Sisk Family European Vacation: Paris, Day 1 – Versailles Part 1
Yesterday, I shared the first part of our day in Paris (if you missed it, click here). After grabbing a bite to eat, we decided to take the train to Chateau de Versailles. The train ride is relatively short but it’s a bit of a walk from the train station. Luckily, it was a beautiful fall day.
IMG_7790 RS
After walking for what seemed like forever, we came upon Marie-Antoinette’s estate. I am fully aware that this is not the Palace of Versailles, but it was worth a quick look around.
IMG_7801 RS
Of course, I got to see a few more windows and doors…
…and we got to see some beautiful French architecture…
IMG_7815 RS
…but mostly, we just kept saying, “where is the palace?”
Marie Antoinette Collage
You didn’t think you’d see that today did you? Come back on Friday to hear the rest of the story…and of course more photos.
IMG_7816 RS
Until then, have a fantastic Wednesday!


    Wow these are amazing! I can’t even imagine how you were able to chose just a few for each post. Can’t wait to see what’s next on Friday. :-)

    These are so beautiful. My very favourite is the door photo with the deep pink drapes framing it, the light in this photo is wonderful.

    Another set of beautiful images, Ashley. Love your PoV and compositions.I especially love those windows/doors. Such gorgeous light and wonderful framing. Looking forward to seeing more on Friday!

    I’m so jealous of your vacation… just saying

    Loving that last b&w, the one from the low angle of the floor… also that couple-selfie mirror shot is priceless! I bet that’s exactly what you two looked like nearly the entire vacation! :D

    I would love to visit there someday! The subtle interior lighting of the window on the left is beautiful and I love the pop of color across the width in the garden shot. Beautiful shots…all of them…not just from today.

    So gorgeous. . . I just imagine all those ladies in their gowns strolling along in those gardens. . . how cool is that?

    Love these shots!

    PS (Everyone from my post is okay I am editing it now to let people know.)

    Your vacation photos just continue to amaze!

    You’ve captured some fabulous viewpoints. Very cool! I especially like the last picture and the ‘floor’ shot.

    Gorgeous! Especially that last photo. It’s a work of art. I hope you have some of your work printed and displayed in your home. I keep saying I’m going to actually print something to frame, but I haven’t yet.

    Wow. Your pics are amazing. That first one looks like something out of the movies. Just when I think they can’t get any better, they do. You go girl.

    these are gorgeous, ashley! it looks like it was an amazing trip! <3

    So awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!

    These are beautiful. What a gorgeous place. I am in love with the last one. Did you have a “go to” lens on this trip?

    These are all awesome. Glad you had this great adventure. I love those buildings.

    muy bellas fotos! Me encantan!

    WOW! these are awesome!!!! Love your perspective and the way you see His world! xoxo

    Beautiful shots, I love your husbands expression in that photo, so funny. Gosh I am loving this travel photos so much!!!

    These are amazing Ashley. I love the window shot with the drapes. And the processing on your B/W architecture shot is divine. It looks like it was taken in the 1800s. Love. And thank you so much for linking up today!

    wow Ashley!! these are just gorgeous! i loved all that you capture!! your work is truly inspirational!!!


    Ashley these are great but 2 really stand out to me as being amazing – your last one and the one above with the white and black square tiled floor – I love how you must have got down low to capture both of those.

    Wow!! These are so gorgeous. Love them!

    I will be living vicariously through you… sigh, La France!

    Wow beautiful – I have a fascination with buildings lately! Must have been fun to photograph!

    Ahhh.. you and the hubs are darling together! LOVE the windows anf door shot. AND the 1st shots is amazing!!

    This are simply amazing! I hope you are planning to put all these in a photo book because they deserved to be looked at often!

    Love that shot of the marble floor and the tunnel of trees – so beautiful!

    Gorgeous. I love your angles and perspectives while shooting.

    Okey it is not Versailles but good enough for me thank you:) Beautiful

    WOOOOW!! SO gorgeous.

    Found your blog via Our Tiny Big Life. Such a wonderful adventure!


    I love the tree lined pathway, and the windows and doors shots!

    Also? I am ready for a European adventure now. :)

    Every day I am taken back by the beauty from your travels- what a fantastic place!

    Gorgeous photos! I love that tree lined path. It reminds me of the picture I posted today, too!

    WOW! You really got some great shots! I’m in love with those 2 door shots, especially the color one. Also love the last shot and the shot from the checkered floor Ok, I love them all. :0) You must’ve been in heaven! Can’t wait till Friday!

    More gorgeous photos! Keep ‘em coming!

    Loving these! Can’t wait to see more!

    What a grand estate! For just a moment I’d like to be transported in time to when it actually made sense to live in homes like these and to parade around in poofy dresses with bustles and all that… just for a moment.

    Jealous! These are all gorgeous!

    Amazing! I have been loving your vacation shots..

    Oh what great shots. Looks like a lovely place to visit.

    STUNNING! Oh, these make me miss Europe!
    Thank you so much!

    These shots are amazing! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live in such a beautiful place!

    It is such a place of beauty. These pics capture it perfectly!

    Gorgeous. But I am especially loving that first shot. So beautiful!

    Gorgeous! The first picture is stunning!

    these are stunning!!

    beautiful photos
    your first photo is fantastic!!! love it!

    These are stunning! Just looking at them makes me look relaxed and ready to hitch hike my way to France, that or eat cake!

    Drooling!!! Awesome, stunning PICTURES!!!

    Oh my stars!! These photos are amazing.. That first one should be hanging in my living room.. I love it..

    so that line of trees absolutely took my breath away!

    Beauty surrounded you. Gorgeous shots!

    Love looking at Europe through your lens! Let’s just dedicate the whole month of October to your trip, I want to see all the photos you took ;)

    these are beautiful! I’ve really been loving your black and white conversions for your travel photos!

    Love the doorway shots, and the last one of the gardens!!

    I love those trees!

    Oh my goodness! Photography heaven! What a vacation. Good for you. I am jealous. I see you have been doing a few shoots lately. I love them!!!

    So cool! I love that these all have a very warm “frenchy” feel. (If that makes any sense!)

    OMG…gorgeous…just gorgeous!

    your last pic took my breath away!

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest. So enjoying your vacation. ;)

    Oh my goodness! Gorgeous, Ashley!

    it is a pretty amazing place! My husbands family is related to King Louis and it was pretty cool to go there and see a bit of family history. Love your shots.

    I’ve always, always, always wanted to visit Versailles. Well and France in general. All the years of studying French and the only people I’ve been able to use it with is my Mom (and my grandmother when she was still alive). Your pics are amazing.

    Ashley – I absolutely LOVE the last image! I’m really enjoying your travel photos and your take on Paris.

    I feel like my comments are all the same lately… Sorry I am so uncreative! Love these photos! (can’t help it…)