January 04, 2012
Top 11 of 2011: Kitty Paw
Today I am linking up with Courtney of Click It Up a Notch, Amber of Click.Pray.Love and Sarah of NapTime MomTog to share some of my favorite photos of Kitty Paw from 2011 (since we don’t have any human babies yet). I hope you enjoy the look back as much as I did.
A Different View
January 2011
Looking back at this photo taken in January, I forget how interesting it can be to shoot the details. I love this unexpected view of my #1 girl.
Kitty Paw Valentine
February 2011
Remember Love Letters to Kitty Paw? I started up that contest on a whim and thought if more than 10 people enter, I’ll be shocked….so when 62 people entered, I was floored. I will definitely be relaunching Love Letters to Kitty Paw for a second year so be sure to come back next month for details. OR if you’re interested in sponsoring one of the prizes, please let me know!
Kitty Paw's Reflection
March 2011
This was one of my cell phone pictures. Kitty Paw regularly jumps up on the kitchen sink while I’m getting ready. She used to beg for water, but we’ve managed to get beyond that. This particular morning in March, she was giving herself the stare down.
Kitty Paw in the Sun 1 RS
April 2011
This might be my favorite photo of the year. I love the way the late day sun pours into our bedroom during the Spring months. Kitty Paw loves it too and was willing to go for a photo shoot.
Kitty Paw in the Closet RS
May 2011
One of Kitty Paw’s favorite places to hang out is in the downstairs’ closet on top of the big orange blanket. I don’t blame her…it’s a pretty cozy spot.
Upside Down RS
June 2011
Another sunny day…another opportunity to ham it up in front of the camera. I want to say that she was playing with one of my birthday bows (my mom makes giant bows from tons of colorful ribbon) when I pulled the camera out on her. She didn’t mind.
Kitty Paw and the Hippo RS
June 2011
Mr. Hippo here was a new toy at the time of this shot. I’ve learned that the best way for Kitty Paw to take any interest in her toys is if I roll them in cat nip. She was checking it out in this shot…but it kinda looks like she’s giving it a kiss.
On the Floor RS
July 2011
There’s nothing I love more than capturing Kitty Paw in mid-yawn. Most times it requires me to lay around while she licks herself clean…but it’s always worth it.
Negative Space Kitty Paw RS
August 2011
Do you remember that header picture of me doing the same thing. I swear Kitty Paw was mocking me with this shot.
Christmas Paw RS
November 2011
I didn’t really take a ton of photos this Christmas, but I did take this particular one of Kitty Paw before we loaded any presents under the tree. She actually wasn’t too happy with me when I did put presents under the tree, but she got over it.
Sleepy Paw
December 2011
Finally, after a year of taking photos, Kitty Paw is completely worn out. Maybe I’ll find something or someone else to take pictures of in 2012. By the way, just in case you’re interested…I found my Top 10 of 2010 – click HERE.
Click It Up A Notch

    Aww, so fun to see your KP year in review. I especially love your June shots.

    Hmmm… someone *else* to take pictures of?? ;)

    Love KP with the hippo. And the April shot – the light is gorgeous.

    These are wonderful! I might have to do a post of my pup.

    They are all completely awesome! From someone who went from only furry babies to the two legged kind, trust me, the furry ones count just as much as the not so furry ones. She’s such a pretty girl, how could you not want tons of pictures of her?

    She is so lovely. I especially love the June photo.

    Oh man, that cat makes me smile, for realz. The first shot is just amazing, Ashley.

    Your favourite is my favourite, I’m not even a cat person but that is definitely an amazing shot! Love the last one too :)

    I loooove these pics, especially the first one – too sweet! :-)

    Every time I see a photo of Kitty Paw, I’m reminded of my kitty-Danger. These little creatures are such good little friends. Thank you for sharing your picture of her with us!

    I wonder if your kitty get any love & attention? Hmmm… I’m gonna go w/ Yesssss! LOVE every one of these Ashley.

    love these photos of your kitty! they are all so great!

    Ha! Love these kitty paw pictures!! And your new header is FANTASTIC!!

    Pure adorable! The yawn shot is really striking me!

    Great set! I think your favorite is my favorite, but I also LOVE the last shot. It’s very neat! Oh, I’m excited about love letters to Kitty Paw, that’s when I found you last year!

    you’ve captured some beautiful shots of your precious friend ~ Happy New Year

    she is certainly one photographic kitty!

    These are all just so stinkin’ cute Ashley! (insert a little heart here) ; )

    I’m not a cat person and that cat is cute! Love the name too!

    So sweet. Love the stare down. Ezio does that all of the time. Catches glimpses of himself in the mirror and just goes ballistic.

    These are all so goo! I really love April, May, and June. Does your cat think she’s royalty by any chance?

    Um, they’re a little gorgeous! I love the one when the sun is shining down on her… it’s perfect.

    Love the close-up on the first one, and the one of Kitty Paw under the tree.

    Oh a Kitty Paw fix. She is such a wonderful model…of course on her own terms. Fun post Ashley.

    She cute. Looks just like you. ;D

    Ahhhh… Kitty paw is so cute. She reminds me of my kitty. But my kitty has longer hair. And my kitty is getting old. She will be 16 this year. She moans in her sleep just like an old lady!!

    Hope you have a great day!

    Hugs, Linda

    Ahah Kitty Paw is so cute and funny! And she really love to be the subject of you photos :)

    Awwww, This was wonderful. Being a cat lover I just can’t resist viewing sweet kitty photo’s and yours are fabulous. I love the Blue Hippo Shot.
    Happy New Year!

    That April shot is my all-time fave of KP! I still think she’s made of sparkle power. :D

    Kitty Paw, you are such a rock star!!! I don’t know how you will ever be replaced ;)

    I do love that first shot. That is something I have noticed lately, I really love detail shots. They just open up a whole new world.

    I just heart Kitty Paw! These are all wonderful. Every single one!

    Awww. I love Kitty Paw. Sooo adorable. love that light in April. So gorgeous.

    Great idea for a photo round up! We don’t have kids yet either so we take a lot of pictures of our kitty. I agree that the pictures in the sunlight are really beautiful. All of these photos are great, though.

    Ohhh, how gorgeous, Ashley! I’d adopt Kitty Paw any minute!! So cute!!

    Kitty Paw is SO sweet..Love the shots with all the negative space…and my favorite is with mr hippo

    Your pet-baby photos are very inspirational! My absolute favourite is the first one of Kitty Paw’s nose. Very cute.

    Oh, I love all of them, but my favorite is the upside down one from June – so cute!!

    Beautiful shots of your Kitty Paw. The detail you captured is amazing…you’re very lucky to have such a sweet friend :)

    These are so adorable! She’s very photogenic!

    Fantastic collection, I love that you did it month by month! Love jan, june, july and aug. June is so adorable and April is just amazingly beautiful, love the light and highlights bokeh!

    These are just so lovely and fun.

    I was wondering if you were going to do a top collection of Kitty Paw! I love the one with her blue toy. Love the new header too!

    Great new header! I love the photos of Kitty Paw. She is a gorgeous cat!

    Nice shots of your Kitty Paw! That first one is really cool and I always loved the shot with the hippo!

    So cute! Love the one with her “kissing” Mr. Hippo :)

    Love that Kitty Paw!


    I love them all! So fun!

    I love all of the these pictures! they are so sweet and so fun! loving the mirror shot a lot!! :) so glad you shared these!!

    What a beautiful cat. I need to take more pictures of mine this year.

    Oh Kitty Paw. What a funny girl she is. I’m not a fan of cats, but I must say that she makes me smile! :)

    Lovin’ that little nose!
    Great series of photographs Ashley!

    great photos, kitty paw is super cute! I wish my doggies were that photogenic!

    Such wonderful images – that last one cracks me up. My cat does that to me when I’ve been on the computer too long. Subtle she’s not!

    When you get a chance, will you please tell Jaffrey to get back home. I’m totally okay with him visiting, but sticking around for a photo shoot is just going too far!

    Great captures!!!

    Kitty paw would look good with my black and white Bostons! beautiful photos!

    What a great way to look back at the year! I’m really excited for Love Letters to Kitty Paw!

    Your kitty and mine would make great friends :P

    love the pictures

    I love him so much. Great images, but June is to die for.

    She is adorable. I love seeing your photography grow over the last two years!

    Lovely Kitty Paw, your baby is very photogenic ;)

    Ha! I remember these, and I still smile. I miss KP and all her fabulousness. Just sayin’.

    These are all so great! Kitty Paw is very photogenic. :) Love the one of her yawning. Cracks me up every time I see it.

    Kitty Paw!

    I love June’s picture of Kitty! So precious! So pretty!