November 07, 2011
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Shoot and Edit: Week 44 – Macro SOOC
Welcome to the 44th week of Shoot and Edit: Part 1. Click HERE for all the details and upcoming prompts/themes and past tutorials. This week our theme or prompt is “Macro” (this is just a suggestion, you can show us any SOOC shot…much like I did this week). You have until Wednesday each week to link your SOOC shot up on Jill’s blog. On Thursday, you can link up your edits with ME after following some of my tips on how to edit your shots (or just post your edit on Thursday and you can pick up my tips for next week).

This weekend, I took advantage of Rosie’s tutorial and built my own light box. Her steps were so simple that it pulled together quite nicely. My only challenge was finding something to photograph. After attending the Junior League’s Shopping Spree Sunday afternoon, I came home with a headache…so, I thought it would be appropriate to photograph my Tylenol. I better keep those pills handy over the next few days as I go into a week of intensive financial training. Here’s my SOOC shot:
Macro SOOC

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 06 16.24

Had I not had a headache yesterday, I would have spent a little time with Kelvin for a custom white balance. Since I didn’t make it that far, I think this shot require little more than a white balance adjustment and my typical workflow. Also, considering that I’ll be tied up in training this week…I probably won’t have a new tutorial for you. However, if anyone is interested in writing a guest post, just let me know. Be sure to check out other “Macro” SOOC shots at:
Good to WOW

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    Sorry about your headache. Hope the pills worked for you.

    I’m thinking of making that lightbox as well — just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    ugh… i hate headaches! hope you feel better soon!! Awesome macro shot! can’t wait for your edit, love learning from you!!! :)

    Love the shot, like always. I’m dealing with a killer sinus headache right now and could go for some of those!!

    Oh goodness Ashley- I hate hearing you were not feeling 100%. Hope you are better now!

    Hope your headache vanished quickly!

    I love this! I’m going to try to make a light box this week. Patrick has some pills I have been dying to photograph!

    If you are getting major headaches look into buying Excedrin Migraine. Takes the headache/Migraine away in 20 mins for me…with 1000mg of Caffeine no wonder why…I love those pills!

    Headaches are the worst, I am nursing a terrible one right now! I hope the Tylenol made you feel better!

    That’s awesome that you got the light box set up! I can’t wait to see what all you do with it. So sorry about the headache, though. :( Good luck with work this week!

    ugh i get chronic migraines too. hope the aspirin helps!

    i plan on building the lightbox too it was a great tutorial.

    hope the headache is better ~ they’re no fun

    Good luck with your training!

    The aspirin is hilarious and a great SOOC shot. I hope training goes well.

    Funny for some reason I seem to remember a shot similar to this around the same time last year but I think it was allergy meds that time! I need to make that light box!

    I hope you are feeling better! Love the interesting shot. Thank you for sharing!