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Cotton Candy Skies - Ramblings and Photos
Cotton Candy Skies
For the past few days, I’ve been working on our European Vacation photo album. At 59 pages, I think I’m nearly ready to purchase (maybe I should add one more page to make it an even 60). I was sharing the album with a coworker when he started asking questions about my camera. He asked if I had it on me…in which case, I swiftly pulled it out of my Jo Totes purse. He then asked if I carry it everywhere, in which case I responded YES! Yes it’s heavy and yes my back often hurts (one more reason that I really should get an i-phone), but can you imagine driving out for dinner (well my husband was driving…I don’t condone shooting and driving – not very safe) and spotting cotton candy skies like the ones below and NOT having your camera on you?
November Sky 1 RS

November Sky 2 RS

November Sky 3 RS

November Sky 4 RS
I think I’ve made my point. So…the lesson in this is – bring your camera with you everywhere…DSLR, i-phone, point and shoot…whatever. You never know when that beautiful moment will emerge.
Skywatch Friday   
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    definitely! i carry my point & shoot (canon sd1400is) just about everywhere! if i had a better bag and when i get the 50mm lens,,, i may have to bring my t2i everywhere!!

    these are gorgeous. you’re making me crave for some cotton candy!!

    so pretty – and now I want cotton candy!

    Ok, in California you are not allowed to text and drive or hold your phone and drive. I am sure we will now get a law that says you cannot hold your Canon DSLR and shoot and drive…LOL!

    Love the skies though!

    I take my point and shoot in my purse everywhere :) i have my DSLR in a backpack im getting to the point where i take it everywhere too :D

    loving the color in those skies!

    Cotton candy is a great description for these skies! Wonderful photos.

    Such pretty colors. :)

    Beautiful photos! I did not carry my camera most places this week…it made for a less happy week. Back to carrying it even if I look goofy with my boring Nikon bag and hurt my back.

    Beautiful skies and captures! It was not that lovely here!

    Great capture! The cotton candy clouds looks so delicious, I want to reach up into the sky and take a bite.

    Gorgeous sky shots. I hate when I don’t have my camera on me when beauty strikes like that.


    As you know, I even take my camera with me to pick up my mail! Great shots, Ashley. :)

    wow, that sky is amazing!

    Beautiful shots!

    I do often have my big camera on me too. And I’ve long passed the point of being embarrassed to jump up on a chair or lie flat on the ground in public to get the shot I want. ;) It’s freeing!

    Oh yeh … gotta keep it my our side! Awesome shots!

    beautiful colors!

    This is true. Always carry a camera. I dont carry my Nikon but I do have my little P&S and my Blackberry because you just never know.

    Glad you had your camera. These pictures are wonderful.

    agreed… I try to carry mine everywhere.
    and wow, look at that sky. Gorgeous images.

    Beautiful!!! I try to have my camera with me, but sometimes forget.
    My i-phone takes pretty good pics I think.

    Have a great weekend, Ashley!!

    I love a gorgeous sky, and I would definitely like to take a bite out of that one!

    Totally worth it to get these lovely shots!


    I always have my iPhone now but at times it really isn’t enough & I do wish I’d put my camera in a bag & bring it with me so very good point! :)

    What a beautiful post name and cotton candy skies. Really pretty.

    Gorgeous skies! I too carry around my camera quite often and do love my trusty old iPhone. Hope you heave a great weekend!

    These are absolutely gorgeous :)

    I only walked out of the house without it one day this year and felt naked all day :)
    These are fantastic. I like number 59 but 61 is even better…

    Totally agree…gotta have your camera (or phone) ready…you just never know when that perfect moment comes up. Awesome pics!

    Oh wow these are so beautiful! Great captures.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    I really need to get better at bringing my camera everywhere! Gorgeous cotton candy sky! I can’t even tell you how many times I didn’t bring my camera out and wish i would have!

    WoW. I’m speechless, these are outstanding!

    I agree! Cameras are meant to be used… not left at home!

    I can imagine it, because it happened to me and it was devastating!!! :0) Mine wasn’t cotton candy skies, but the clouds were ripply and I swear I’ve never seen that before. Maybe it’s just me, but my iphone does not take the quality pictures that my canon takes so I rarely use it. (but I have a 3gs – so maybe that is the problem) Anyhoo, beautiful images!!!

    These are so gorgeous. I don’t care my dslr as often because of my iphone and hard with the boys.

    Very Lovely. Simply gorgeous colors. Thanks so much for linking up at “Life as this Mommy knows It”!


    So pretty! :D

    I need a better purse. For lugging around a camera. I don’t always take mine, but I do have my cell on me, which takes “okay” pictures.

    Amazing colors. Unfortunately I don’t always carry my camera with me…I should know better by now.

    I usually have mine with me (in my car) and one day I didn’t and I missed entirely the cowboys on horseback and the chuckwagon’s that went through the parking lot where we ate lunch! haha

    These are great, but now I want some cotton candy! ; )

    Those pictures of the sunset are awesome! I can smell the cotton candy now…
    I ran across your blog through “Favorite Photo Friday.”
    Thanks for your work here!

    Funny I was just thinking this. I was some where and of course saw a shot but did not have it with so had to go and get it. These are great!

    Gorgeous colors!

    such beautiful skies!
    When I don’t bring my camera, there’s often enough a great shot I’m missing.

    Oh, that sky is pretty. I never bring my camera anywhere and then I’ll see something and wish that I had it. And yes, I would make the album an even 60 pages :)


    SO beautiful! I debate with myself every time we leave the house if I should grab my camera or not. I always regret not having it with me when I don’t.

    I definitely agree! I always have my camera with me. Gorgeous photos!

    I love those camera bags, too.

    These are just beautiful as always! I’m so impressed you carry your big camera with you at all times. I often wish I had it, but I have so much other stuff to cart around it doesn’t happen. But my iPhone 4S camera is pretty awesome. I can get some really pretty shots with that one.

    The sky’s been (extra) glorious lately, huh!?

    Those are some gorgeous photos!

    In our sea of love

    totally agree! although, now that i have even a half decent camera phone, i tend to rely on it for the unexpected captures. might not be long before i break down and get a bag that will accomodate my dslr for everyday :) these shots are fantastic!

    These are beautiful! And I agree wholeheartedly about taking your camera everywhere! I feel like some part of me is missing if I don’t have my camera with me. :)

    I couldn’t agree with you more. There aren’t many places I go without my camera. Gorgeous images!

    Yes, it would be a travesty if someone like you didn’t take her camera everywhere. I’m feeling a little speechless as the words to describe all these amazing photos are escaping me. But needless to say, they are truly amazing.

    Yes, it would be a travesty if someone like you didn’t take her camera everywhere. I’m feeling a little speechless as the words to describe all these amazing photos are escaping me. But needless to say, they are truly amazing.

    Beautiful sky! Had a friend’s mom once tell me that when the sky is that color it’s Mrs. Claus baking cookies:-) Makes me think of that!

    good tip! these are just too beautiful to miss. thanks for linking up!

    Wonderful skies and great advice.

    Beautiful pictures. love the last one – looks mystical.

    Beautiful! I should carry my camera more often…it’s so neglected sitting at home.

    These photos are awesome! My hubs still laughs at the fact that I grab my camera to go just about anywhere :)

    Hey Ashley, Just wanted you to know that your beautiful photo will be featured at my “Look Whooooo’s Snapping” photo linky party tomorrow! Thanks so much for linking up! I’d also like to invite you to link up again this week.

    Blessings to you,