Sisk Family European Vacation: Paris, Day 2: The Louvre Part 1
If you’ve been following me the past few weeks, you know that my husband and I recently traveled to London and Paris. If you’ve missed any of my previous vacation posts, click HERE.
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We decided to spend part of our second day in Paris at The Louvre. You probably know that the Louvre is one of the world’s largest museums, the most visited art museum in the world and a historic monument. What you may or may not know is that it began as a fortress built in the late 12th century under Philip II. The museum opened in 1793, and as of 2008, the collection is divided among eight curatorial departments: Egyptian Antiquities; Near Eastern Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; Sculpture; Decorative Arts; Paintings; Prints and Drawings (source).
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I’ll be honest, I knew little more about the Louvre than what I saw on The DaVinci Code, but it really was amazing. I could show you my photos of the artwork (and I might tomorrow in some sort of mosaic form), but I thought I’d first share a few of my favorite moments in the museum. The first is this man walking up the giant staircase underneath the giant glass pyramid.
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The museum was both large and crowded.  To get an image completely rid of other tourists is impossible. However, that being said…my favorite photos seem to be those with other people in them. The photo on the right makes me laugh…she kinda looks like one of my friend’s moms.
IMG_8003 RS
And the Mona Lisa…so tiny. I think I had actually heard that it was small, but to see it live really brings that to life. Look at all the people standing around waiting for their picture moment. It was mass craziness.
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All in all, I’m really glad we took the time to walk through part of The Louvre…did you catch that? Yep, we didn’t make it all the way through…somewhere between my feet getting tired and a case of adult ADD (formerly known as boredom), we decided to take off and see a little more of Paris. But, not before we saw this precious moment. I couldn’t have plan it any better.

    the 1st and last shots are my favorite. truly great captures. oh i would be miserable in that mob scene. glad you were able to enjoy it and Paris!!


    They are great shots again! I remember being shocked at just how small the Mona Lisa is, and just how many people crowd round to see it too!

    The second shot is my favourite. Wonderful!

    wow. i never realized how tiny the mona lisa was… and that’s so sad because i took french all the way to french 3 and did really good. wow!

    i love how you edit your photos <3 <3

    p.s. love your new banner/header. super cute!


    my favorite painting is in the louvre. Starry Night :)

    Love the first capture!

    I understand the boredom part, I was the same when we went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam years ago…These are all great, the last one captures such a special moment.

    Great photos! That last one is a great moment captured!

    Fantastic pics! :-)

    Amazing! I’d love to go there someday!!

    Theses are beautiful. Love your new header (sounds so silly, but you know what I mean)

    As always, great photos! However, something else made my day! Something bright and orange. Your new header photo, Ashely! I love it!!

    Ashley, these are awesome. The photos really show your experience. I really like the feel of the Mona Lisa shot. Thanks for sharing :)

    I had to laugh when I saw your pic of the Mona Lisa … I seem to have one just like that! Mass craziness and the best one could do was hold their camera up capturing the backs of everyone’s heads as well. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. LOL!

    Love seeing Paris through your eyes! Wonderful images!

    Wonderful photos… that first one is breathtaking.

    And I remember what a terrible experience it was going to see the Mona Lisa… too many ridiculous tourists. I loved the Musee D’orsay in Paris because it had all the Monet and impressionist paintings and was far less crowded!

    Great shots, I love the photo of the staircase also.

    (OH and LOVE the new header)

    I actually love that you captured all the craziness and people…And I never new the Mona Lisa was so small. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

    My favorite picture is the craziness of Mona Lisa. It was crazy when I was there too. It was an amazing place!

    I love the first and last ones as well! Beautiful!

    Great shots, I love that last one. I didn’t realize the mona lisa was so small. I guess I thought it was a hugh piece.

    All of them are spectacular, Ashley!
    Would love to go there someday. :)

    Beautiful photos. I love the one of the person shooting a photo over everyones head.

    funny! When I saw all those people my thoughts were “ugh, i never would have made it” you got amazing shots!

    Ahhhh! I love these and am so jealous.

    Great photos Ashley!

    Lovely shots, I never made it into the Louvre when I was there, just not enough time. Love your new header too, cute socks!

    You know, I never knew that the Mona Lisa was that tiny!

    LOVE that first shot. And the last one. Awww… :D

    See, I totally would have crawled around the floor like a crazy American tourist screaming “I need to find the Grail!”. Then again, I guess that’s a good way to get thrown out :)

    lovely shots as usual – I would want to wander about Pris as well (love your new header)

    Mobs are frustrating but I think they added to the scene. Great set of shots :)

    I love the shot with the Mona Lisa and all of the people trying to get to her. I was shocked when I saw how small it was! I don’t blame you for only doing part of the museum, I’d want to walk around Paris too! Only, when I went, my grandmother was there, so skipping parts was not an option!

    Sigh … {swoon}

    Love all the shots and still quite jealous that I was not there instead!

    We loved the Louvre. I think I have that same shot of the Mona Lisa. I was surprised at how small it was and it was the most crowded spot in the museum when we were there. I love your first picture, I wish I would have taken a better picture of it. Thanks for sharing your vacation photos, it makes me want to go back!

    Yeah, that last one is priceless. Visiting the Louvre is definitely on my bucket list. Great pictures, Ashley! I happen to like there are people in them. Very real.

    Gorgeous shots! I especially like the one of the man descending the staircase but the one with everyone trying to take a shot of the Mona Lisa really captures the experience of the Louvre (at least what I experienced)! And that last shot…so sweet. Another wonderful vacation set!

    The one of the family is soooo soooo sweet, but girl I am with you. I miss out on a lot of the “world’s best tourist” locations, bc the crowds make me a little crazy and bore me to death.

    What a beautiful museum! I really need to see it myself someday. I love that last shot.

    These are great! I love the Mona Lisa Shot- I remember not being that impressed with her (which was probably because I was only 13 and really couldn’t have cared less! haha!) You give such different perspectives on places that are photographed like crazy.

    That last shot is precious. I bet the family would love it!

    That second shot angle is amazing! and that last shot….love that the little boy got to see that. AMAZING!!!!

    Looking through all your vacation photos, I feel as though I was there too:) lol They are all amazing!

    Put me on the next plane to Paris!!! These are so stunning, Ashley – love how the heads are in focus on the Mona Lisa pic!!

    Such beautiful, breathtaking photography and wonderful tour of the Louvre!

    You really captured the beauty – and crowd that makes up a visit there, beautiful.

    I have to say — do not practice your TTV shots. The beauty is in the unexpected. Okay? :)

    these are great shots. i was there so long ago, i’d love to get back there someday.

    Gorgeous shots as always, Ashley. Love looking through your vacation photos…

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    Very, very cool!!!

    I love your shot of the Mona Lisa!

    So stunning!!!!!! Really Really Amazing!

    Gorgeous…..Wow what a Amazing experience! So very cool that you got to go there.
    Love the photos…..thanks for sharing!

    Awesome new header, Love the socks!

    Oh wow. I love these so much. That last one is awesome. I love it!!

    I love the man on the staircase. The lines in that shot are amazing. You have such a fantastic eye!
    That last shot is super sweet. What a perfect little capture.

    Looking through your photos from your vacation makes me long to go visit Paris again. :)

    These are just amazing Ashley. I love going to museums and seeing all the art, but you made me enjoy seeing the all the architecture and people visiting just as much.

    I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before, but what lens did you primarily use on your trip? All of your photos look great.

    Wow! I am so jealous they let you photograph inside the museums. The last few times I’ve tried there have been big signs saying NO PHOTOS. I even got caught trying by a security guard. Totally sucked!

    I’m enjoying following along on your trip though Europe! Love all these!


    Those first two photos are beyond stunning! The whole set is wonderful!

    Wow, the architecture is just amazing! Gorgeous captures of them!