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Quarterly Top Five: Kitty Paw! - Ramblings and Photos

October 01, 2011
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Quarterly Top Five: Kitty Paw!
Once again, I am joining Amber of Amber’s Articles, Courtney of Click It Up A Notch, Sarah of Nap Time Momtog for the Quarterly Top Five. The idea being that you choose your Top 5 favorite photos (from July, August, September 2011) and post them with a short explanation of why you chose each photo. Since I don’t have any human babies yet, I’ve selected my favorite photos of Kitty Paw taken over the past three months.
Napping in the Sun
July 2011
I took the above shot in July. Kitty Paw really love summer because the house is full of sun spots. On any given day, you can catch her taking a nap in the sun.
On the Floor RS
July 2011
This shot was also taken in July (towards the end of the month). Again…another sun spot, but this time I caught her in mid-yawn. I don’t know why I love taking photos of Kitty Paw with her mouth wide open. I guess it makes me laugh.
Roll Over RS
August 2011
It’s funny how animals know when you’ve got your camera out. Kitty Paw can be quite the ham. I remember coming home from work and not being greeted at the door, so I went upstairs to see where she might be hiding (camera in hand). As soon as she saw the camera, she rolled around on the floor…her eyes constantly looking back at me.
Waiting RS
August 2011
Another pretty typical moment…if it’s sunny outside, we’ll typically leave the front door open. Kitty Paw loves to sit at the front door and watch whatever is going on outside.
Kitty Paw Polaroid RS      Vintage Camera Kitty Paw
So…I’m including six instead of five – shoot me. The image on the left was taken in July. The image on the right was taken in September. If I remember correctly, Katie Lloyd created a PSE compatible vintage polaroid/instagram effect: click HERE. I was so excited about it, that I created the Debonair action with Katie’s steps. The image on the left was used to test it out. I still love it!

On the left, I was experimenting with a technique called TTV photography (through the viewfinder). Inspired by Nancy at A Rural Journal‘s recent post about TTV photography, I pulled out my vintage Brownie Reflex and my macro lens and took this photo of Kitty Paw. It has such an interesting effect to it…definitely worth trying again.

Amber's Articles
Be sure to check out everyone else’s Quarterly Top 5 Photos by clicking above…and link up too since there are some great prizes. The next link up will launch at the end of December. Have a great weekend!

    I love them all! The last one is just great. How sweet the way she sits there looking out. August is damn cute!

    Oh that Miss Kitty Paw is one cute furry baby! The 1st shot is beautiful, love the light!

    I love the one of her sitting by the front door! And the yawning one :)

    Love the one of KP on her back! Cute!

    The second photo is my all time FAVORITE Kitty Paw shot that you have shared. I just love it! She looks so relaxed, yet so vicious.

    Love seeing all these together. The yawn makes me smile. Thanks for the actions, I’ve been getting so jealous of all the phone app photos, lol.

    She´s so pretty, love the pics! :-)

    Oh Ashley!! These are all so great. I can’t pick just one favorite – I LOVE the yawn the one after it of the eyes is really beautiful too. I totally heart the TTV shot. I should try that with the vintage camera that my mom gave me (that I haven’t bought film for yet) SUCH beautiful photos Ashley (as always!).

    Kitty Paw is gorgeous. I really just adore the entry way picture.


    Kitty Paw is adorable, Ashley. I really love the shot of her laying on her back.

    This pics are so lovely and funny!! I love the second and the third, my cats always do the same things :)

    She looks like she has a lot of personality. She’s adorable.

    She looks like she is so much fun! I like the one where she is yawning and where she is laying on her back. She is too cute!

    Totally NOT a cat person but….you might just convert me with Kittypaw :)


    Lovely pics and cute kitty!

    Have a nice weekend:)

    I love Kitty Paw. :)

    Love the one of Kittypaw yawing – too cute!

    I love them all. That third one is great.

    love kitty paw haming it up, do you think she’s be interested in having a workshop for my kids?? :)

    kitty paw is very cute and the photos are so beautiful as always! love your pov and the light in the first image and the one where she’s rolling around on the floor is just so adorable.

    Your kitty is soo cute!!

    Lovely pictures :)

    Ashley, They are all gorgeous! I have been researching new lens, I was wondering what kind of lens you used in that first picture? Denise

    Kitty Paw is so stinkin’ cute. I especially love the second shot…made me laugh.

    Kitty Paw ROCKS! In case you didn’t know that ;) I used to love trying to get pictures of our cat mid yawn too. Cats are awesome :)

    So good – all of them! That first one is my favorite. I love the lighting, the black and white, the serene feeling. Basically, everything about it.

    I love your 3rd photo of her. What an amazing capture! Fun to see Kitty Paw.

    She’s such a beautiful kitty! I love the one of her upside down hamming it up for the camera.

    I love Kitty Paw!! She is so adorable. The third and fourth ones are my favorites :)

    I always love to see Kitty Paw! Love that third shot of her.

    These are all fab. My favs are 2 & 3. Great work!

    Aw this makes me missy my kitty! :( Reminds me so much of my Romeo, he was black and white, but had really long fur. He was also abnormally large. I think he was part dog. My fave is the upside down stare. So kittyish. ♥

    Yep… the second one still makes me laugh! :D

    And btw – nice socks. ;)

    Love that shot of KP in the doorway…it has this day in the life kinda feel to it.

    Great pictures! I love how you can get pictures of kitty paw yawning, also love the one of her on her back looking at the camera

    Kitty Paw is the cutest cat on the internet, hands down.

    These are fantastic!! You do such a great job capturing her personality! That third one of her hamming is up is too much! I love it! If I had a cat I would constantly capture photos of it with it’s mouth open too! Thanks for linking up! P.S. I love the new header!!

    Definitely recognizing a couple of these. I love the shot of Kitty Paw yawning, great capture. Of course they are all great

    Love all of these! What a kick in the pants… I’ve so slacked at taking pics of Storm this summer… such a bad mama! But wow! I’m almost jealous of the light Kitty Paw gets to enjoy!!

    These are all such cute photos of KP, but I love the third one the best! Too, too sweet!