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Liz and Jodie: Couple's Session Sneak Peek! - Ramblings and Photos

December 14, 2011
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Liz and Jodie: Couple’s Session Sneak Peek!
Liz and Jodie: Couple’s Session Sneak Peek!
This past weekend, I met up with Liz and Jodie for a “just because” couple’s session. Actually, I guess it was more than a “just because” session…Liz not only wanted a few “Christmas Card Worthy” shots, but she also wanted to document that her hair had fully grown back…yes, Liz is a cancer survivor – three years strong (I hope I got that right)!
IMG_2604 RS
Interestingly enough, Liz grew up just a few houses down from my grandparents and I went to school with her older brother. I hadn’t seen her in years so it was nice to reconnect and see what’s she’s been up to. I don’t know about you, but I love sharing time with happy people…Liz and Jodie are happy people.
IMG_2618 RS
We met up at a friend’s farm late in the afternoon to take advantage of that beautiful golden hour. Their dogs were thrilled to run the land. And I thought chasing two year olds was a challenge. Try chasing dogs.
IMG_2419 RS
In some cases, getting in front of a camera can be terrifying (or in the case of many of my baby clients lately…they decide to really make me work for a smile), but Liz and Jodie knew how to have fun with it – I think the photo below is sufficient evidence. I just don’t think it’d be an Ashley Sisk sneak peak without a blooper.
IMG_2473 BW RS
The nice thing about having friends with farms (their friends, not mine – but I might have to steal their friends for use of this incredible farm) is that 1) you have tons of great pre-identified photo locations and 2) if the location is covered in thorns…the owner is willing to chop it down immediately. I’m not sure I would have noticed this piece of land snuggled between two patches of trees had the owners not suggested we take the truck out further into the farm. This turned out to be my FAVORITE shot!
IMG_2653 RS
Finally (and I’m obviously not including the whole series here), we headed back towards the house. I had Liz and Jodie leaning up against a tree when we heard dogs and chickens. We thought it best to stop what we were doing to see what was going on. The chickens (I think roosters actually) decided to take a casual afternoon stroll when they realized they spotted the dogs. Chickens were flying and dogs were chasing them…one of the chickens almost didn’t get away. Once we wrangled the dogs away from the chicken coop, the dogs went straight into doggie timeout – I thought it made a cute photo op.
IMG_2751 BW RS
Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday (I have not had a chance to respond to emails or visit blogs…and won’t have a chance to do so today either as I have another busy client day). In case you were wondering, Kitty Paw told me she wasn’t interested in being the subject of my Christmas Card this year so we had to roll without her.  Oh well – her loss.

Have a great Wednesday!

    Lovely post and photos Ashley. Great that you have photo shoots booked.

    i love all these shots! especially the 2nd to the last photo! ♥ awesome! and her hair is gorgeous! *hugs*

    I laughed out loud at the blooper shot! So cute! Beautiful photos as always! Sounds like the funnest photo shot ever. And a sweet and happy story. Thank you for sharing her story.

    Very happy she is Cancer free. She looks amazing. The pictures are gorgeous just like always…have a great day tomorrow!

    I absolutely LOVE that photo of the three dogs. So perfect :) What a great set!

    These are incredible, Ashley! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    These are beautiful, Ashley! I really felt like I knew something about this couple even before I read what you wrote about them.

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    Looks like a fun shoot and you are very talented!

    My favorite is the first picture – I love how their coats blended with the colors of the surroundings.

    I love the shot of the 3 dogs! I’m not quite sure how you got them to all sit still though! :)

    These are excellent, Ashley!

    I like the third pictures where they are separate with the dogs, somehow they look very relaxed and comfortable in the two pictures. Good job Ashley.

    Simply stunning Ashley!

    First of all it’s so great that she’s a survivor! The pictures are amazing. Especially the second to last one you pointed out! All I can say about it is wow!

    What gorgeous shots. The dogs look happy and sweet. So good to hear of someone who has recovered from the rigors of cancer treatment. A reason to celebrate!

    What gorgeous shots. The dogs look happy and sweet. So good to hear of someone who has recovered from the rigors of cancer treatment. A reason to celebrate!

    What a fun couple…and I love their “babies”!

    So fun!!

    I love the glow from the golden hour. Gorgeous shots.

    Beautiful shots! How wonderful for her, it’s so nice to hear this stories & ‘see’ them in pictures.

    Beautiful shots!

    That is a major PRAISE GOD story! Congrats to this beautiful couple!

    I love the location too!


    Great shots- they look right out of Field & Stream magazine!

    Lovely shots, and that field you took the truck to is incredible! I have a thing for labs, especially yellow labs…love the shot of the three dogs.

    Lovely shots, and that field you took the truck to is incredible! I have a thing for labs, especially yellow labs…love the shot of the three dogs.

    the photo of the 3 dogs is incredible!

    These are gorgeous – I knew they would be! You did a fantastic job, and I think Bentley missed KP on the card…

    oh my goodness! they are such a sweet couple and you captured them perfectly!! such beautiful shots!!

    What a good looking couple and the photos you took of them are amazing. Their dogs are gorgeous too!!

    I really love the first photo! Lovely :)

    Such a lovely setting and YES…..I love being around happy people. Come to think of it, I would love to be meeting up with some of my long time friends this Christmas season. Maybe next year!!

    You did a wonderful job Ashley!!

    Awww, love the shot of the three labs! I have a 5 yr old chocolate lab…now I want one of each color, LOL! :)

    These are really great! Wish I had a farm like that.

    Love these how fun, and congrats to her!

    These are all so great! Lovely location and lovely story of survival. I need a friend with a farm!

    Gorgeous photos, Ashley! Beautiful setting and it does look like you had a lot of fun. Our kitty has no interest in posing for a Christmas card photo either.

    You always capture such magic with your camera, that even subject matter I’m not into (as in dogs), look wonderful.

    I can’t believe I wasted two YEARS of not photographing people in the sun! You prove here that it can be done, and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Even with the sun right on their faces. I love it! LOVE your b&w’s – especially the last one. And I’m really loving your outtakes – LOL! The head biting shot kills me!! :-)

    Beautiful shots Ashley! I love the one with them in the field with the dogs really great!

    Love these!

    I love every single one of these! Your portrait work always excites me… I love seeing you take your amazing talent and share it with clients :)