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Jamie and Andy - Sneak Peek! - Ramblings and Photos
Jamie and Andy – Sneak Peek!
Jamie and Andy – Sneak Peek!
On Tuesday, I shared some bloopers from my session with my “sweet sister” and her boyfriend. In case you missed it, click HERE. I thought today I’d share some of their better moments. 
IMG_0006 RS
While I’m here, I think I’ll also take a moment to do a little story telling. I mean…she’s probably going to make some smart alec comment regardless of what I say, so I might as well take advantage of this opportunity.
IMG_0027 BW-RS
Jamie and Andy met about ten years ago. I kinda remember the first day I met him…I’m pretty sure I asked my mom why she was dating a Backstreet Boy. He had blonde tips back then.
IMG_0083 RS
Thankfully, he grew out the blonde tips a long time ago (of course, Jamie is a hair stylist, so she wouldn’t have allowed him to look like that for too long). Outside of his hair (sorry Andy), they’ve really been through it all.
IMG_0096 RS
When Jamie turned 16, she had to have a Toyota 4-Runner…she must have talked about getting a 4-Runner for months. Needless to say, she got a 4-Runner. Andy took it for a drive and wrecked it…on the second date (teenagers – this is a lesson to you…don’t let your boyfriend drive your car).
IMG_0056 BW-RS
A few months later she was driving (I don’t remember if it was a new or repaired 4-Runner…either way, she apparently learned not to let Andy drive) with Andy on a rainy day. She must have swerved, tried to over-correct the turn and flipped the car…she was thrown out of the window and ended up in ICU (intensive care unit) for about a month.
IMG_0115 RS
It was pretty touch and go for a while, but she clearly survived it (I’m clearly shortening the story, but we are so thankful that she’s still with us). Interestingly enough, people still ask how my sister is doing…10 years later. My mom now tells them to either walk next door (she works part time at Bailey’s Fine Jewelry – beside my mom’s business) or to go see her at 1604 Day Spa and Salon (if you’re from my hometown, this my shameless plug).
IMG_0140 RS
Whatever the case, it doesn’t look like Andy is going anywhere. I’m just glad to see them (along with my brother and his girlfriend) so happy together. Let’s hope that all the drama is far behind us. I love you “sweet sister.” Happy Friday!

    Wow, the stuff they’ve been through together! Hmmm, maybe they should heed your mom’s advice and just walk. :)

    Great pictures! They look really good together. :)

    Absolutely beautiful couple (and pictures!) with such a sweet story. I’m glad your sister pulled through so well after her hospital stay. It must have been a scary time for your whole family!

    These are gorgeous, Ashley. I’m sure they are thrilled to have these.

    i LOVE that close up black and white one the most…..gorgeous photos! ;)

    Great shots! They are sure to love each one :)

    It does my heart good to hear of couple who have been through it all and end up with the “happily ever after”. The pictures are beautiful and I wish them many, many more happy years together. Backstreet Boy….fuuunnny :)

    What a gorgeous couple! She kind of looks like you. And wow… in the ICU for a month? What a blessed girl to bounce right back.

    love, love, love that pier shot!

    These are gorgeous and they are an adorable couple!!

    As always, i love your black and whites! They’re so creamy and bright. Beautiful photos : )

    I love these. That close-up b&w is awesome.

    That’s quite a story! So glad that she recovered.

    Loving that black and white….BRILLIANT I tell you…Brilliant


    P.S. I felt that when looking at some of your pictures that they were over-edited… do you know what I mean? It’s like looking at a face with too much makeup on. :) Just thought I’d pop in a little tip!

    Even more great shots…that was a wonderful shoot!

    love those pictures!!! so cute!!!

    I love that first photo of them on the pier–the composition is great! And you seriously always have the best b&w conversions. Your sister is lucky to have such a talented photographer at her disposal! :D

    Wow, Ashley…great job! Such a cute couple (I totally chuckled at the Backstreet Boy comment…y’know, one of those chuckles ’cause I could SO see how it must’ve been true). Loved your outtakes, too, btw!

    Just beautiful shots and beautiful people!

    What gorgeous photos and she is just beautiful! Sounds like they have been through a lot! The fact that they are still happily together just shows it’s true love.

    These are all great, I love the black and white close-up especially!

    great job Ashley!!! I really love the third to last (img_0056 when I hover over it) the best—I really love your black and white conversions–did you use an action or preset for that black and white??

    You did an amazing job Ashley! What a wonderful story.

    These are so great! I love the second black and white one that has your sister in the frame the most. So lovely!

    What a gorgeous set of images of a couple clearly in love!!
    I bet you had fun doing this… and telling the story!! :)

    I’m so glad your beautiful sister is okay now. As a mom of a 16 year old who just started driving this story makes me nervous. I do a lot of praying! The photos are gorgeous. That last one is perfectly stunning.

    Beautiful pics and what a story!

    Fabulous pictures! I think that last one may be my favorite. They are cute together. :)

    Marla @ http://www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

    You did a great job! Your sister is beautiful.

    Such a beautiful couple and I adore that 1st shot. Lovin’ her boots, too! :)

    Beautiful photos! Just gorgeous! I’d love to invite you to link-up to my photo linky paraty going on right now at “Life as this Mommy knows It”!!

    Happy Friday,

    You can feel your love for your beautiful sister with every photo and in every word.

    Ashley! Thank you so much for stopping by my site earlier today. I love seeing your comments every now and then. :) You really did a fantastic job on this couple session! It’s sooo pretty! You should be proud, and I’m sure your sister is very happy with the pictures.

    I know it’s easy for me as an outsider to wrap it up with a simple comment but it’s good in a way that they’ve been through stuff this early in their relationship, it can only of made their relationship more cemented and more real if that makes sense. I’m sure they’re going to be so happy with your photos, the 5th and last ones are particularly beautiful.

    With all they have been through together- I think they are in it for the long haul. Great shots of them- well done my dear!

    Thanks so much for linking up! I love the story behind these–makes you look at them with a different appreciation. They are full of personality! Beautiful processing!

    These are so great too! Love them all!

    kinda seems to me they’re in it for the long haul! Cute couple and great photos Ashley.

    You get the best skin tones!

    Awesome job, Ashley! my favs are the last one and 3rd to last. Wonderful moments captured! I love the connection you can see between them! I’ve always wanted to do a road shot like that, too!

    These are fabulous pictures. I love them all.
    But my favourite is the 5th down. Such happiness!

    Such an amazing story!~ Lovely pictures..

    Yikes, the whole teenage driver thing just makes me so nervous. My daughter has been driving by herself since April and my son will get his permit next summer. I might have cried just a bit when she actually left by herself for the first time. So glad your sister is okay!

    She is also very lucky to have such a talented sister to be able to take beautiful photos of her and her boyfriend, which by the way I think they look a wee bit a like!

    Great photos! Lots of fantastic captures and beautiful processing! Two car accidents…ow!

    Wow ten years they should get married already?!. Very nice shots of them.

    That is quite a story, glad she is around for you to photograph!
    Great shots!

    These are so beautiful too!!!! And I don’t know if I commented…but I loved the bloopers too!!!

    They are a gorgeous couple! And your photographs are wonderful!

    Oh my, what an ordeal for them…& what a gorgeous couple they are! Beautiful photo’s Ashley, & so nice hearing from you :D xo

    beautiful! you girls look a lot alike!

    Ashley, you got some special shots of them which I’m sure will be treasured forever.

    I also love your lightbox in the previous post. But I have lotsa excuses: I’m too darn lazy, I love using natural light (I hate flash), I only have seconds to shoot, and I don’t really have a flashy cam. But that’s just me.

    I also passed by to verify the SHS just to make sure my students got it right (they didn’t: they texted “shops” instead of ‘shapes’)… lesson: be smarter than kids (and dogs) ;-)

    See ya on SHS. Now I’m off to work and shoot!

    Sounds like these two are meant to be together. I like that your couple shots are out of the ordinary. They are beautiful and one of a kind memories for you all.

    WOW! These are gorgeous. What a story. So glad everything turned out okay. She is gorgeous. Must run in your family. :)

    It’s always interesting to hear the stories behind couples in photographs. It’s great that Jamie pulled through everything and that they’re still together after all this time. Wonderful photos, too.

    God sure is amazing! Only He could write their story so perfectly! They are a beautiful couple and you captured them well!


    I especially like that 5th shot. The black and white one with him looking at her. What a great shot!

    Stunning shots Ashley – each and every one of them………..especially that DOF in the first shot.

    Walking is better for us anyway. The second B&W shot is above all. Wonderful set!

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    Jamie is beautiful (to be expected being your sister) and you have caught her personality beautifully in these too, she seems very relaxed and lots of fun. Pleased she has come through her accident so well.

    These are stunning Ashley! The 5th one is my favourite :) Glad the story had a happy ending :)

    Wonderful photos of a darling couple!!
    Ashley, you are the BEST photographer!

    Beautiful Portraits Ashley! I love the black and whites.

    Good morning Ashely,

    You’ve captured their love perfectly! What a beautiful couple. Your sis is lucky to have a photographer in the family:)

    I want to thank you for your kindness and support of my guest post over at Mortal Muses! I greatly appreciate both!

    Happy weekend to you,

    Love these photos Ashley! You’ve captured this couple beautifully!

    They make a very beautiful couple! Lovely photos!

    I really enjoyed the story you’ve told about them both too. :)

    These are gorgeous, Ashley! I especially love that last one. :)

    Amazing pictures! I love the one of them on the pier

    What a gorgeous couple. That black and white close-up of their faces is to die for. You have such talent Ashley.

    Such wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing!

    OMGosh what a gorgeous couple they are, and your photos are incredible. I’m sure they will cherish these for many, many years to come. I have a new blog opening today, living real. Drop by when you get an opportunity and add your name to my Followers. ♥

    oh what a cute couple! and i loved seeing the bloopers–thanks for linking uP!

    Gorgeous photos! I can see your sister shares your pretty gene ;)

    gorgeous couple and gorgeous shots!! I love the one of her looking at the camera and him looking at her blurred. BEAUTIFUL!! Great job Ashley!

    You are an amazing photographer! I love these shots…my favorite is the last b&w with her looking at the camera and him at her. So pretty! Both of you girls are gorgeous too!

    Thanks for linking up again this week at HMA. You’re the best!