December 21, 2011
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Adeline: Six-Month Old Sneak Peek
Adeline: Six-Month Old Sneak Peek
Adeline 6 Months WEB-12
A few months ago, I introduced you to a little angel…Adeline (if you missed her three-month old sneak peak – click HERE). This baby is so precious that I’ve been looking forward to photographing her again. Well, we met up the weekend before last for her six-month portraits.
Adeline 6 Months WEB-10
We started with some photos by the Christmas tree. Adeline’s mother wanted some cute shots of her in her Christmas dress. She also wanted a smile. Unfortunately for us, we think Adeline might be one of those children that doesn’t like the camera. Either way, she’s adorable.
Adeline 6 Months WEB-40
Even though Adeline wasn’t willing to smile for us, I’m way too determined to give up easily. Most of my “roll of film” (I mean…CF card) was spent in front of the Christmas tree. We tried everything from rattles to silly noises…even brought in the dog. She was most happy with a spare bow.
Adeline 6 Months WEB-41
After a while, we figured we got enough to work with…at least in front of the Christmas tree. So, we moved into Adeline’s bedroom for some more candid moments.
Adeline 6 Months WEB-46
Still no huge smiles, but the change of scenery was nice. I think Adeline also appreciated the wardrobe change. We did some reading, played with some stuff animals and Adeline even chewed on her name a bit. All in all, it was a good day.
Adeline 6 Months WEB-52
With that said, I hope Adeline will smile for me during her nine-month old session. Until then, I’m sure she’ll enjoy Christmas with a huge smile on her face…ya know, because I won’t have a camera in her face. Happy Wednesday!