Sisk Family European Vacation: London, Day 1 Continued
On our way to St. Paul’s Cathedral, we decided to walk…I mean, partially walk London Bridge. I have to admit, I was a bit underwhelmed. I think that Tower Bridge is much more spectacular.
IMG_7479 RS
By the way, did I mention that the London police were EVERYWHERE? After our nap, before we went to London Bridge…we were walking past Liverpool Station. Apparently there was some sort of protest going on. In light of the recent riots in London, I guess the police wanted to be a bit more prepared. As we were walking down to the Tower, we kept hitting road blocks. When we got to London Bridge, the police seemed to be moving out. It was wild, but no one seemed to be too concerned so we kept moving.
Anyways, back to London Bridge. Still underwhelmed, I thought what better way to turn this into a photographic experience than to create a blurred photo. Just mouse over to see the blur. Unfortunately, you don’t hear the sounds that go with this image. I want to say it was 4 pm (maybe later). We must have been close to a church because bells were playing. It almost sounded like wedding music.

By this point, our feet are starting to get tired so we decide to take the metro to St. Paul’s Cathedral…it was a short hop. I also remembered that I had my wide angle lens adapter with me (I threw this one in at the last minute). It definitely came in handy even if the quality is less that spectacular.
IMG_7503 RS
On the left – I was using my f/1.4 50 mm lens. On the right – I applied my wide angle lens converter. I was standing in the same spot for both shots, so you get a sense of focal range. While the 50mm shot is definitely more clear, I kinda like the effect of the wide angle converter. One of these days, I’m going to get a real wide angle lens!
IMG_7493 RS
Again with my wide angle lens adapter, I love that I could stand on the ground (right in front of a Starbucks interestingly enough…although not important) to capture most of the cathedral.
IMG_7500 RS
So that was most of Day 1 in London. I have many more photos but I’m trying to show the best of the best here on my blog. Either tomorrow or Friday, I’ll show a few more photos from our trip. Stay tuned.

    Amazing photos and trip Ashley!

    Happy day:)

    it has been years since i was there..beautiful captures

    Seriously so jealous!

    Great shots! Love the wide angle ones. Never considered buying an adapter. Do you think it’s worth it? Looks like you had some great weather too. Can’t wait to see the rest.

    These shots are amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit London so I’m jealous, too. Can’t wait to see more. :)

    Still seething with jealousy. (Okay not really but all I can think is what a fun trip that must have been, so glad you are sharing it with us)

    You are making me miss London sooo much. These are beautiful pictures. I cannot wait to see more.

    I know you’re getting this alot, but man am I jealous! I cannot wait to get to travel there myself. Great captures! That wide angle lens thingy is nifty!

    Such amazing photos! I’ve always wanted to go to London!

    yup. police are everywhere in England. around every corner! not that that’s a bad thing, me and my sister are quite happy to have police men around all the time ;-)

    Yeah, it seems like everyone thinks that Tower Bridge is actually London Bridge, when it’s the other way around. London is seriously my favorite place in the whole world! I love St. Pauls!

    What a fun time! I agree Tower Bridge is far more amazing than London Bridge! Did you go inside St. Paul’s? We climbed to the very top of the tower – outside looking out at the city! Only downside it was winter and very grey out!

    Beautiful images of a beautiful place!! <3

    wow! these are seriously so beautiful and so stunning! love all of the black and whites! looks like an amazing trip!!

    Gorgeous! Love the wide angle shots and that most of these are B&W. They have such a historic feel to them. I hope you enjoyed your trip (how could you not???)!

    Gorgeous shots and angles. I love the B/W photos. Thanks for sharing.

    I love the street shots. They are perfect in b&w, too. I love the color shots, too though. I don’t see many shots of London in color.

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    Wonderful photos! I was in London years ago and loved it.Your photos definitely make me want me to go again.
    Beautiful black&whites and loved the blur effect.

    I totally need to visit London. Beautiful.

    Marla @

    What great shots! I love all the black and whites.

    Very beautiful shots. Love that wide angle lens converter. Thanks for linking up.

    Some day I’m getting a wide angle, too! Love that you had the option of the adaptor though. My biggest complaint about the 50 1.4 is that I always feel like I’m forced to back up. ;)

    AMAZING photos of London Ashley! Keep ‘em coming. I spent a semester studying abroad there. Looking at all these photos is bringing back such fond memories ;D

    So beautiful! All these shots make me feel like I just went on a mini vacation without ever leaving my living room!

    le sigh! Lovely!

    (I couldn’t get the mouse over to work)

    Gorgeous, love. I’ve heard a lot of people who have been to London say that the bridge is not as spectacular as they expected.

    Such fun! I have a young friend who just took the exact same trip (London & Paris) with her parents a couple of weeks ago before heading to college. (Although they spent their time going to shows and drinking champagne.) I love seeing your pictures; they both are such beautiful cities!

    Love each shot! Great job Ashley!


    Great shots, Ashley!

    Wow.You captured your trip beautifully! I love your wide shots of the Cathedral. Can’t wait to see more pis from the trip!

    Awesome photos! I really need to look into a wide angle converter for the time being. The only wide angle lens I have is my kit lens, which works but isn’t ideal for low-light conditions.

    Anyway, keep sharing these pictures! I’d love to go to Europe one of these days.

    More amazing photos. I’m kind of jonesing for a wide angle lens now (or at least an adapter.)

    i love all your photos from your trip. i wanna go to london so bad! :) glad you guys had fun even if it was a bit tiring at first. i have a wide angle lens and i love it!

    I am living vicariously through you for this trip! :) Please keep sharing!

    Completely and utterly in love with your pictures! I can’t believe you were standing on the ACTUAL London Bridge. SIIIIGGGHH

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    I’ve been to St Pauls so it’s meaningful , (apart from just interesting to look at your amazing photography skills!) to be reading your post.

    The black and white shots are amazing!

    I’m really enjoying your London photos Ashley. I’m missing shooting wide angle with my 7d just now – 50mm is so restrictive for architecture. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a wide angle adaptor! It really worked on giving a good perspective of St Pauls.

    LOVING the London shots….don’t stop…give us ALL of them!!! :) your b&w’s are breath taking!!

    Hey Ashley ~ you’re treading my turf!! Amazing shots of London so far :-) It is a stunning city! HOw long are you in England for? If I’d been reading I might have known you were coming and arranged a day-trip South (just me and Seth) ~ that would have been fun! Have a great rest of trip ~ where else are you planning to visit in England?

    I am so enjoying the shots. Very interesting. I have never heard of a wide angle lens adapter. What does it look like and can it go on any lens? I do not have a wide angle lens. V

    London Bridge is actually in Arizona :) the Millenium Bridge is my favorite and is right by the cathedral so I hope you got to see it. I’m taking my husband over for his first visit in March and I cannot wait!

    These are great photos Ashley, sounds like you had a lovely time.
    I like the wide angle shots- that converter sounds interesting.

    Beautiful pictures!

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos from the trip. I have been using a wide angle filter more than ever lately and am now pining after the tamron 10 -24mm. Hoping Santa hears me!

    What an amazingly beautiful place- I sooooo want to go someday. Love that one where you showed the difference w/ the 50mm & then with the wide angle. Incredible!

    Love it! I have to say so far both posts have made me start singing in my head first “i see london i see france” and then today “london bridge is falling down”. I was going to ask you what lens you took with you so thanks for answering that since I can’t seem to remember to ask you. Oh and I think the Starbucks part is very important!!! Can’t wait for the next installment.

    These pics are absolutely stunning, you’re so talented!!

    I love the London street. I always imagine what happens in the seconds after the shot, and it had to be amazing to be there.

    Thanks for joining in, hope to see more great shots!

    So now I have the London Bridge song stuck in my head, thankyouverymuch. :) Great photos, once again! Keep ‘em coming!

    Beautiful photos, as per usual! I especially like the blurred shot (I’m guilty of doing those, but not on purpose)! P.S. And now I need to see if they make those converters for Nikon…

    Thanks for sharing, I am really enjoying your little escapade in my city.
    Looking forward to the other photos.

    Take care. xxx

    Great shots, Ashely!

    Loving all of these! Can’t wait to see more :)

    looks like you had a stunning vacation! I love London!! My husband used to go there at least once a month for years and years when we first were dating/married!! I miss it!

    These photos look great! They make me nostalgic for London {and England in general}. Its so so beautiful! Enjoy your trip!

    So great that you got to go to London! I went once when I was under five, I don’t remember much. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I especially like number four. :)

    Absolutely beautiful! Gonna have to look into that lens converter. Love that!

    Love all these photos Ashley. Looking forward to more!

    So beautiful…

    You got so many amazing shots. I really love that 2nd street shot in color. Thanks so much for linking your beautiful pics up to WW! Sorry I’m running so behind. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend with the hubs.

    That wide angle lens converter is so cool! That shot is amazing. :D