMG_7577 RS
Gosh – Day 2 felt really short (at least in pictures). Because it was raining…we left Westminster and took the subway to Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus (these are both shopping areas). I wasn’t really interested in getting my camera wet, so I thought we might find a replacement jacket for the one left in the taxi the day before. Unfortunately we came up a bit short (I’m told that my mother-in-law is on a mission for a new jacket…for Christmas), but we did buy a couple of small umbrellas and a couple of long-sleeve shirts for my husband.

Anyways, come back for Scavenger Hunt Sunday to see a few more pictures from our time in London. I’ll also pick up on Tuesday (following good to WOW) with Day 3 of our trip, which includes meeting up with Muse Kirstin at the London Eye. Have a great Friday!


    Great pics! I want to go there one day too, my hubby was there last winter and loved it! :-)

    LOVE all these shots.Hope to see more of the trip!

    Such a beautiful city, thank you for sharing your lovely photos!

    Fabulous shots, Ashley. I imagine you took hundreds. I know I would have. Thank goodness for digital. :)

    Gosh Ashley, these are fabulous, I feel like I have been touring right there with you.

    Although the wide filter works well, I do believe you should add the wide angle lens to your Christmas list. I did!!

    Great pics. I love London.

    ahh, I see you got a bit of good, old English weather!! lol we’re having that right now:-)
    love the pictures!

    It’s so fun seeing your European vacation through the eye of your lens. Great pictures!

    Ok, I’ve been playing some catch up and WOW WOW WOW WOW…. You aren’t a photographer but an artist. London looks spectacular… ooph, the architecture is just breathtaking. Looking forward to more.

    Beautiful shots!

    Wow, what a great time you had! Did you find it cumbersome/restricting to be hauling your dSLR around with you? What lens did you choose? Or did you carry a bag?

    gorgeous shots! love it!

    Amazing! These all look like they should be postcards!

    Nope. I am not going to get tired of seeing your vacation photos.

    I love the edits of all the Changing of the Guard photos and Buckingham Palace! Makes it look so unique :) I agree with the above commenter – they should be postcards! I also adore Westminster Abbey.

    wow. just beautiful and gorgeous shots! i love london and want to go back so badly!! and i agree with you… i wish they built more great buildings like that, today.

    Again SEVERELY jealous of you! So glad you are getting this opportunity!

    Even though the day was rainy, your pics look fabulous. I agree with you regarding the buildings of today. Love the architecture when they built the Abbey.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Wow! You have taken wonderful black&white pics!

    gorgeous – the b&w seem a perfect pic for a rainy London day

    I think your photos are great in black and white. They are more timeless than if they were in color. And how appropriate for the subject matter.

    Gorgeous and classic. Wonderful!

    These are fabulous, Ashley! Beautiful b&w conversion; they look timeless.

    The biking pics are way more fun than the changing of the guard anyway… it really isn’t all that exciting… trust me ;D

    Amazing photos! I can’t wait to see more from your vacation.

    I am really enjoying the pictures and your commentary of your London trip. How fun for you!

    Again- Spectacular photos!
    I am loving this journey through your pics & can’t wait for the upcoming posts!

    I am with you girl…….I wish the beautiful architecture of the olden days would return So intricate and captivating.

    These are SO pretty!!! I love the last two! :)

    London is so beautiful! It’s always breathtaking how amazing old architecture is, especially how they didn’t have any of the modern equipment that we have today!

    That’s too bad that it rained most of the day. When my husband and I were in Copenhagen, it poured for the vast majority of the time. I felt like staying inside and not doing anything but since we were only there for the day, the desire to make the most of our time won out.

    I feel like I’m touring right beside you! These are all gorgeous postards!

    Looks like fun even if it was dreary. Such beautiful architecture and I love your sky ride shots! Very neat!

    Awww…I really wanna go back! (I was rather disappointed in Paris, but overly impressed with London, which was odd considering I have a minor in french.) Westminster Abbey is so, so beautiful. I went inside and the floors were extraordinary.

    Gorgeous shots, my friend…and I adore the processing!

    These are such gorgeous shots, Ashley – you’re a fantastic photographer! All of the images seem like they’re back in time.

    Ha, it’s like coming home coming to your blog! The strange thing is that although I’ve lived near London my whole life I’ve never done the touristy stuff really. My partner has met the Queen several times though. :)

    Lovely photos and I love how you captured the rain! We really have had an appalling summer this year. The sun does shine some of the time!

    as always wonderful photos lovely

    I love London, I used to live there for almost 5 years:)

    I love these in black and white. I wish we had more architecture like this. Beautiful job.

    These are great! I didn’t get to see the changing of the guard, either, due to a downpour! Your second day sounded great, I’m super jealous!

    Yes, we have lots of rain here in the U.K :) great monochrome shots, lovely angles!

    Oh man that guy on the big clown bike is too funny! Stinks that you didn’t get to see the changing of the guards! Can’t wait for the next set!!

    Beautiful photos! Love the black and white shots.

    Your vacation looks absolutely wonderful! So happy you had this opportunity!

    I am just catching up on all of your vacation posts! Amazing photos! Love the black and white edits – looks a little like Beatles era London!!

    Your shots are so picture perfect, Ashley. I know I said it before, but I really love them in BW. It matches the moodiness of the sky and the historical architecture so well. Hope you have a great weekend :)

    ashley, your pics just are beyond. do you use your own BW action/preset. probably one of my favorite things you do is an incredible black and white. love to know more about your technique for them!!!

    ummm, jealous doesn’t even scratch the surface. looks amazing!

    Beautiful shots! I love the first shot of Westminster Abby, it is just gorgeous with the tones and the composition. Your photos are inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

    So wonderful to see these. I had a little “accident” with royal guards in Copenhagen. I was taking pictures of them quite close and leaning to the wall of some royal building. Then they started some kind of ritual walking straight at to me, I was shooting all the time and didn’t understand that they were shouting to me….I was just wondering why they are shouting until my hubby shouted to me get away from there you are on they way!!! You know when you are looking through the lens you think you are not like there you are invisible or something;) I was so ashamed that I was so stupid and everybody was staring at me, thank godness they didn’t shoot me:)

    Wonderful photos and processing! I hope to someday get there . . .

    Great photographs! The black and white gives them a real old world feel as well that I think really suits those buildings! London is such a great holiday destination – apart from the rain!!! The bike ride looks great!

    Does it ever NOT rain in London??? Actually, I like the B/W better. It just adds to the historic feel of a historic city. — Kathy

    Very nice series of photos. I really like the processing you did on these.

    I really enjoy seeing your take on London. Great stuff Ashley, this is very different from your usual work, the setting, the pace and the processing. You are becoming such a versatile artist.

    Sorry the rain kept you from photographing more sights. But the ones you did capture are beautiful! Great job! Love that BIG BEN was on 12 o’clock exactly in the one shot! I noticed it without you saying it :-)

    Hugs and wishing you a blessed weekend!

    So pretty. Your photos are truly art.

    You’re in ‘my’ city, London!

    Welcome!! And I hope London treats you well.

    It’s nice to see familiar sights through the lens of your camera… how long are you there for? I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

    This Good Life

    We’ve had that weather up here all summer Ashley but you’ve embraced it so well with your photos – you wouldn’t know!…. Great to see London through your eyes.

    Lovely shots! I hope to be able to see for myself one day.

    Love those bike photos! Especially the guy riding the pennyfarthing–don’t see many of those around these here parts!

    Clown on a bike? Hilarious. :D

    LOVE the shot of Westminster Abbey.

    WOW, these are AMAZING photos! I’ve been there but I don’t remember it being this beautiful. You certainly know how to capture its beauty…

    Congrats Ashley! You won Fabulous Friday. Thanks for participating!

    I am just loving all of your vacation photos! Such an amazing place to visit!

    I really love that top image!

    Love how you capture the architecture and the B&W just adds that historic feel to the photos!

    Wonderful photos! I especially love that first one!