Training Day…er, Week
For the past two days (and for the next two days), I have been in intensive business training. I won’t get into the specifics, but I am attending as a participant in a program that my company offers to our clients. I am also the training architect…so not only am I a learner, but am hoping to identify areas for improvement that we can apply towards future program deliveries.
IMG_0639 RS
Needless to say, my days are long. On Monday, I was at the office at 7 am and got home around 8:30 pm. I was wiped out!
IMG_0643 RS
And I’m completely aware that many of you experience those hours on a regular basis…whether you’re working in or out of the home. Unfortunately, these training days are pushing me way outside of my comfort zone.
IMG_0646 RS
What do I mean by that? I’d like to believe that I am a creative brain. I love to brainstorm, create, share, relate, etc… I don’t enjoy numbers, calculations, recording data or balancing the books. But here I am – simulating a business operation. This simulation plays a bit like a board game, but there are so many parts, pieces and rules that my head is spinning. It makes Monopoly look like child play.
IMG_0644 RS
In fact, during our first exercise (Monday morning), my partner and I completely tanked during the first round. I confidently proclaimed that we were setting expectations low so we could blow everyone away in future rounds. And, just like I’d predicted…we blew the second round out of the water.
IMG_0648 RS
Now that we’re knee deep in the simulation (which doesn’t mean much to you unless you’re in it), my confidence isn’t so stable. Considering that I’m thinking through the logistics of my own business, I guess this is good practice. It just means that I have to take a step away from my usual blogging routine for a few days. No worries, I’ll be back to my old self (or maybe a new and improved self) in no time. In the meantime, I hope you have a great week!

    I did a double take when I saw the title of your post… today/this week I’m training too… but the potty variety. ;)

    Love the second shot.

    And hope the next two days go quickly for you! :)

    Hang in there, you’ll get through it. :)

    Sounds intense! I love these pictures…so cool!

    you have my deepest sympathy. poor you.
    that looks crazy-hard. but knowing you, you’ll do it with flying colours! can’t wait for you to get back!

    Your intensive training has certainly provided some awesome photo opportunities. The colors and shapes are super. I especially like the second photo with terrific depth of field. Hang in there!

    Uggggg…. I usually envy you and the talent ooozzzing from your pores like yummy chocolate…

    but today… no envy… yuck… hang in there!!!! I will be here when you get back to it as always.

    Good luck with that…sounds not fun. Your photos look great though :)

    When I first saw the first photo, I thought you were doing your training in Las Vegas because those look like poker chips!

    Enjoy your week and take some time away from blogging. I don’t know how you do so much blogging reading and commenting, anyway. ;)

    Yeah- my brain would be mush with all that being crammed into it. Rest up as much as you can my friend!

    that is exciting for you to be learning new things at your job. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    good luck with your week!! Love all of your photos!!

    I hope your week goes well! I always hated being in training and not doing my normal job. Of course, I feel like I’m in training every day now. Except it is life training instead of job training. :)

    Thanks for linking up with Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!

    Yeah, I’d be right there with ya. That looks painful. Good luck! And lovely photos, as usual!

    Only you can make numbers look good and mystical. Cause at first I though you are in Vegas at a conference playing poker ;)

    You mind must be boggling- that sounds very draining. Fantastic pictures though. Hope you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel by the end of the week.

    I hate work training. Blah. But this actually looks very interesting from my point of view. Of course, I don’t actually have to do it.

    Marla @

    Wow, that sounds intense! Hang in there! Love the pics, I don’t really know what I am looking at LOL but they are really great :)

    Great shots! I am sure you are learning tons…which is always a good thing. Hang in there…and drink lot’s of coffee ;)

    Sounds like one if those painful weeks when you really have to stretch yourself, but when it’s over you are happy to have had the experience. Hang in there! At least you are over the hump now. Interesting photos!

    Good luck…and hang in. Great photos!

    sounds really intense.. great pictures!

    hoping the next few days are a bit more peaceful for you.

    Hang in there! It sounds really intense. I still enjoyed the photos.

    I love your processing on these shots!

    Great shots! I bet you will be sooo glad when this week is over. You deserve a pedicure after this. Why don’t you drive over and have one with me. he he.

    sometimes it is good to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, I am certain you will handle it like a pro.

    Cool game/training! It looked like poker chips of course.. great shots.

    Those longs days are hard enough, but throw in simulated events and it’s a nightmare. We did one with disaster management and after the first hour I just wanted to let everything burn down! But you’re right, it got better as the event went on. Good luck getting through it all!

    Ashley, this post made my head hurt a little. The photos are awesome, but the subject matter made me anxious. I used to be immersed in the business world, on the fast track to upper management. In short, so not me. I admire your perseverance as you soldier through your comfort zone.

    Ok,I first thought you were training with poker chips! Hope the next two days go well for you!

    think of it this way – you are fortunate that you’ll be in balance… working the left & right side of your brain.
    the pics are very intriguing – it does look a bit like a sophisticated Monopoly game.

    Takes me back to Senior Seminar in College…not so fun, but sooo necessary!

    The week is almost over , hang in there! You came up with such wonderful photos amidst all that hard work. Love how graphical and strong these images are.

    Those make for some mentally exhausting days! Hope you are getting rest at night.

    I’m a creative-analytical. I totally get it. :)

    Looks pretty wild to me. Have fun.

    Oh, how I miss working sometimes! I always loved trainings and conferences the most ;) Hope you are getting a chance to recover now!

    i always say.. “Undercommit, overperform!”hope you get rest…

    sorry I’m just now reading this. WOW – that is a long day. Bless your heart. hope this training session goes well.