Mission Impossible
Stone Girls111 bw-rsThis past Friday, I met up with one of my favorite families to capture this year’s highly coveted Christmas card photo. Last year’s photo was such a success (on the right) that we went on a mission to top it. As it turns out…our mission was nearly impossible…a result of a completely uninterested (nearly) two year old.

The following photos make me laugh. However, I guarantee that their mother is cringing right now. Her last words to me before we departed were “please reassure me that there is at least one good shot.”  I guess you all can be the judge of that, but I really do promise that there are countless Christmas card worthy shots.

IMG_0909 RS
There’s really no posing a two year old. It’s best if you just stay prepared with camera in hand. Thank goodness that her two older sisters were so willing to play along with whatever I asked of them.
IMG_0970 BW RS
Like I said earlier…on Friday, I’ll be sure to share a few more of their better moments. But let’s be honest…it’s moments like these that always end up staying on the refrigerator long after the holidays have passed.
IMG_1044 RS
I mean, look at their faces…could it get any better? I can’t help but laugh! I wonder if any of these blooper moments will make the Christmas card. Do you have a favorite?
IMG_1065 BW RS
And this last shot…I actually have several shots in this “pose” to choose from. It’s just that the look on the little one’s face is way too funny to resist. This is just my opinion, but I really think this one is the winner.
IMG_1268 RS
Be sure to come back on Friday (and Sunday since a few of my photos from this session will also show up there). Until then, have an incredible Wednesday!
Black and White Wednesday Tots and Me

    haha I think they are all great! The third one is too funny :)

    Wonderful shots Ashley!

    But she sure is one cutie pie little two year old! Love the look on her face in the last one. :)

    been there, done that. LOVE those first two!! The first has such pretty tones the second would look amazing as a canvas print both would look really great in a collage. Great job Ashley.

    Kids are awlyas unpredictable ;-) great photos anyway. the little one s expression is priceless.

    Just found your beautiful blog these photos are just wonderful I’m now following so I can keep in touch, if you find a spare minute come and visit me you can follow if you like. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy

    awww, someone just was happy about this photo shoot ~

    I think the second to the last one is definitely the Christmas card!! :0) I do love that 2nd shot though, gorgeous!!!

    Those are fantastic! I agree the last one is the winner. :) Those are going to be some cute X-mas cards!

    These are adorable! LOVE the last one! I also have many, many bloopers from our couple attempts at getting photos for Christmas cards.

    Thanks for linking up with Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!

    Love bloopers shots! I should post some one day.

    Can’t wait to see the one that makes the cut!!

    Merry Christmas! (and thanks for linking up)

    Those are so cute! I love how candid they are. The last shot is great :)

    Adorable blooper shots! Last one is precious and perfect – but I’m sure you have even better ones just for mom :-D


    I am so not looking forward to trying to get my two together this year. I have no idea where I’m going to go or how I’m gonna get those two to cooperate.

    Sometimes I think I like the outakes better than the “perfect” shot. I love the first shot of the two girls looking over the fence and the little one turned toward you. Look forward to seeing more.

    Ashley, this cracked me up. A few weeks ago I took photos of a family with 4 girls…the second youngest was almost impossible. My favorite shot? The 3 pushing the unhappy one in a wheelbarrow. Kids!

    Um yeah, toddlers are impossible. To pose, to photograph, to do pretty much anything. ;) You did great and I LOVE these shots.

    You are so right Ashley, there is NO posing a 2-year-old. Like you said, just stay ready. I love that very first shot. Dreamy.

    These are wonderful, so real! The little one is probably cranky because she’s not in comfy jeans and boots like the big girls! :-)

    Absolutely priceless! wonderful photography, Ashley!

    Such fun shots! I love blooper takes! Looks like you certainly had your hands full!

    rofl… I have a family of three little girls that I have shot for years.. I now even travel 12 hours to gt them once a year… and the mama pays me extra to jsut keep shooting… they are the funniest outtakes, and it is the youngest that cracks us all up.. I will be sad the day she poses with her older sisters

    Girl, I feel ya! I was just went through this with my kids. At the end of the day I had to settle for “the best shot I was able to get”. Still, I was pretty happy with what I got. I like the shots you got :)

    Nice job on these! Looks like a great location. Loving that last one. :-)

    I think that the last one is my favorite, too. Their faces are priceless!

    Some of the photos that have stayed on my fridge the longest are the funniest ones.

    I give props to any photographer that does family sessions with young kids…so hard! But these are beautiful Ashley! Ironically my Wordless Wednesday had to do with taking Christmas card photos too! :)

    These are great! I love the first one! And I really like the last two too. I just did a Christmas card shoot with a five MONTH year old that was not having it! I know what you mean about Mission Impossible! I’m sorting now and the baby is out of focus and 80% of the pics cuz he was moving so much! I hope I have at least one X-Mas card worthy photo!

    HaaaHA! Kids are hilarious. I think these are pefect Ashley!

    They are all so cute but you saved the best for last. Good work. V

    Um, hello? When did you become a master of backlighting? Sheesh! You can do it all. Absolutely BLOWN away by these shots. The variety is awesome. Choose a favorite?! Yeah, right! ALL.

    Love the one (3rd i think) where she’s trying to get away. :-) Also love the middle girl’s pose in the last shot. That’s awesome! Beautiful job friend! xoxoxo

    When you’re right, you’re right – there are some priceless shots there but the last one would be my card shot! Great job Ashley!

    That last one is definitely a winner! And you’re so right…those blooper photos are the ones that make it up on the fridge.
    I love stopping over here. There’s always something inspiring to be found. Have a great day, Ashley!

    I think as far as the card goes- I like the last 2 the best. But overall- I am cracking up over the one where she’s obviously trying to get away :)

    I adore the first one. I love the tones and it feels like an honest moment. I would so frame that!

    Great captures of the moment … love that third one!

    It is so true. I have had two families say, “Hopefully, we got at least one shot.” However, I have yet to share them on the blog. I don’t want to spoil their Christmas card as several of the same people who view my blog will be receiving the cards. Maybe after Christmas or maybe I will ask if they mind and go ahead and share.

    Oh I love that last one two. The fence is a neat backdrop and having them squat down was a great idea and her facial expression is a riot!! You couldn’t be more right. Posing a 2 year old just doesn’t happen unles they are a really mild child which is like uh never:) hahah. Great job having fun with what you worked with! i like em all!

    Hehee – they’ll never forget that photoshoot for sure………… love that last one :)

    these are great those kids are so cute.

    yep that last one if super!!

    Aww haha. I’ve had my fair share of shooting two year olds. They are the toughest clients by far!! But you know, that’s just who they are! And I just most parents and people understand that :) LOVE that last photo but they’re all amazing even if the little one didn’t want to cooperate ;)

    Ha ha, they are so funny! I love them all, but the last shot is a classic! That was one pissed off girl! :D

    Lol, you captured some great moments. Love that last one…would be great on a card :) Looking forward to seeing the rest on friday!

    I think they’re all great, but I love the first one and the last one the best! :)

    Love the last photo! Excellent work!

    Love these shots! The colours and lighting are fantastic :)

    My favorite is the first one but I love the last one as well. It would make a great card!

    These are all great but the last one is the winner for sure.

    Gotta love two year olds!! My favorite is the small black and white at the start of the post. So sweet!!!

    Gorgeous images Ashley!

    Hilarious non-poses. I really like the clarity of your photos! And I’m curious how on earth you get all your linking buttons to be the same uniform size. Jealous!

    All of these are so cute! I do think the last one is precious and I actually really like the second to last one, too.

    Beautiful girls. I like all the shots. You know I am partial to ‘real’ quirky photos so I would pop one of these on a Xmas card for sure…

    These are all beautiful, but that second one down is particularly exquisite.

    That little 2 year-old is a reincarnation of me at that age. I was a moody little brat — just ask my mom! Adore these photos, Ashley. They capture the real moment. :)

    Those are some beautiful little girls (Young ladies!)! You can always find the baby in the family…they have so much personality, they know they are the baby and are proud of it!

    I remember last years post, and I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. Love the location and those sweet faces!

    I still think that all those shots are great! and what beautiful girls!! sometimes the ones that capture real life are the best pictures to share! I love these!!

    The last one ROCKS. The lighting is fantastic, the composition is great and 2 out of 3 smiling is as much as you can hope for :D
    Great stuff.

    You got some fantastic shots. I’m usually more a fan of those less perfect, more real shots, they are full of personality and life.

    These shots are great! They all have seem to have such personality! Great job!!

    These are all precious!

    I love it-those are REAL! You captured true moments with those girls. Beautiful… :)

    There is definitely no posing toddlers… I know this all too well!

    You are right! Love that last one! I know all about not being able to pose a 2 year old :)