October 10, 2011
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Shoot and Edit: Week 40 – Leaves SOOC
Welcome to the 40th week of Shoot and Edit: Part 1. Click HERE for all the details and upcoming prompts/themes and past tutorials. This week our theme or prompt is “Leaves” (this is just a suggestion, you can show us any SOOC shot…much like I did this week). You have until Wednesday each week to link your SOOC shot up on Jill’s blog. On Thursday, you can link up your edits with ME after following some of my tips on how to edit your shots (or just post your edit on Thursday and you can pick up my tips for next week).
I’ve had this week’s photo(s) ready for a few weeks now. You’ll notice that I’m once again sharing two SOOC shots. There’s nothing really different about their histograms, but one of the photos is tilted, while the other is more of a straight shot. As a general rule of thumb, I try not to tilt my photos since a tilted shot tends to make people look like they are falling out of the frame. However, I think it works here.

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I have a special treat this week…and an invitation. Misty from Through a Photographer’s Eyes has recently started a meme called “Tutorial Tuesday.” Considering that I’ve been struggling to write fresh editing tutorials these past few weeks, I asked her if she’d be interested in sharing with us this week. So…she’ll be sharing with us on Thursday. 

With that in mind, I also invite anyone who is interested in writing a guest editing tutorial to send me an email…or at least provide more ideas for tutorials. Of course, I’ll still edit my photos and probably post on Wednesday evening…or something like that. Either way, be sure to check out other “Leaves” SOOC shots at:
Good to WOW

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    I, too, like the tilt. It adds something to this photo and draws my eye further down the road, where the straight one pulls my eye to look primarily at the leaves. However, that my be a difference in focus, as well.

    YAY!!! for Misti’s tutorial. I am so glad you are featuring her.

    I think the tilt works nice with the low perspective. Beautiful photo!

    Can’t disagree…love the tilt here. And your new blog header is adorable!

    love this angle. Can`t wait for Misty`s tutorial.

    Very English-ey. Nice. :)

    Nice shot!

    Happy day, kisses.

    Great shot! The tilt adds to it as well as the low angle!

    I really like the angle you shot this photo. I’m looking forward to Misty’s tutorial. Oh and I finally linked up this week! :)

    I prefer it without the tilt myself, the first one makes me feel slightly drunk. :D

    I like the tilted photo, I think it works great for this shot!

    These are great! Draws the eyes right in and makes one think about distance and opportunities and future…

    sweet tilt.

    I feel like I fell down on the road. I love the unique perspective it gives. Instead of looking at the image I feel like I am looking into and through it. Does that even make sense?
    Really great job.

    Great perspective! Love it…it reminds me of my first ever blogger header, but there was different fall colours in that one. I love the mood yours creates!

    You’re right. There is a fine line with the tilt, but for some shots it really adds some interest. I think it works great here!

    I kinda like the tilty pic! I see what you mean though. Now that I am playing with my zoom, I’m learning what the longer lens will do for distorting an image. You live, you learn!

    I love these. Gorgeous. I think I do like the tilt. It works fort his.

    I love both shots for different reasons.

    I look forward to seeing what is shared on Thursday.

    XOXO Jill

    Oh yeah, tilt fer sure!
    This has such a lovely feel.

    Love these! Looking forward to Misty’s tutorial!

    WOW Ashley- what an amazing place! I like it both ways- the tilt just gives a whole different feel- adds a different interest. But I also like the expected & this has a wonderful symmetry to it when it’s straight- which I love.

    What a beautiful place! I like both shots – not sure which I prefer. Keep going back to look. Can’t wait to see your edits!

    i quite like the perspective here and i prefer the tilted one…I’m curious about your edit…

    Very cool photos! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

    Love the perspective and the feeling it gives you looking at the shot. Thank you for sharing!

    Awesome compo on this!

    Ha. I agree with you on the tilt. It definitley works here. In most cases I always find myself tilting my head when I view photos framed like that…but not in this case…it is just subtle enough.

    I REALLY like that picture!

    hehe… so we preach on how the horizons need to be straight, and then you break the rules… I don’t mind the tilt in the 2nd one, but the first one seems more extreme/mistake-like-my-dog-just-jerked-on-her-leash-and-knocked-me-over-and-I’m-gonna-have-to-be-all-mean-like-and-make-her-sit-and-wait-for-the-next-shot-and-she’s-gonna-be-whiny-and-we’ll-do-it-again. But maybe that’s just me… or maybe that’s because it happened to me this morning…