Sisk Family European Vacation: Paris, Day 3 – The Eiffel Tower
If you’ve been following my vacation posts the past few weeks, you’ve gotten a sense for how much we tried to do while we were in London and Paris. If I had it to do all over (and I had the time to do it), I would spend a week in each location so I could fully appreciate each city. Not only were my feet incredibly tired from all the walking, but we really didn’t have a chance to see places like the Eiffel Tower at night (I guess we could have the night before, but we were exhausted).
IMG_8216 RS
Anyways, as you might imagine…the Eiffel Tower had a pretty long line. It appeared as if they normally have three lines to go up, but we went during “off season” so there was only one main line. Street performers took advantage of the crowd…as did the pigeons. I loved watching this little girl try to feed them.
Eiffel Tower Collage
Many of your comments indicate that you like the history lessons I’m building into my post. So, for those of you that don’t know much about the Eiffel Tower, here ya go. The Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel, and built between 1887 and 1889 as the entrance arch for the 1889 World’s Fair, marking the centennial celebration of the French Revolution.

The tower is the tallest building in Paris – it stands 1,063 ft tall (about the same height as an 81-storey building). During its construction, the Eiffel Tower surpassed the Washington Monument to assume the title of the tallest man-made structure in the world, a title it held for 41 years, until the Chrysler Building in New York City was built in 1930. However, due to the addition, in 1957, of the antenna atop the Eiffel Tower, it is now taller than the Chrysler Building (source).
IMG_8260 RS
Much like the London Eye, the Eiffel Tower was a great way to see the entire city of Paris. I do wish it hadn’t been so gray, chilly and drizzly…but that’s just a consequence of going to Europe in early September. We figured we traded the crowds for the weather. Oh yeah…did you see the climbers a few photos up? I initially thought they were extreme rock climbers, but someone recently explained that they were probably changing light bulbs which makes a lot more sense.
Views of Paris
I had an embarrassing photographer moment at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I was trying my best to take a picture of my husband. The lighting was a bit weird…I didn’t have my speedlight (which would have come in handy for a little fill light) and there were people everywhere making it difficult to shoot. About that time, a family asked if I would take their picture. The father handed me a fancy camera with his settings. By this point, I had already moved my camera into P mode. I asked if he would return the favor and handed over my camera…how embarrassing.
IMG_8287 HDR blog
So after we got our fill of the third and upper levels (including a little snack), we went back down the elevators and hit the ground for some photo ops. My husband insisted on getting the photo you see on the left. He took one of me too but I look like a duffus…seriously. The shot on the right is my favorite…I had the black and white version if it print on canvas recently by Easy Canvas Prints (I’ll post my review in a couple of days).
IMG_8299 Vintage RS
And finally…the Eiffel Tower – vintage style. Of course, I took a ton of other photos, but these two of the Eiffel Tower are my favorites. What do you think? Either way, have a great weekend!
PS: I’ve seen a lot of new photography memes floating around. If you are hosting one, could you check my photography challenge page to be sure you are listed. If you are not, just let me know and I will add you.

    Gorgeous! Such a classic spot and I just love how you captured it. The one of your husband in giant perspective next to the tower is priceless, lol! You two look gorgeous together as well ;) And that last one…the texture is wonderful. That’s a framer for sure!!

    Have a great Friday ;)

    1st-you two are adorable! I love how your DH wanted the perspective shot. I think I’d forgo the crowds too. Paris is on my “bucket list” and I want a 100 photos of the Eiffel Tower! Love how you have captured and shared it with us. They are all gorgeous….that last one is to die for…

    I just love these and your edits! This is making me so excited for our trip to Paris. I think you mentioned this before, so I need to go back and look, but what lens are you using. I’m in the market for a new one so I can take it with me on our outings to new places!

    gorgeous! ive dreamed of going to france one day since high school….maybe some day :) love your vintage style photo, awesome!

    Beautiful pictures. I really love your last few. I remember when we went it was very windy, and I actually ot motioin sickness from the way of the tower.

    Looooovin’ that last ‘vintage’ processed shot!

    Wonderful photos. Love the picture of your husband and the Eiffel Tower. You should post yours :)

    Thank you for such a wonderful tour of the tower – nicest photos I’ve ever seen of it!

    Nice photos!

    i so hope that you make a photo book of this bloggy series…beautiful.. awaiting our installation of your perfect work! thanks again

    The view of Paris – gorgeous.

    The pic of hubby with the teeny tower kills me. :D I’d so do that if I was there. ;)

    And I *love* that last shot.

    I just love the pictures from the underside of the tower, such a great view!

    wow, what amazing sites to shoot! i especially like the last photo. thanks for linking up!

    So many great views of the Eiffel Tower! Beautiful photos!

    Love them all!

    I hope you are printing one of those tower shots!!! that last one is dynamite!!!!LOVE the European vacation!!!

    I love the shot with your husband and the eiffel tower. I never realized how tiny it was.


    thanks for taking me on your awesome european vacation! i doubt i will get there any time soon and these shots took me right there! great job ashley! i am sure the canvas will look amazing!


    Oh Ashley, I’m so enjoying the walk along your trip! And oh my the last one of the tower is uh-mazing! I’m sure hoping that you are planning another trip (since I know I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon) so we’ll have the continuation of some more fun places!

    beautiful pictures ashley!

    One of the world’s most photographed places – and you still made it look original – gorgeous.

    Dreamy. Great shots!

    These are great Ashley! For a few minutes I felt like I was in Paris!

    Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of you both on the tower, and the views are amazing! It looks like a gorgeous day!

    Lovely photos! And don’t be embarrassed–that’s what other photographer friends are for! (I love the vintage effect on the last one–it’s gorgeous!)

    What an amazing adventure! I love that last one- I would love to see it mural size hanging over a sofa.

    Ahh, so beautiful! I may–just maybe–be able to go there in the spring. This makes me jealous. (:

    Such a fantastic capture. I love it.

    That last shot definitely evokes a feeling of a world back when the tower was built. Love the history refresher so thank you! I didn’t realize how tall the tower was. How do you go up it? Assuming elevator but, where is it? Your pictures are great Ashley and I really like the one of you and have that sexy windblown look about you:) hehehe

    I’m lovin traveling europe vicariously, love the shots of Paris from the top!

    How beautiful… Great pictures. You captured the Eiffel and the surroundings so beautifully. and I enjoyed reading about the history, too. And the last image with vintage processing is gorgeous. You should make a book of your vacation pictures.. Have a great weekend!

    Wow, these are amazing shots of the Eiffel Tower. I love the different perspectives you got! And of course, that last photograph is fabulous. I feel like someone should pay tons of money for it in a super fancy store.

    Love the vintage shot! Okay, I’m a total idiot because I didn’t realize you could go up the ET in an elevator…I’m totally claustrophobic. I wouldn’t have been able to do that!

    These shots were definitely worth waiting for :) have a great weekend, Ashley!

    Your favorite is also mine favorite. The tower is so beautiful it must see in whole. The picture your husband insisted is the must picture like you know with the Pisa tower, so fun:)

    These are so gorgeous, Ashley! I once was in Paris with my husband, too, and we wanted to go on the Eifel Tower, but it was closed due to a strike – can you imagine! So I’m glad you took me up there today! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Great shots! I love them all. I don’t think your photography mishap was all that bad!

    Great shots! I love them all. I don’t think your photography mishap was all that bad!

    Great shots! I love them all. I don’t think your photography mishap was all that bad!

    I love vacation photos and history lessons!!!!
    Keep ‘em coming!

    Totally enjoyable post! I ,too, love the vintage processing.

    I love all of them…the last is my favorite, ya gotta love the one of your husband measuring the tower…very clever! Have a great weekend.


    I love these!
    I did a report on Gustave Eiffel once. Did you know he also worked on the Statue of Liberty? and the statue’s shoe size is 879 :)

    Love the looking up through the middle of the tower shot.
    Thats my fav.

    Such a gorgeous view from up there!

    We were in London and Paris in August and your photos bring back such amazing memories… makes me want to go back with my camera!

    One word: JEALOUS!

    Love Paris. Looks like you had a great time. Thank you for taking time to take so many great shots and sharing them. xxx

    These are fantastic!!! I am scared of heights so I was freaked at the very top!

    What a wonderful opportunity for the both of you. Love the shots of the city. :)

    I tried commenting on this earlier, but I don’t think it went through. Anyway, I love these! What a thrill to photograph the Eiffel Tower. Putting that photo on a canvas will look so great!

    Beautiful shots! Great shot of you and your husband!

    I love these so much. I love the last three. Cool photo of Jeremy. :)

    These are awesome! You and your husband make a beautiful couple! I love the giant husband with the tower and I think your complete tower capture is fabulous! I hope it comes out incredible on BW canvas! What a great way to remember your trip!

    All of your photos make me want to book a trip to Europe. Did you see the Eiffel Tower at night? I’ve always wanted to. I love the picture your husband made you take and I really love the vintage style on the last one.

    thanks for sharing all of these the last few weeks they keep getting better. Wow that last shot is my fav. Lucky you to have been able to travel there.

    Such gorgeous pictures! Wow!

    Oh these are all wonderful shots. Seems you had a terrific vaca! I love Paris and these bring back such fabulous memories!

    I have no idea what your day job is, but you should consider doing some travel photography (at least a little here or there). You have a truly spectacular eye.

    What an amazing experience it must have been. Europe seems so far from Australia I doubt I’ll ever be there in person, although my sister is going in December to visit her daughter whose attending Uni in France on a scholarship.

    I love the set of four photos looking down from The Tower. The colours you achieve are stunning yet soft, just beautiful Ashley.

    I love this! It’s amazing! And I’m sure that even your gorgeous photos don’t really convey what it was like to be there in real life. I guess I will just have to go myself and see! :)

    Awesome photos. I hope to go there someday.

    Oh, these are so awesome- Your vintage style landscape with the vignette is really breathtaking!

    I think the vintage style is my favorite, too, but I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. Gorgeous photos all around!

    I have loved all the vacation photos! And, the history lessons have been great. I’m not much of a traveler, but I feel like I’ve been there just seeing your photos.

    The shots of the tower are perfect, of course. But the photo of you two is delightful! Lovely to see you.

    So glad you’ve documented your trip and shared it here. I have enjoyed traveling through your eyes!

    You have some absolutely stunning pictures of the Eiffel Tower there. I really love your favourite one – that is a great angle you got.
    You do get some wonderful views from up there don’t you?

    WOW, these are fabulous Ashley!! Love them all, but especially the one of you and your hubby together. What a beautiful couple!

    Happy Weekend to you~



    What beautiful images! You really captured Paris beautifully!!
    I love the different perspectives of the Eiffel Tower & your collage of images from the top.

    I visited Paris last year for a day trip on the Eurostar(while I was travelling around UK & Europe). We had a trip up the tower paid for and when we arrived there was a strike so the tower was closed.

    Those are such beautiful captures. I love the perspective.
    And you and your husband make a very nice looking couple!


    Beautiful photos!! Now I want to go! :)

    Very gorgeous! Looks like a blast:)

    Love the visit to Paris, and these are such fun shots! :)

    And I’m lovin’ how you can have your own Eiffel Tower shots on your walls, instead of the ones from Hobby Lobby. :) Makes them mean all the more — and yours look just as great, if not better! :)

    I also love the history lessons!


    Gorgeous!! (ad quite the journey)

    ps. I’m back in the blog world! :)

    Love all of these shots! What an amazing opportunity for you and your husband to see all of this!

    Lovely, lovely pix! I, too, would love to spend about a week in Paris. I’ve only ever been there once…and only for ONE AFTERNOON!!! I had planned on seeing the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. The Louvre was CLOSED (on a Tuesday, of all freaking days!) and my feet were hurting so bad after walking around the city since I couldn’t afford public transportation, (I was dead broke, it being the second last day of a 6 month backpacking trip!), that I never even made it close to the Eiffel Tower, but only took a couple of photos of it from a distance. This was waaaay back in ’92, so I don’t even have any proper photos of my trip there! So, after a long rambling about nothing…yes I, too, would love to go back to Paris and see it “properly”!

    You got some amazing photos…I really like the one of you and your hubs together with the diamond grid pattern behind you. And, the one looking up the centre of the tower…absolutely stunning! Awesome composition!

    Ok…I’m gonna stop gushing, now ;) Have a great week!!!

    Girrrrl…. 78 comments! These are breath taking Ashley. The over head shots are brilliant. Also the shot of you & hubs is wonderful. You make Paris look even more beautiful, that’s hard to do!

    Really like the shot of you & your husband up the tower and that whoever it is who took the photo placed you both on the left. As per usual, i’m in awe while looking through your shots – thank you so much for sharing and showing your talent.

    All of your vacation photos are so gorgeous! I love the one of you and your Mister and I actually like the one of him and the mini Eiffel Tower too…what a guy :) How did you process the photos that are third up from the bottom. Did you use an action? I like the coloring and how the tops of the buildings have a purplish cast.

    Wow! These are so beautiful! LOVE the vintage one! And I’m glad you included the history lesson … I didn’t know those things!

    Fantastic photos Ashley, love the ones from underneath looking up and the last vintage shot. Cool one of your hubby too!

    Love your shots looking up at the tower, and also the one of your husband holding his hand “over” it! Really great work!!

    i have been following your family European vacation and boy, you make me jealous. LOL! gorgeous place and awesome photos, Ashley. you are such a great inspiration. and hey, i appreciate your commentLOVE so much! thank you always. :)

    The vintage shot is awesome. Have very much enjoyed your European photos, Ashley! Keep them coming!

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve been looking forward to this set. I love the vintage shot.

    I adore that vintage shot! Gorgeous!

    wow, beuaitufl shots! love the last one. The processing and texture are great!

    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

    I’m lost for words! Seriously. Okay, one comes to mind – GORGEOUS!