Sisk Family European Vacation: Harrods of London
Last week, I shared the last of my photos in Paris from our “family vacation” in Europe. Rather than fly straight back to the United States, we took the high speed train back to London. 

By this point in our trip, we were a bit tired…so much left to see, but our energy level just wasn’t there. Nonetheless, we decided to check out Harrods…I mean, our taxi driver said we just HAD to have a doggie bag. 

Harrods is one of the most popular department stores/shopping centers in London…maybe the world. It is located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge…and it is an experience to say the least. 

While I didn’t walk through the entire store, I did receive a multi-page directory. This place is HUGE. Just to give you an idea…the store sits on 4.5 acres and occupies over one million square feet of retail space in over 300 separate departments…most of which I can barely afford (well I could afford, but I’ve been spoiled by TJ Maxx). I certainly didn’t plan to do any shopping during our trip, but let’s be honest – I really did need a doggie bag.
IMG_8385 RS
After wandering through the store a bit, I saw a sign that said “Christmas Shop.” Yep…I bet we can find something affordable there…maybe an ornament? My words and my photos can’t even begin to describe how amazing this section of the store was…you could really feel the Christmas spirit!
IMG_8362 RS
I know – I don’t have many photos from the store itself…if it’s any consolation, I was shopping. My sweet sister gave me very specific instructions via Facebook to bring her something back from our trip (what, photos aren’t good enough?), so I was on the hunt. I hope she likes what I got her. If not, she’ll have to get over it.
IMG_8377 RS
After doing a bit of shopping, I think we had lunch and dropped off our stuff before going to the London Dungeons. I don’t have any photos from that experience and I’m not exactly sure I would recommend it (mix of history, theatrics and mini theme park), but it passed the time.
IMG_8395 RS
Later that evening, after packing all our things, I decided to play around with my camera. My laptop may have been screwed up but that wasn’t going to stop me from shooting. And with that said, I think that’s about it for our trip. I took a lot more photos and I may sprinkle them in from time to time, but I hope you enjoyed the last month and a half of photos. I know I did. Now I just have to turn these photos into an album. Have a great Wednesday!
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    I personally think that the shoes you brought back from Paris are adorable :) I am a thrifty girl by nature so I would have loved to see how the other half lived but it is hard for me to spend like that. Gorgeous vacation pics. Thanks for sharing with us! Love the last selfie!

    Love that shot of you! I loved looking at your photos – thanks for sharing them

    Looks like a GREAT trip! I loved looking at all the photos! Are they talking about making your digitally documented trip into a movie yet? ;) If I don’t talk to ya, have a great weekend!

    You really got some amazing photos on your trip. That last picture of you is really great!

    Beautiful “christmas” photo! I hope we see that one again in a few months.

    I really love that last one. It looks great BW and the angle and well, I just love it all it’s neato!! I loved your pics girl and definitely felt the itch to take a vacation more than once:). We need to plan another get together…Ashley withdrawls over here!

    London is by far my favorite city on earth. I did venture in to Harrods one trip and had lunch at the tea shop, boought food to take back to where I was staying (I was there a while) and found a cute little purse on sale. It is a fun way to pass a rainy day too.

    Have enjoyed your notes on your travels and that last pic was great!

    enjoyed your “holiday” pics… have you ever used Blog2Print? I used this for our 2010 London trip.

    How neat! Love the photo of the crystals.

    I have really enjoyed your trip, I hope Santa and I can go one day. You have inspired me with your photos.

    Thanks for linking up each week over at, I really love seeing your work!

    Wow! You sure did a lot during your vacation.

    Love Harrods. Such a cool store.

    Love the last shot of you! Glad you made it to Harrods, it really is an amzing experience. Did you get to Harvey Nicks too? Many Brits will tell you it’s a better store than Harrods.

    We call TJ Maxx, TK Maxx, and I have to admit to shopping there myself.

    A-MAZING shot of the crystal thingies from the Christmas shop (shoppe?)! Also, that is the cutest self-portrait. These travel shots you’ve shared with us over the weeks have really re-ignited my desire to travel and I thank you for that.

    LOVE it Ashley- it has been so fun going through your trip with you

    Lovely post and photos. Last b&w photo is wonderful. It’s been such a pleasure seeing images from your vacation. I loved looking at them. Thanks for sharing…

    You’ll have to show us photos of your photobook! Great shots- you have such ability to capture the essence of large structures like the outside of Harrods for eg, in the one frame, if that makes sense. Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful photos, it’s been a so enjoyable looking through them.

    So Christmasy! :D

    Love the selfie.

    Gorgeous shots. These crystals are so pretty. Love that selfie! ;)

    I love your black and white and the white tree, amazing!

    Your trip photos are awesome. Thank you sharing them and the stories behind them. I would love to make a trip like that someday.

    Loved going on this trip with you! Harrods is on my bucket list!:)

    Oh…Harrods! I want to go at Christmas time to see their decorations. I’m loving that last photo of you.

    Love the photos! Glad you enjoyed the trip!

    it was wonderful to share your adventures through your photos ashley!

    I love the perspective in your photo outside of Harrods. Use to go there for tea and scones.
    Good luck with narrowing down which ones to put in an album. Unless you are making it a 500 page one. This was a brilliant collection!

    How fun. Great shots. I love that last one. I have enjoyed seeing all of the photos.

    I loved the white tree and the beads, it is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us, it was fun feel like I’d been on a trip to Europe without ever leaving the couch!

    I would love to do a Harrods shopping trip! What can I say, I look for any opportunity to shop. It’s insane that Christmas set ups at the department stores are already up. They just start earlier and earlier each year. Still, from what I saw from the pics, VERY pretty :)

    Sounds like fun! Those photos got me kind of excited for Christmas!!

    Those photos make me anxious to decorate for Christmas.

    Wow! That department store is unbelievable! Love, love, love the photos! You really amaze me with your talent.

    Awesome pictures once again! You have such an eye for great shots. Definitely make an album out of your vacation pics! That is so freaking cool!

    I’m exhausted just reading about your last leg of the trip. But what a great experience to visit Harrod’s. I think everyone knows about that place! :)

    So fun! I love the photos of Harrods. We made a trip there too and spent most of our time in the food section ;) Love the last pic too!

    yaaay! Great family vacation :) iLikey!

    I would love to go shopping at Harrods and have tea too!! Love your sparkly photos!!

    Love that last shot of you :)

    i could totally feel the christmas spirit by looking at the christmas shop photos. im so ready for christmas :)

    thees photos are amazing! looks like such an awesome time. i am suppppper jealous. :P

    I’ve really enjoyed all your vacation photos Ashley! (much better than the blurry snapshots my Mum and Dad took when they went in May haha!)
    They’re going to make an incredible album :)

    Thanks for sharing these great photos over the past few weeks. it was like going to Europe all over again! =)

    Love that last one!

    sounds like you had such a fabulous trip, so glad you have share your photos

    yep I really like the sefl shot. Thanks for sharing all of these with us. Yes make a memorie book for your coffe table.
    Besided the potporrii shoot I had a teddy bear shoot. in the next post. Man the dollar store rocks for cheap ideas for shoots ha,ha.

    Ashley – I love reading about your European adventures and seeing how they compare with our trips! Harrods is so huge, we hardly made it out of the “food court.” I will have to return for sure to give it the justice it deserves. I absolutely love your first image with the green awnings – great processing.

    An album would be awesome! They have some neat coffee table ones, too. That would definitely be cherished for years.

    I love your street scene (that first one)! My favorite kind of photo! :)

    I have throughly enjoyed your vacation posts. I feel like I was along for the journey with you. You take AMAZING shots. Love these last few from Harrod’s. Isn’t that place something?!?!

    Did u get a sweetie bag from Harrods… I love their ice creams and sweeties.
    and the Jewellery.. Don’t even get me started on the jewellery *sighs*
    Lovely blog post.
    Jennie. X

    So I have been commenting from my phone on your posts and clearly they are not showing up! So annyoing! Anyway i just wanted you to know I was not ignoring your posts! I’m sad your “holiday” posts are coming to an end!

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    This comment has been removed by the author.

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    So I have been commenting from my phone on your posts and clearly they are not showing up! So annyoing! Anyway i just wanted you to know I was not ignoring your posts! I’m sad your “holiday” posts are coming to an end!

    one of my all time FAV spots to shop!!!!!!!

    sigh… all good trips must end sometime! Thanks for taking us along!

    Love that last Christmas shot — I’m only looking forward to winter to get those shots again, now that I’ve grown more this year!

    Oh, and I’m lovin’ that last selfie of yours!! :-D


    I totally love how far these photos stretched! Lol. I very much enjoyed your trip ;)