Sisk Family European Vacation: London, Day 3 – British Museum
Day 3 in London apparently produced a lot of photo opportunities (considering I’ve been posting photos from it all week). If you’ve missed any of my previous vacation posts, click HERE – we left off at The London Eye.
IMG_7688 RS
Anyways…after grabbing a bite to eat at Wagamama, we took a taxi to The British Museum. Miles was insistent on seeing the Mummy exhibit one more time. I have to admit that it was pretty cool. Unfortunately most of my photos are pretty dark (even with a high ISO setting). I’m kinda curious about what Miles was able to capture with his camera (Kirstin’s camera). Either way, here are some of my better shots from the museum and mummy exhibit.
Mummy Collage
Miles clearly has photography in his blood – doesn’t he look like such a natural? Much like our adventure on the London Eye, I kept following him around to see what he’d do next.
IMG_7685 blog
Unfortunately, we had a train to catch that evening…and Kirstin and Miles needed to go home, so we didn’t spend too much time in the museum. Before we parted ways though, we were sure to take what Kirstin calls a “bench shot.”
The Bench Shot RS
Actually, this is not the original “bench shot” we had in mind. We were originally going to take a photo outside of the London Eye…on one of the benches, surrounded by street performers. In one case, as we were setting up the shot (both of us away from the bench), a couple came over and sat on our bench. We sighed…picked up our bags and kept walking. Not too much further, we spotted another bench. This time, I sat down in the bench as Kirstin set up the shot. For whatever reason, I got up to help her with something and AGAIN…someone came over and sat on our bench. The odds were clearly against our best efforts for the coveted “bench shot.” So…as we were leaving the British Museum, we asked my husband if he would take a picture of us. I really struggled processing the shot as I had to do some cropping, cloning, etc, but I still love the memory.
PS: Google Reader has been acting incredibly weird for me lately…even using the “NEXT” button (it’s reaching the “end of the internet” way too fast). Anyways, if for some reason I don’t visit you…it’s not because I don’t care…I just have issues.

PSS: Please come back tomorrow to see previews from my latest 3 month old portrait session. This baby is such a cutie – you don’t want to miss it!

    the bench shot is cool, even without the bench. :)

    Wow…I bet those mummys were interesting to see. I enjoyed the King Tut exhibit in New York.

    I love the shot of miles with the camera.

    And of course the last shot. How neat.

    You did an amazing job, as always♥

    I love your “bench” shot. The smile on Miles’ face is priceless.

    I love Wagamamas! We always eat there when in Amsterdam.
    Great shots and fun following the little guy around.

    amazing shots as always!! love the last one!! makes me want to plan a trip to London… stat!! :)

    Once again- Stunning shots!!!!!!!! I absolutely CAN’T WAIT to see your baby session- that is exciting!

    Your trip looks like so much fun. Miles definitely looks like a natural. :)

    Love the bench shot you got.

    ADORE that shot you entered for favorite of the week. That sweet boy and that HUGE camera. Adorable. :)

    Miles does look like a professional! Love that “bench” shot, He is such a cutie! I also think these all look great in b&w! Very cool!

    Wow, that exhibit looks so cool! I would love to see it.

    I love the “bench shot.” Would you be willing to show us the SOOC so we can see your amazing cloning/cropping skills?! ;)

    LOVE these…especially the *bench* shot! xo

    I’m so enjoying your vacation photos. Glad you’re taking the time to post so many of them. Love the bench shot! Thanks for linking up today!

    thanks for sharing your all of your work.

    I love them. It is hard in museums. I love that last photo.

    These are such amazing shot. Your mummy shot looks awesome..

    Hope you have a happy weekend..

    Hugs, Linda

    I love that last shot! and my next button has been wonky lately too. Boo.

    Cutest kid photographer ever!! I can’t wait to see your baby shots! I heart babies!! :)

    Cute mummies and little boy photographer is awesome. When I’m thinking word mummy it is almost like finnish word mummi which means grandmother, interesting:)

    OH MY GOSH!!!! That little boy is beyond precious with that camera in his hands. Your shots today are AWESOME. Some of my favs yet. Love the “bench shot” the most!

    Great job Ashley! Looks like it was a wonderful treat to be with them!

    Love and blessings – Jill

    I love seeing all your London photos! Miles does look like a natural.

    Love that last mummy shot, and the second one of miles with the camera! Such an awesome collection!

    He really is a natural. I thought that as soon I saw saw the first photo. He is zooming and everything…

    Lots of cropping, cloning, editing, whatever I LOVE THE LAST shot.

    It looks so great, I am going to come and join you tomorrow!! See you there…or maybe not, I hear London is pretty big.

    Your black and white photos are so strong! Love it!

    Love that I can tour London for free through your photos. :)

    These are all amazing shots. The mummy is creepy! But Miles’s cuteness makes up for it ;D
    Love the last bench shot.

    Ashley , these are all amazing. I’m in love with your b&w processing. Love pictures of Miles with the camera! and the bench shot is so wonderful.

    Oh, to be Miles, so young and already taking photos! I love the bench shot too!

    These are stunning! I love little Miles with the camera super adorable! And isn’t the giant atrium in the middle of the museum amazing? I just loved all the white marble and natural light!

    Miles is so darn cute! I love the one of him with the camera!!

    LOVING the bench shot! I always love your B&W photos!!!

    your London photos are adorable! I especially like the last one…love that little boy face!

    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

    Love the bench shot….Have a great weekend

    You have no idea how much I’m in love with your London trip! I am living my Europe vacation through you!

    Great shots Ashley, and considering the low light the ones in the museum are amazing.

    Okay, that last shot is just awesome, even without the bench! :D

    Miles look right at home behind the camera. More wonderful photos of London and they look great in B & W.

    I think Miles has found his calling! The mummies are sooo cool!

    Great museum shots. It looks like a nice one to visit.

    I really like that first shot of Miles with the camera. He looks so focussed.

    Lovely captures in my home city! Hope you had a great vacation!

    More wonderful photos! Love the bench shot and the look on Miles face – it is perfection!!

    Great shots, that mummy one is sorta creepy and I love the bench one. I hope Addison is really into photography too!

    Love the youngster photographer. Thanks for linking up!

    Oh my! You captured some absolute crackers of Miles. Thank you thank you! And what a wonderful post. We both had such a lovely time with you…

    My kids are I are studying Egypt right now… and learning about mummies. Gotta show them your shots. :)

    The mummies are very intriguing! I can’t get over that quote is from 1400 BC. Man, time is so much more vast that we think some times.

    That mummy shot is fantastic!

    I am LOVING your European vacation photos. We are going to London next month and I’m so excited to photograph it.