Sisk Family European Vacation: Paris – Day 1
If you’ve been following me for the past few weeks, you know that a few weeks ago, my husband and I traveled to Europe (we’ve been home since September 10th). We spent three days in London (I’ve previously shared those photos HERE), then took the hide speed train to Paris on the evening of September 5th.
IMG_7735 RS
The next morning, we didn’t have much of a game plan…so, we grabbed a map of Paris (including a map of the metro) and hit the streets. One of the first places we decided to stop was La Madeleine. From there, we could see Place de la Concorde.
Day 1 Morning Collage
Here’s a couple of views from outside of the church, as well as a view of a monument on the lower left (the name escapes me), and another street view on the lower right.
IMG_7754 Collage
The church was so peaceful inside. As you might imagine, the lighting was rather dim but I managed to capture a few shots.
IMG_7774 RS
We then walked over to a park where we were able to see a view of Place de la Concorde and the Eiffel Tower. The view was incredible. Granted, we DID NOT go to see the Eiffel Tower that day (which means you’ll have to wait a few days to see those photos)…instead, we grabbed a bite to eat and took a train to Versailles. I’ll share some of those photos tomorrow. Until then, have a great Tuesday!

    Wow! These are awesome, I’d love to get to Paris one day, so for now I’ll live through your pictures (-:

    I’m really enjoying the processing you used on all your vacation photos. So many of them look like paintings!

    Love all your shots! I sooo want to see Paris some day!

    Thanks for taking us to Paris with you! BEAUTIFUL!

    I love Paris! Did you try escargot?

    I can’t imagine just walking along and being like, “Oh! That’s the Eiffel tower over there! Yep! Just every day life…looking at the Eiffel tower! So…yea…Eiffel Tower”. That would be awesome. Where I live is lame. Just saying, no one has any bathrooms with an NC theme…but we’ve all seen Eiffel Tower toothbrush holders!

    Awesome captures, can’t wait to see more! ^_^

    I just love all of the beautiful cathedrals, churches, and statues that fill the European cities……one day I’ll see them!

    I’ve never been to Europe, but with your photography I feel like I’ve been… thanks for taking us all along for the ride. Extraordinary.

    Ashley, I do love the processing you are using on your photos. The coloring is just gorgeous. Okay..the Eiffel Tower..can’t WAIT to see your photos for that. Seriously, I was not prepared for how much I was gonna love that structure. And the photo ops…ENDLESS! Enjoying your photos very much :)


    So fun that you’re sharing so many vacation pictures. Seems almost unreal to me, as I can’t imagine ever going across the ocean on vacation.

    The last shot is stunning and not an angle I’ve seen used before. Love the muted colours too. :)

    I just love that first photo – what an amazing perspective and beautiful processing!

    Gorgeous shots. Love them. Looks like so much fun. I can’t wait to see more.

    Oh my goodness, you went to Paris too?! This are beautiful, Ashley. The first and last ones are my favorites. Wonderful processing too.

    i am just loving these shots! can’t wait to see more!!!

    Beautiful photos! Sounds like a great vacation!

    Beautiful city and photos.

    I love that shot of the eiffel tower…the composition is so interesting and the sky looks amazing. looking forward to more of your vacation pics!

    I love Paris…. Ive been a few times.. but I love London more. Great street photography and nicely processed. looking forward to the Eiffel Tower shots as it is breathtaking at the top ! I hope you ventured up. ;-)

    Beautiful shots! I’ve never been, thanks for sharing them!

    oh I am so jealous- I have yet to see Paris – (my husband used to work there and has no desire to return boo hoo for me) GORGEOUS!!

    These are beautiful – thanks for sharing!

    GORGEOUS- I have a serious thing for beautiful architecture & I am just blown away by all your pics of the sights you saw. WOW!

    These are so sharp and the edits really make them pop. You captured such amazing detail.

    Gorgeous shots!

    These are awesome, you are making want to go to London so badly!! Love the first capture!

    Gorgeous! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get stationed in Germany next so that I can spend a couple of years traveling Europe. So much to see!!!!

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. That church is stunning.

    Wowza on these shots! I especially loved that first one.


    Seriously great shots! Love getting to see parts of your trip. I so want to go myself one day! :) Hope you’re having a fabulous week!

    Gorgeous again! Europe is an amazing place – history that just doesn’t exist in the states! I love it! Wish I could go again! :)

    That last Eiffel Tower shot is stunning!


    WOuld you sell me a print of that last shot? My Girls are redoing their room in a PAris theme, and our decorator jsut looked over my shoulder and said, “we need that!”

    IF you would sell me a highresolution download we could wall paper the accent wall with it…

    Ashley! The trip of a lifetime! Your photos are just gorgeous! I’ll be coming back to hear about the rest of your trip.

    Thx you for the sweet comment on my riverfront photos. :)

    Holy cow! Looks like I’m look at postcards or a tourist brochure. These are stunning and I’m now DYING to get there.

    Gorgeousness! Great images and beautiful processing, Ashley. Love your compositions. And you did such an amazing job with the indoor shots in the church. They came out great.

    Your pictures are beautiful, as always. The last shot of the Eiffel Tower is fabulous. I cannot wait to see more pictures from Paris!

    Your photos are gorgeous, though your church photos are my favorite. Hope all is well!

    Incredible!!! I’m a little bit envious of your trip…can’t wait to see more, Ashley. :)

    Gorgeous. I’m glad you’re sharing these so I can live vicariously through your shots! :)

    These are amazing photos Ashley. Wish I was there right about now. Can’t wait to see what you post next.

    I love being able to see Paris through your amazing camera skills!
    That churh is absolutely stunning.

    Oh Ashley,

    These were just incredible. You make me want to go so bad!

    I love the way you processed these images.

    Amazing work!

    Hope your day is blessed♥

    What a fabulous trip! Have I already said that…it is just so amazing! I am glad you had this opportunity! Your photos are gorgeous and it must have been such a great time!

    Ashley…so beautiful! Can’t wait to see more.


    I am enjoying the tour and your wonderful photos. V

    Gorgeous!!!! Wish I was there :) Happy Tuesday!

    I love your first shot and your processing , and the collage , and what about the collage of the inside of the church- loved that, oh and I loved your last shot with the lines of the ‘steeple’ structures. Yes, as usual, loved all your shots.

    Beautiful church shots! I love the intricate church ceilings and the statues. The ability of the artists back in the day always floors me!

    Lovely. You should publish a series of postcards. :)

    Beautiful shots! Especially the last one!!

    I’ve decided you need to create a blurb book from your trip photos and then let us all buy them so we can pretend we’ve been there and have your skills behind the camera

    These are truly breathtaking.

    AMAZING shots Ashley. I love Paris ;D sigh…….

    Lovely photos, makes me want to book a trip to Europe straight away :o). I love the pictures from the inside of the church. The feel you created with the light and perspective is stunning! Thank you for sharing!

    Stunning shots! I love how dramatic the sky looks in all of your photos!

    These are gorgeous shots, Ashley!

    Love your shots of Paris…

    Been to Paris twice and it’s one of those cities I’d love to go back again and again and be enthralled all over again. :)

    Paris is definately on the list for next year!

    Erika B

    Love the clarity in that last image. I can not wait to see your photos of the Eiffle Tower!

    Wonderful pictures! I’m really enjoying the virtual tour of London and Paris. :)

    These are SO incredible!

    I love travel photos, nice! Thanks for sharing!

    Another set of gorgeous photos! I love them :)

    Amazing stuff, Ashley!! I’m lovin’ my vacation!! <3 (even if I’m visiting in the wrong order! ha!)