Eric and Stephanie – Sneak Peek!
As I mentioned yesterday, while at the beach this weekend with my family, I took the opportunity to photograph my brother and sister with their significant others. In the case of my brother, it was the first time meeting his new girlfriend, Stephanie. It just so happens that today is her birthday…so, Happy Birthday Stephanie!
IMG_9874 RS
This was really my first time photographing my brother for more than a quick snapshot, so I treated it as if it was a client session…meaning that I used Pinterest last week to collect a few ideas (even took notes).
IMG_9879 RS
That little bit of extra prep time really paid off…it also helped that I brought my self-confidence to the beach…and that my brother and his girlfriend seemed so natural in front of the camera.
IMG_9940 RS
Much like my sister and her boyfriend’s session, it was quite windy. Fortunately, the mid-morning sun kept us warm.
IMG_9912 BW-RS
Apparently it was so warm that I took off my jacket. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in some pretty awkward positions in order to capture that perfect moment. In my case, that’s sitting/almost laying on the ground. Of course, my husband makes a point to stand by with his cell phone to take pictures of me taking pictures.
IMG_9891 RS
Do you see where I’m going with this? Yep – my husband is holding onto a photo of me and my butt-crack. For the record, I will kill him if this photo makes an appearance on the web. On second thought, I should probably wear granny panties when I’m shooting.
IMG_9953 BW-RS
Believe it or not, I really had no intentions of saying much in this post…clearly I don’t know how to participate in a “Wordless Wednesday.” Hopefully I make up for it with pretty pictures – the shot above and the shot below are probably my favorites.
IMG_9926 RS
Finally, it wouldn’t have been a Halloween weekend if we didn’t take a few silly photos. These “glasses” were a huge hit!
IMG_9960 BW-RS
I think that about covers it – I can’t wait to share more photos from my weekend with you on Friday. Have a great Wednesday!

    I think you did a fantastic job on these – love them, and I totally get ideas off pinterest too! = )

    Really great set of shots! It must have been wonderful to spend so much time with family!

    I totally agree with you, the two last ones before funny glasses are the ones, great work.

    awww they look so sweet and good together! love the shots :)

    Awesome photos!

    Fantastic photos and your story made me laugh out loud!

    your favorites are my favorites, too. those are simply cute! you captured them well. and i love the silly glasses.

    These are just awesome! Is everyone in your family ridiculously photogenic? :D

    beautiful shots! you’re very talented!

    Stunning photos! Your favourites are my favourites too, they’re stunning! I bet they are thrilled with them :) I laughed about your butt crack haha!

    You did such a wonderful job with these, Ashley. Light is wonderful in those and the tones are beautiful both in color and monochrome images.

    These are fantastic!!! and I was cracking up at the whole hubby has a camera thing… hilarious!!

    Ahhhh, that b/w towards the end is just lovely. Haha, thanks for the morning laugh about your hubs and the butt crack photo. You should start a new linksys…perhaps, “Embarrassing Moments MOnday”????


    Baaahahahahaha……… it Jeremy. Post the photo! Just joking. I am with you, the two you mentioned were also my favorites, but I just love super close ups.

    I have a shoot tonight, so I have been scanning pinterest, as well.

    These are awesome! I know they just loved them. And your husband…. now that’s funny! =) Sorry!

    I love them….even the bloopers.

    They are just darling together.

    Great job Ashely!

    Beautiful shots, Ashley!

    these are beautiful Ashley and I have to say that I love the last two best simply because my hubby and I are goof balls so those resonate with me:) hehe GREAT poses, natural moments captured and processing. Beautiful job!

    Really cute shots. Love the disguise ones.

    I bet this is one of the BEST birthday presents Stephanie ever got! These are beautiful!!

    Gorgeous! My favorite is the close-up.. her eyes look amazing. The glasses are just too funny. Nicely done!

    Absolutely Beautiful!

    These are fabulous! I want you to come take our pictures! Better yet, we’ll come to you! ‘Cuz then we could go to the beach. :) Love the last two also. And the silly glasses are great!

    Thank you for linking up with Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!!!

    These photos are so fantastic Ashley! WOW!!!

    They are adorable! I started following you on Pinterest too!

    So beautiful, love these!! Great job :)

    They are totally cute. But ick on the ear hair…lol.

    Cute! What a great session! I do find it funny how husbands never seem to have the camera pointed at us when we look great, but if we look funny or awkward it magically appears.

    Beautiful photos – that looks like a great place to shoot.

    Ashley, these are absolutely fantastic! You really captured their essence. They look like a fun couple. :)

    fabulous captures! they should be thrilled to have such photographs to remind of that great day

    These are all so sweet, Ashley. Your exposure is always just perfect. How you do that, I do not know. :)

    Gorgeous! And I really love the Black & White ones.

    Love how you processed these and the setting is beautiful! Pinterest is awesome at providing inspiration for many things. Your brother is a stitch…love that he repositioned the eyebrows on the glasses – funny!

    PS: I blame the jeans…mine do that too :)

    Awesome set! They’re so cute. I love their coordinating outfits.

    You really captured their happiness. As for Stephanie, now that she has a famous “SIL to be” we are all sending her a B’day shout out. So she gets used to things to come :)

    I love these, and I grab photo ideas from Pinterest too! I think it’s been the best thing for creativity over the past few months I’ve been pinning!

    These shots are awesome, love your style of photography. And I think it’s better to see crack than grannie panties, but that’s just my personal opinion.

    Great job! Your favorites are mine too. Very nice.

    Wow is there anything that you can’t photograph and make look beautiful?!

    you mean with all the pics you take you have no ammunition against him to balance out the blackmail? :) Love the last pic with the glasses!

    I really love your photographic style… open and easy, but technically exact. Great stuff!

    Beautiful shots Ashley

    Oh Ashley I’ve been there too – only it happened with me at work one day when I wore fancy low waisted jeans. When work colleagues could describe exactly what I was wearing every time I bent down I then grabbed a jumper and tied it around my waist.

    I love the two that are your faves. I love the ones on the dock, too!

    Butt crack. XD Makes “mom jeans” more appealing sometimes… ;)

    love the pictures! :c)

    They look relaxed and happy. You did an awesome job and captured them beautifully!

    Your prep work definitely paid off – these are so wonderful! I love the two photos of them laughing.

    Great job! These are wonderful. I love that second to last shot of her eyes closed and the cheek kiss. So sweet.

    Awesome shots. Your favorites are my favorites. They look so happy. :) YAY!

    Third from the bottom is my fav… great catch lights in her eyes

    These turned out SO great! Great job. :)

    Well aren’t they just the most adorable couple- You did a FANTASTIC job Ashley!

    These are all so fabulous Ashley!! Miss you!

    These are really awesome photos, Ashley! They are lucky to have you as their family photographer!! Love the funny glasses!

    They are so cute! And I love the idea of using Pinterest to brainstorm a photo session.

    Beautiful shots. I tried to come by earlier and there was no blog. Glad to see it backup. **

    what an adorable couple! you really captured their love, personalities, and the fun they have when they are together!

    Ashley, these are so, so good. My favorite is the black and white with Stephanie’s hair blowing back from the wind. Such a cute couple!

    You did a great job. These are beautiful!

    Wonderful shots! My fave is also the one of her smiling and he is blurry in the background!

    These are beautiful! Love the location!

    OM goodness! These are beautiful! I love those closeups of the kiss also. Such great emotion. I really need to get on Pinterest. It irks me that I need to be on FB to join though. I’ve held out this long, but the desire to play in Pinterest is breaking down my conviction.

    I love how emotions seem so tangible in these shots! Just lovely!

    These are so great! They are so clearly in love!

    Ashley, I love how you captured the essence of two people in the love. The one with the close up of her face is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!

    Wonderful shots! They are an adorable couple on those pictures. Great shots!

    Great job on these, Ashley! You again saw and captured some sweet moments!

    Oh my goodness your story is hilarious! And of course the photos are beautiful!! Love the two closeups toward the end!