Jamie and Andy – Sneak Peek!
Jamie and Andy – Sneak Peek!
On Tuesday, I shared some bloopers from my session with my “sweet sister” and her boyfriend. In case you missed it, click HERE. I thought today I’d share some of their better moments. 
IMG_0006 RS
While I’m here, I think I’ll also take a moment to do a little story telling. I mean…she’s probably going to make some smart alec comment regardless of what I say, so I might as well take advantage of this opportunity.
IMG_0027 BW-RS
Jamie and Andy met about ten years ago. I kinda remember the first day I met him…I’m pretty sure I asked my mom why she was dating a Backstreet Boy. He had blonde tips back then.
IMG_0083 RS
Thankfully, he grew out the blonde tips a long time ago (of course, Jamie is a hair stylist, so she wouldn’t have allowed him to look like that for too long). Outside of his hair (sorry Andy), they’ve really been through it all.
IMG_0096 RS
When Jamie turned 16, she had to have a Toyota 4-Runner…she must have talked about getting a 4-Runner for months. Needless to say, she got a 4-Runner. Andy took it for a drive and wrecked it…on the second date (teenagers – this is a lesson to you…don’t let your boyfriend drive your car).
IMG_0056 BW-RS
A few months later she was driving (I don’t remember if it was a new or repaired 4-Runner…either way, she apparently learned not to let Andy drive) with Andy on a rainy day. She must have swerved, tried to over-correct the turn and flipped the car…she was thrown out of the window and ended up in ICU (intensive care unit) for about a month.
IMG_0115 RS
It was pretty touch and go for a while, but she clearly survived it (I’m clearly shortening the story, but we are so thankful that she’s still with us). Interestingly enough, people still ask how my sister is doing…10 years later. My mom now tells them to either walk next door (she works part time at Bailey’s Fine Jewelry – beside my mom’s business) or to go see her at 1604 Day Spa and Salon (if you’re from my hometown, this my shameless plug).
IMG_0140 RS
Whatever the case, it doesn’t look like Andy is going anywhere. I’m just glad to see them (along with my brother and his girlfriend) so happy together. Let’s hope that all the drama is far behind us. I love you “sweet sister.” Happy Friday!