October 19, 2011
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Easy Canvas Prints: Review
Eiffel Tower RSA couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I would review a canvas printing company…specifically, Easy Canvas Prints. Considering that I was in the process of processing my Europe vacation photos, this request could not have come at a better time….and considering how easy it was to turn my photo to canvas, I’m very likely to use them again.

I’ll be honest though…I did have one slight dilemma (and not to sound completely corny) – which photo do I print to canvas first? I ultimately decided to go with one of my favorites from Paris…specifically one of my photos of the Eiffel Tower (re-processed in a more classic black and white style). 

Anyways, I took screen shots of my process to share below, but here’s the process:
  1. Select the size of your canvas
  2. Choose your photo
  3. Select border option
  4. Select finishing
Easy peasy. I ordered a custom 15×21 size canvas of the image above. My order took probably a week to process (maybe less) and arrived in a fairly large cardboard box with plenty of extra padding…and then sealed in plastic.

I’ve had one other canvas printed…and by another company (which will remain nameless). If I compare the two, my canvas from Easy Canvas Prints is a strong improvement. I’ve actually considered reprinting the first canvas, but it’s not that big of a deal. However, I do plan on printing out a few more of my photos to canvas.
Photos to CanvasHere’s where the deal gets even sweeter…if you “like” Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook, you’ll automatically get a code for 50% off any canvas + free shipping. Once you place an order, you’ll likely get more great offers sent straight to your inbox.
So yeah – I like them…a lot. I’ll even add a link on my Resources Page for future reference. And while I was technically “paid” to write this review (via a free canvas – I feel the need to disclose that), you guys know that I also Blog with Integrity…I wouldn’t write anything I didn’t believe.

    This shot looks really great in black and white AND on canvas. Pretty classic. I will go check this company out, thanks Ashley!

    Great choice…looks awesome!

    Great idea, I like it!

    Have a nice day:)

    Thanks girl! I was looking forward to your review. I really liked the canvas I ordered for myself. However, after using the company (the one I used will also remain nameless) for 3 additional canvases, for family members, I have not been satisfied with their customer service.

    I will def. check easy canvas prints out, so thanks for the referral.

    These sites are SO popular now-a-days; it’s hard to know which to go with. Thanks for doing your review – it’s good to get feedback!

    what a great idea!

    Thanks for the review and I think that photo on a canvas is BRILLIANT! :)

    Very cool! Thanks for the review. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting a couple of shots to canvas too, this couldn’t have come at a better time.


    omg- thanks for this- we’ve been talking about making a photo into canvas for awhile and this is definitely the push to do it.

    Cool, thanks for the info! I have had some done in the past that were sketchy so good to hear your review!

    Thanks for the info Ashley.

    I bet it was hard to decide! I would not now which to decide either.

    Great choice!

    Beautiful picture!

    Hope your day is blessed♥

    awesome – so glad it turned out great! love the shot!

    where did you end up hanging it?

    I’ve been thinking about canvas printing for a while. Thanks for the info and the review Ashley. I’ll definitely check this company out.

    What a perfect photo to print to canvas. I’ve had one done with another company and like it – may look to Easy Canvas in the future.

    Love the shot that you used! And that is a very generous offer from Easy Canvas!!

    Love these — I’ve seen other bloggers review them and they’ve all raved about the quality. Fun! :)

    Awesome, 50% off..woohoo!!! Thanks!

    That was a good choice – I wish I could find a good UK print place like this especially with a discount like that!

    So beautiful. Love it.

    Ooh great review, and im actually thinking of ordering one of my pics on a canvas for a christmas gift! Thank you! :D

    I just did an Easy Canvas Prints review on my blog a few days ago and couldn’t agree more about the quality of their product. :)

    Thank you for this review! I’ve been meaning to get a canvas and just get nervous spending that much money! Looking forward to checking them out!

    I like Easy Canvas Prints. Very good quality and the prices and discount deals are always great.