February 18, 2012
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16 Week Bump Report
How far along: 16 weeks (technically, 16 weeks and 3 days)

How big is the baby: About the size of an avocado or grapefruit (not half a grapefruit as I pictured above – just a little creative interpretation on my part). My husband is shocked that the baby is already so big.

Total weight gain: Two weeks ago, I was up a pound and a half since my 12 week appointment (at 12 weeks, I’d gained 4 lbs). I’ve gained another half pound for a total of 6 lbs gained.

Sleep: Pretty good – earlier this week, I even slept through the night without getting up to use the bathroom. That only lasted one night though.

Best moment of the week: Getting to hear my baby’s heartbeat. On Thursday morning, it was about 145 bpm.

Food cravings: Recently, I’ve been wanting protein shakes and lots of fruit. I have had no desire for Spaghetti O’s recently so maybe that craving has subsided, but I am still enjoying a taste of ice cream at least once a week.

Food aversions: Nothing specific.

16 Weeks RS
Look – a Bump!
  • My skin is still being hormonal – more so than usual. Thank goodness for concealer! 
  • My lips are also incredibly chapped. It may be the nature of cooler temperatures, but they are so sore.
  • I’m starting to feel a bit of round ligament pain – usually when I get up after sitting or laying down for a while.
  • And, I think I’m finally seeing the beginnings of a baby bump. It’s pretty small, but it’s there.

Gender: I find out on March 2nd during my 18 week appointment…less than 2 weeks! I think next weekend, I’ll do a gender poll. Let me know if there’s anything specific you want to know to help you along in your predictions. 

What I’m looking forward to: I’m counting down the days until our anatomy scan/gender reveal ultrasound so I can dive head first into nursery decorating and registering. By the way, if you have any suggestions for baby “must haves” that I should add to my registry, let me know. I’m also really looking forward to feeling my baby move.

What I miss: Nothing specific.

Next Appointment: March 2nd.

PS: If you mouse over my top image, you’ll see what I looked like before I added a little vintage wallpaper to my bland walls. I used this week’s Tutorial Tuesday to guide me along.


    YAY! 16 weeks already. Love the wallpaper. I think where you said looking forward to your back move I think you meant baby. Totally something I would have done. :D I really wanted to come celebrate with you the first week of March. We could have gone shopping. Maybe I could convince hubby just to come to town for a day. Ha ha.

    You’re looking great!! I can’t wait to hear whether the baby’s a boy or girl!

    I cant wait for 2 weeks!! = )

    That wallpaper totally works! :D

    So exciting to find out! :D Definitely a little baby bump starting.

    You will never forget the moment you first feel your baby kick. I can still vividly remember feeling Justin for the first time… over 13 years ago!! There’s nothing like it. Best part of being pregnant hands down! :D

    oh wow, you get to find out the gender soon! our appointment is March 14th & I’m dyyiiing over here.

    love the addition of the wallpaper. such a cute photo!

    I can’t wait to find out the baby’s gender! and I can definitely see the bump! :D

    so happy for you, Ashley! Congratulations! You’re going to be a one beautiful pregnant mamma :)

    So cute!!!

    So exciting for you guys! Looking forward to hearing about the updates. Thanks for the comments on my site.

    such a cute dress to wear when preggers!! You look fabulous friend and I too am SO excited to find out what you are having!!! Sounds like your pregnancy has been going pretty smoothly over all which is so awesome. What’s crazy is you are going to start feeling some major kicks and flutters here in the next 2-5 weeks or so. YEAH!

    Simply wonderful update! Grow little baby, grow big! That teeny bump will really start to round out in a couple more weeks!

    I’m glad you aren’t having food aversions…for me, they never went away! I still to this day will dry heave at the smell of hazelnut coffee. Thankfully, Nutella does not have the same effect! LOL!

    Oh my goodness! You do have the cutest tiniest baby bump! Love that dress! And see, you are journaling! Hehe! ;) these are fun posts to read! Glad its going so well for you!

    I’ve always thought that if I ever get pregnant, I want the baby to be a surprise…. I’ll find out if its a boy or girl when they show up! And since I’ve always wanted a Noah’s Ark nursery, so it would go great either way!

    You look amazing!!!! I am guessing baby boy:)

    Yeah Ashley! I forgot about the peeing all the time.


    I see a little bump! That is exciting!

    So cute! Youre cruising right along…pregnancy is such an amazing journey! Put a Boppy on your list for sure!

    What a cute bump! I’m anxiously awaiting hearing about the gender!

    I think for pregnancy a must have is a body pillow and for the baby a sleep sack. I’m sure I can give you more ideas in a couple weeks after my Emmett gets here :-)

    That is such a cute dress! I very much recommend a boppy, or/and the newborn boppy pillow, those things are the best!

    I love these baby bump updates Ashley. From
    The looks of your cute bump I’m going
    Ounon a limb and say u r having a boy. You have no huge cravings, you are not spreading just popping, you didn’t have a lot of morning sickness. The wives tales say that excess morning sickness is due to
    All the extra hormones. Now I
    Know there are exceptions to every rule but it’s all in fun!! Thanks for sharing wih us and I LoVE that wall paper effect.

    Fun! 17 weeks or so is when I started getting a bump. :) March 2nd is my birthday, so, yay for March 2nd all around! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having. Congrats again. :)

    You look amazing! Lucky girl. I loved reading your reveal story as well. Too cute. Don’t know how you all kept a secret for that long!

    Love the photos and I love the wallpaper!

    My favorite baby things: A dimmer switch in the baby’s room (so you don’t have to search for a small lamp in the dark), some sort of bassinet for the first few weeks (especially if you are breastfeeding) I liked the fisher price rock and play sleeper because it folds up, Happiest Baby on the Block video (rent and watch before the baby is born, or there is a book), and of course a Boppy pillow (with 2 covers to alternate when washing). Sleep sacks and swaddles were great too, the Halo brand.

    Can’t wait to continue reading about your journey to motherhood!

    I love reading how things are going for you! It’s been so long since Brandon was little, I don’t even remember the “must have” items anymore. :) One thing I do remember – if someone offers you something you would use, like a baby swing or something, don’t feel weird about taking it. You on are really doing them a favor, by getting the baby stuff that accumulates out of their house! I felt weird about it when Brandon was little but then when we were the other side of it, trying to find good homes for everything so they could be used again, I finally understood. If people offer it to you, they WANT you to have it. Don’t feel weird. (Make sure you do want it though, don’t feel obligated to take stuff because it’s offered!)

    Oh boy, 2 weeks is soooo soon! I can’t wait to hear what you are having, are you going to do something special for the reveal? Any feelings eitherway yet? I need to come up with something creative to do for my bump photos once I start taking them. I hope your headaches have gotten better!

    It’s so fun when the bump starts showing! LOve your photo and the wallpaper!


    March 2nd is my mom’s b-day. Can’t wait to hear the news!

    What a beautiful baby bump! Looking forward to hearing the news in a couple weeks! (My guess would be a girl…)

    Congratulations! Is this your first?

    Oh my goodness….how precious. :)

    You look amazing. Love your sweet bump :)

    You look amazing, I really love that background. I can’t believe it’s almost 18 weeks, wow. Based on the heart rate I’d guess a boy, but it’s a little early to tell by that I think. Either way, he/she will be blessed with a wonderful mama!!

    You are really looking good! I love the vintage wall paper, and I think it really adds something neat to the photo. I also love that you cut the grapfruit in half; it’s a good interpretation and gives more visual interest.
    As for baby registries, it’s always so hard to tell what people “should” register for. Everybody has their own preferences for what they like. I like what Kat said, about taking up people on their offer to borrow/take their swings/pack n’ plays/etc. Some of that stuff doesn’t really get used for more than a few months tops, and then you’ve got all this extra stuff laying around. What kind of things are you thinking about registering for?

    Woof, its a boy, Ashley!
    I can sniff ya know.
    Woof, I was hoping you’ll have hordes of puppies…

    Congrats!! Love the wallpaper add in the first photo. Enjoy every minute. Life seems to go in fast forward from pregnancy onward. :)

    The things I recommend the most: Fisher Price Precious Planet Projection mobile (my son is now 2.5 years & still uses the projection part!); Breathable Bumpers; Medela Pump In Style pump (I bf’d to 13mo & loved this pump); Dr Brown’s bottles; definitely a pack ‘n play; bouncer (my son cried the first time, but then loved it – he hated the swing); good booster for travel (ie, Fisher Price Healthy Care w/tray – still using this too). Honestly, I wouldn’t buy a travel system again. Sold ours at 18mo. If I did it again (or dare to have a 2nd child!), I would get infant seat + the snap ‘n go stroller. I’ve gotten way more use out of my jogger and my Maclaren Volo – although I’d recommend a slightly pricier Maclaren model that you can use from early ages if it fits the budget. More info than you wanted? ;) I totally agree with other posters about borrowing what you can and also check consignment sales. So many things are only used for a very short time.

    ummm can I say… I think it is a boy condidering the heart rate….

    you are looking good… and i loved acupuncture for round ligament pain…

    Eek! This is sooo exciting! Come oooooon 18 weeks!

    Looking fabulous pretty lady! I think it’s going to be a girl. :) I’m not very good at gender predictions, but who knows?

    Beautiful, beautiful.

    Congratulations Ashley! I am just now learning that you are pregnant. That is wonderful. :) I am just a few weeks ahead of you. Enjoy it!

    Loving your reports…and your photos! I know you are super excited to find out the sex! Way back in the day when I had my kids, we just had to wait. I wanted girls and got 4 boys! But, after they were here, it truly didn’t matter. I wish the best for you!

    LOVE that dress! Happy 16 weeks

    Seriously adorable bump! You’re going to love having documented your pregnancy like this, such a great idea.

    Sweet baby bump!

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh – after moving cross-country, settling into a new job and now house hunting – I weaned myself off blog reading for the last six+ months. But I started back up and just saw you’re EXPECTING!!! Congratulations, so happy for you. (and I love the weekly bump pictures, I wish I had been that creative with mine)

    oh my gosh! I haven’t been here in a few weeks and oh baby! did I miss out!

    a huge congratulations are in order to you and your hubby! what a blessing ~

    I love how you use the fruit to compare the size of your baby with your photos. I was telling my photographer about that. We’ve taken monthly photo shots of my belly, but that never occurred to me. (We may use that idea next time around….IF the good Lord gives us a next time around.) I’m right at 31 weeks. Cannot believe how the time flies. :)

    Love these reports Ashley, and I love the bump. You are in for such a ride. Can’t wait to keep following!

    Is it March 2nd yet?! (I am bouncing up and down in my chair with anticipation as I type that, hahaha)

    I am due July 10th. :)

    I love your bump posts! I’m six years out from the one and only time I’ve been pregnant, so I just love to live vicariously through the people I know who are pregnant!

    I love the update. You will really enjoy having these in the future, as it is so easy to forget how you felt.

    I may to snatch your headers, so I can be consistent in my month to month updates. I also need to be better about taking photos

    Wow, It feels like forever since I have been on here! Congrats on the baby!! Im so excited for you! :) I am 1 week and 3 days behind you! :) we are so close! :) *Note.. drinks lots if water!!* I failed to do that in the beginning and now have a Huge kidney stone that wont pass, so I have to spend the rest of my pregnancy with a tubein my back, draining my kidney into a bag by my side :( I didnt know that pregnant women produce nearly double the calcium as non-prego women, and thats why they have more kidney stones. I hope your pregnancy goes perfect! and I cant wait to keep reading about your journey along the way.! :)

    Grapefruit ( the one you are growing) and you look lovely in this photo. I wish I had the wrap for my son from day one. Moby wrap I think it is. So simple but a real life savour. Cannot wait for you to feel your baby move too. It is a very special moment.

    You look incredible!
    It is such a wonderful experience and I love the way that you are recording it!