The Greatest Gift

Ready or not…here comes Christmas. And as much as we’re all trying to stay focused on what Christmas is really about (thus the reason why I included the video above)…by December 26th, that feeling has passed and we’re back to business as usual. In some cases, we don’t even make it that far…and this becomes the week where the pressure really hits and we look in the mirror only to find a much crazier version of ourselves trying to find those last minute presents. Not that all the presents aren’t important (well they aren’t really), but I think Stanly Hudson from the Office has the right idea:
“I’ve been here 18 years and have suffered through some weird thematic Christmases. A Honolulu Christmas, a Pulp Fiction Christmas, a Muslim Christmas, Moroccan Christmas, Mo Rocca Christmas, I don’t want it. Christmas is Christmas is Christmas is Christmas! —- I don’t want no Kwanzaa wreath, I don’t need no dreidl in my face- that’s its own thing. And who’s that black Santa for? I don’t care. I could care less. I know Santa ain’t black! I want Christmas. Just give me Christmas! Plain, old, baby Jesus lyin’-in-a-manger Christmas!” 
Have we simply forgotten the greatest story ever to be told: Luke 2:1-20. Have we forgotten the greatest gift ever given?
For ALL People RS
The message is simple: “For God so loved the world (me…you…insert your name here) that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” ~ John 3:16. He gave us his son, so that he could have a relationship with us. He took away all of our sins and promises us an incredible and everlasting life…if we just accept the gift. But, like all gifts…we can take it or leave it. I pray that this season…you take it. Merry Christmas!
By the way…I managed to make it to the Top 30 over at The Paper Mama. I’ll be trolling for votes the next couple of dates so if you loved my Christmas Photo this year – please vote for me! Click HERE and vote for Ashley Sisk – #16.
Merry and Bright: Christmas Card 2011

    Wonderful post. Love that photo. Congrats on the top 30. I made it too. :D

    I love the video! I hear that song on Pandora; I love it. Great Christmas card, too! Good luck and Merry Christmas. :)

    so congrats.. i will vote..for sure..loved that when ya first posted it

    I will surely vote Ashley!

    I loved this post. I had to stop yesterday, & remember Chistmas is CHRISTmas, It’s to celabrate Jesus, not shopping like a maniac at Target!

    Hear,hear, well written, well said. May you be blessed for Christmas. xxx

    PS: I voted!

    Congrats on top 30! Great quote by Stanley.

    I am thankful for the greatest gift this Christmas too.

    Congrats on your top 30 placement!

    This is a great post Ashley. We do get busy and tend to forget what we are really celebrating. It’s not the presents or last minute trips to Target but our Lord and Savior. Congrats on the top 30, it’s a lovely picture.

    Merry Christmas

    beautiful post! and that quote from Stanley from the office put a big smile on my face! :) love your photo and so loving that video! thank you for sharing!

    As a non-Christian, I can really respect this sentiment. Hold on to your cherished festivals and their deeper meaning. God knows I do that as a Jew.

    I will be proudly celebrating Chanukkah this year – a festival that commemorates the power of light in our lives and the mission to seek to be our truest selves, even in the face of adversity. Because ultimately, that is what God calls us to be: to be our most authentic selves.

    Meanwhile, I observe and enjoy Christmas cheer around me. I love the fact that we have so many unique traditions around the world who mark these dark days in diverse but equally joyous ways. Be well, a very Merry Christmas to all Christian readers :)

    This Good Life

    Awesome message for the holidays! It’s so important to remember the true meaning of Christmas in the midst of all of the retail and other craziness.

    Congrats on the Top 30! I voted for you.

    I saw that Office episode….and loved that they included Stanley saying how he wanted Christmas…as it was meant to be!

    btw…I’ve missed you!! {and the rest of the photo blogging world!} Hope you have a fantastic Christmas! :)

    Love. This is truth. Why is it so hard for us to keep this at the center?….

    Merry Christmas again! :)

    Just love that card! Congrats and a happy happy holiday!

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    beautiful video, thank you for sharing.

    oh and I so loved when Stanley said that on The Office, LOVE The Office!!

    Beautiful post, and beautiful video! Merry Christmas to you my friend! :)

    Love this post! I want to keep Christmas in my heart all year ;)

    Yes…this is so very true!!

    Great post Ashley.

    Love your family picture…

    Merry Christmas!!

    Beautiful post! And a wonderful message! I have really been trying to keep my focus where it should be this holiday season. Especially with the kids telling me they want this or that for Christmas. It seems I have to constantly remind them that Jesus is what this holiday is really all about.

    Your words are so true! The real meaning of Christmas is often forgotten and sometimes even totally unknown to some! Love your Christmas card..too cute!