January 24, 2012
Tutorial Tuesday
Welcome to our very first Tutorial Tuesday photo challenge! Branson of My Reflection of Something and I will be bringing you a new challenge every week, to stretch your shooting and editing skills. This week, we are starting with a shooting challenge so be sure to check her page for full details. I’ll be back next week with an editing tutorial.

This week, we revisited a tutorial by my friend, Rosie that encouraged us to create our own lightbox. I actually made one last year after seeing her original tutorial so I was excited to bring it out and use it again. I only wish I had spent more time shooting this weekend instead of waiting until last night (after my jewelry party). In case you’re curious, here’s my setup (not perfect, but you get the idea):
Lightbox Setup
I created the box using Rosie’s instructions, then set it up in my dining room and used whatever lights I could find to illuminate the sides. I wish I had more mobile lighting. Like any photo shoot, I like to get different perspectives. My first shot seemed completely flat (SOOC below) – what do you think?
Phone Booth SOOC 1

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 23 21.29

With my next shot, I turned the phone booth at an angle. Much better in my opinion. Here’s my SOOC: 
Phone Booth SOOC 2

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 23 21.32

Of course, I had to edit it too…but today is not about editing so I didn’t document my steps. However, if you saw my edit two weeks ago (click HERE), the same concepts apply.
Phone Booth 2 EDIT RS

Ready to join in the fun? Here’s how to do it:
1. Visit Rosie’s tutorial and build your lightbox.
2. Choose your favorite shot (or more!) to share with us.
3. Don’t forget to grab the button for your post!
4. Link up between now and next Monday on Branson’s Blog.

Tutorial Tuesday

Don’t forget to come back next week for an editing tutorial. In fact, if you have any specific editing requests or photos that you would like me to edit, please send me an email.

    A flashlight on top! Great idea, will be posting my version tomorrow. So glad you posted this, I’m so happy to have a lightbox to picture my cloth diapers. Love the sideways lamp too! ;)

    I definitely need to make another light box; someone, who shall remain nameless (ahem, Sandy) thought she could lie on top of the box and fell through the tissue paper and crushed the whole thing. :/

    I think this is an awesome idea and I love the photo, but I think I don’t have time or space for it right now. Someday definitely!

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE that you built your own lightbox! Now I don’t feel like a total loser because I built one myself last August to shoot product photos for my shop! I never thought to use a flashlight on top…I always use a tall lamp that bends, and then I use nightstand lamps propped sideways for the side lighting.

    Lovely photo, I do like the second one better, it stands out.

    Great idea!!!

    Ok, I was going to pass on the lightbox…but after seeing yours, I think I may try it. However, I am still traveling for the next 2 weeks, so won’t be getting in on the fun until I return home…maybe. Love the instructional nature of your post this week…and I enjoyed the photos!

    Um, could that be any stinking cuter!!!!

    The slight turn of the phone booth made all the difference. I was waiting for Superman to pop out. ;)

    LOVE the use of the flashlight!

    awesome idea! and i am just loving your shots!!

    cool concept. I just might try that next time I have an object that needs documenting. Thanks for show us how to do it.

    Love this lightbox idea. I wonder if you could put a newborn in there…. ;) Ok, just kidding. But it would be cool to make one big enough for a newborn (and safe, don’t worry).

    Seriously Ashley: love your SOOCs, as well as your edits. I sometimes love my SOOCs too. There’s something about the purity of the raw that’s appealing. I know it can be better with the editing, but I still love it. (There’s something wrong with me, I know.)

    I love your subject- it just makes me smile!!!!! Great work as usual my dear!

    I def. like the second one better. Thanks for posting a photo of the set up. I have yet to make one, but seeing your set up helps me envision how much space a light box will take up. We have no closet space to store these types of things, so I can’t keep them around for long.

    This is insanely cool! I love it! (And that photo booth – come ON!) I might have to make one of these too. :-)

    Great thinking with the flashlight…I don’t think my tracing paper was strong enough to support one though. I am determined to get better shots next time:). I LOVE the angled shot. Definitely added more character and visual appeal! Nice job!

    CONGRATS on your bitty baby!!! You are going to LOVE being a Mommy!!! A Kitty Paw will be the BEST big sister!! xoxo! Brooke :)

    Very cool. I really was planning on doing this. I just need something for the seamless background. Hmm.

    I love your angled telephone booth! I use reading lights for my light box. You can see them here:
    They’re inexpensive and very easy to move around so you can play with the angles as much as you like.

    great as always.

    awesome! I love the little phone booth :)

    Cool! It’s amazing how simply turning it to the side made such a huge difference. I hope I have time to join in on this one!!! :0)

    oooh such a great idea a smaller one. I gotta make this.

    Wow! I have absolutely no excuse for making one of these, so I have always thought I wouldn’t. Although I LOVE to play with taking pictures of things. But when I look at what you’ve got there, I have absolutely no excuse NOT to. Thank you for using no fancy lights. I can totally do that! :-)

    I really want to try this! Too bad I just tossed the perfect box. That photo booth is really cute.

    I do this with small objects for postcard and flyer design. I like your results!

    Love the lightbox!! I made one too after Rosie suggested it to me recently! Great idea!! =)

    Isn’t it fun I made my box back in November. I’ve been using it a lot since winter hit. Love your phone booth.

    I use my diy light box occasionally — especially when I’m stumped for an idea. Great tutorial. :)

    love the angled one

    I love the angled one and can’t wait to try this myself!

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

    ……….late getting over here! Loved seeing your pull away shot too – what a light that is Ashley to the side! Having the telephone booth on an angle worked so well with getting the contrast between light and dark. Thanks again for linking to my tutorial.

    Rosie xxx

    Wow! So simple. I need to try this when I catch my breath. I loved the angled shot. Very nice.

    That looks SO MUCH easier than I imagined!

    this tutorial is so great, and you are so awesome :)

    Love the light box! I am going to have to make one and try it out.


    I like the light source, and the telephone box at an angle is the way to go. Lovely images.

    That little phone booth is adorable! Love it angled. I finally got around to making my light box. I expect I’ll get much use out of it. :)

    Ashley, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I was wondering how to put your button for this and the Scavenger Hunt in the posts of my blog. I can’t do it. What’s wrong with me? :)