February 25, 2012
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A Pregnancy Story: Gender Myths and Predictions
I think it’s only natural for women to hypothesize gender when they find out they’re pregnant…or find out someone else they know is pregnant. Literally, from the moment you announce (at least in my experience) that you’re pregnant, people start asking if you’re having a boy or girl…regardless of the fact that you won’t know for certain until your 18-20 week ultrasound (unless of course you have an elective ultrasound much sooner). So you state the obvious, that you don’t know…and they ask if you have a feeling one way or another. I’ll be honest…I have no clue how you’d ever know one way or another, unless you’ve already had one baby, and your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy is very different from your first experience. Maybe that’s just me. 

That all said, we still love to predict the gender of our babies before we really know…even if you don’t plan to officially find out until birth. Personally, I hate surprises, so I will be finding out at my 18 week ultrasound if we’re having a baby girl or boy (next week…woop woop!). Until then, I thought it might be interesting to have a little fun with some of the most popular gender myths. Warning…this is going to be a long post, but be sure to at least scroll to the bottom and vote GIRL or BOY.
17 Weeks - Boy or Girl RS
17 Weeks – I look like I popped a bit this week (of course, this was taken at the end of the day…so I always look a little bigger than I do in the morning). Some days I look bigger than others, but my weight hasn’t changed much from last week. I’m also starting to fill out on the sides.
Stand in front of the mirror and turn to the side. When you look at your profile, is your baby bump high and directly under your chest? Or does your pregnant belly sit low on your abdomen? 

The way you are carrying during your pregnancy is one of the most cited ways of determining the sex of your baby. According to this myth, if you’re carrying high – you are having a girl, if you’re carrying low – you’re having a boy. I’ve also heard that if you’re carrying a girl, your belly weight will distribute wide (meaning that you will gain it all over)…while if you’re carrying a boy, your belly weight will distribute out (baby seems to be all in the belly). However, everything I’ve read says that how you carry is a poor indicator of gender since the way you carry is more determined by your muscle and uterine tone as well as the position of the baby.

Last year, there were two pregnant women in my office…one had a boy, one had a girl. The one who had a boy was all belly…in fact, that belly seemed to take on a life of it’s own and really stretched out pretty far. The one who had a girl was a bit taller, but she seemed to distribute her weight a little more evenly all over (not that she looked fat at all).  

I’m pretty sure that it’d be hard to tell either way until you’re further along (since I’m just barely showing).  I also wonder if staying in the gym five days a week will make any sort of difference (fyi – the doctor told me to keep doing what I’ve been doing…with a little less intensity). On the other hand, after a weekend of round ligament pain in my hip bone, I get the sense that I’m starting to expand wide…so much for those side bends. I better invest in some good lotion!

Next time you go to the Ob-Gyn, ask what the heart rate of your soon-to-be newborn is. Is the number less than 140 beats-per-minute?

Another popular belief is that the fetal heartbeat differs for boys and girls. If you’re having a girl, the fetal heart rate is thought to be above 140 (some will argue that it’s above 150), while a boy will have a heart rate below 140. While the medical community once bought into this myth, it appears that it’s completely fiction. A baby’s heart rate is not affected by its sex until it is born, when a girl’s heart rate will increase considerably compared with boys during labor.

Fact or fiction, I have paid close attention to my baby’s heart rate at each of my appointments since so many of my friends really believe in this theory (and right now, based on the fetal heart rate…many of you think boy). At 12 weeks, Baby Sisk had a fetal heart rate of 155bpm…at 16 weeks, Baby Sisk had a fetal heart rate of 145bpm. According to this myth, I’m inclined to think girl…but anything between 120-160bpm is normal. 

Or perhaps you subscribe to the “angle of the dangle” theory. 

Male 11weeks
Male Gender
If what I just said sounded like a foreign language…this is what I mean by “angle of the dangle.” On ultrasound, if the baby is “behaving” and is positioned in a favorable way (typically laying on its back rather than bouncing around), gender can be determined during a scan when the fetus is about 12 weeks (about 14 weeks after your last missed period aka LMP). The determination is made by studying the angle between the genital ‘bump’ and the direction of the lower portion of the spine.

In most cases, you’ll see a couple of lines (male or female – as you see in my scan below)…and you’re paying attention to the angle of those lines. Therefore, at 12 or 13 weeks, male fetus lines are pointing north while female fetus lines stay horizontal (if that makes sense). Gender predictions made at 12 weeks (gestational age) are about 88% accurate. That accuracy goes up to 98% at 14 weeks. Most doctors are uncomfortable making any gender predictions until between 18-20 weeks – which of course, is what I’m waiting on.

Female 11weeks
Female Gender
For example, take a look at these pictures from Baby2See.com (on the left) – and click HERE for more information the “angle of the dangle” theory. With the male fetus, the genital tubercle usually creates an angle of greater than 30 degrees with the lower part of the spine. In the female fetuses, the genital tubercle protrudes in the same direction as the lower portion of the spine with an angle of less than 30 degrees relative to the backbone. 

Baby Sisk at 12 Week Ultrasound
Here’s Baby Sisk (on the right), just in case you’re interested: 

Grab a mirror and check your complexion. Did pregnancy evaporate your acne, leaving you with a smooth, healthy glow?

I was really hoping that pregnancy would be my skincare solution. In the beginning, my skin really started clearing up. However, I’m afraid that I may have called victory way too soon. Pregnancy hormones have since taken over my face and I’m relying on concealer to hide the war zone. Some believe that getting acne during your pregnancy indicates you’re having a girl. Maybe the acne is caused by twice the amount of female hormones? On the other hand, I recently read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy – I want to say that Jenny also spoke about having bad acne during pregnancy. She had a boy.

Time to check your partner out. Is he gaining weight along with you — or packing on even more pounds than you have?

The belief is that, if your husband puts on weight during your pregnancy, then you will be having a girl. If he doesn’t put on a pound, then you’re carrying a boy. This one seems tricky for me. About the time I found out I was pregnant, my husband decided to quit his Commit lozenges (the nicotine tablets). I would hardly say he’s gained much if any weight, but I have noticed him eating a lot more snacks…especially sweets, and he never really had a sweet tooth before. 

As I mentioned earlier, we’re still going to the gym regularly (mostly together), so we both weigh in at each visit. For me, it’s all about maintaining a healthy weight gain during my pregnancy while he just wants to maintain his current weight. If we both threw caution to the wind, I’m pretty sure that we’d both be tipping the scales. 

If it were up to you, would you skip dinner altogether and head straight for dessert? OR do you feel an overwhelming desire to chow down on anything salty, like a big bag of chips or a salt-crusted pretzel?

This particular myth speaks to the belief that your cravings are caused by the gender of your baby. For example, if you’re craving chocolate or anything sweet, you could be having a girl. Sour or salty cravings (example – lemon juice, pickles or potato chips) are thought to mean you’re having a boy. So many women crave a combination of sweet, salty and sour that it becomes harder to suggest one direction or another.

If I look at my own cravings (if you can call them that – I think I’ve just been more decisive about what I want to eat), I’ve mostly been interested in cereal, orange juice, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit and ice cream…with a dash of Spaghetti O’s sprinkled into the mix. I did go through an extreme sugar rush, but I’d like to blame being pregnant during the holidays as the cause. I mean, how do you avoid cookies and dessert during Christmas? You don’t. There again, I never turn down a good chocolate chip cookie (or cupcake for that matter)…holiday or not. On the other hand, I’ve never been a huge fan of sour foods (and I hate pickles), so I doubt I’ll ever crave them.

Do you find that since you’ve been pregnant you can’t seem to stand up without tripping over your own feet?

The myth would say that if you’re feeling graceful during pregnancy, you’ll have a girl…whereas if you’ve turned into a klutz, you’re having a boy. I’ve always been a bit clumsy, so what’s that mean for me? However, all pregnant women may experience a bit of clumsiness because women who are pregnant undergo many physical changes; one of which is the release of hormones into the body that allow your skin, belly and uterus to grow larger than humanly possible. Joints are loosened to prepare for child birth and our center of gravity suddenly changes as our bellies continues to protrude further from the mid-section. Each of these changes can cause clumsiness to occur. Since I’m already begging for an injury, I’ve decided it’s best to take things slow…just as a precaution.

During your first trimester, did you wonder what all the fuss about morning sickness was? 

Myth would say that if you experience morning sickness (or sickness at all…let’s be honest, it doesn’t always occur in the morning), you’re likely to have a girl. I used to believe this myth until I witnessed so many of my friends go through pregnancy without sickness and then have baby girls. On the same note, I’ve had friends have terrible morning sickness and then have baby boys. Then of course, there are those women who get nauseous but don’t actually throw up. When my male coworkers who already have children found out I was pregnant, they asked if I had been sick. As I’ve said before, I haven’t…to which they responded, “you must be having a girl.” 

So yeah, I’ve had a pretty easy experience thus far (knock on wood). However, I’ve had several friends to get pregnant in recent months that gave me tips on how to prepare my body for pregnancy long before I ever got pregnant (this was my best attempt at avoiding morning sickness completelY). Curious what I did? I took my prenatal vitamins (Vitafusion Gummies - this particular vitamin doesn’t have iron in it, but my doctor says I don’t need anything additional other than what I’m getting in my diet) in the evening with dinner. Although I did get extra drained and occasionally nauseous in the evening, I never threw up (unless I was trying to brush my teeth…that always seemed difficult). I figured I needed my energy during the day to get through work, so if I got drained at night, I could just take it easy. I also made sure to carry snacks with me everywhere – I’m convinced that the key to not getting sick is to avoid an empty stomach…maybe I’m wrong. 

Do you prefer to sleep on your right side or your left side?

According to this pregnancy myth, if you’re sleeping on your left side, you’re having a boy…while if you’re sleeping on your right side, you’re having a girl. I feel like a school girl asking a dumb question right now, but what if you sleep on both sides…and you’ve always slept on both sides pregnant or not. I don’t buy this one.

Okay, so I know there are a bunch of other “predictors,” but the list was getting a bit long. How about those all those home gender prediction tests? Yes, I tried a few of them and here’s what I found: 
Chinese Gender Chart
Source: The Bump
  • Even and Odd Numbers: If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it’s girl. One even, one odd means a boy. For those of you playing along, I was 29 in 2011 when this baby was conceived. 
  • The Chinese Conception or Birth Chart: This particular approach claims to be able to help you to predict the gender of the baby by linking your age and the month of conception to the gender of the baby. According to the Chinese, I’m having a girl. I have many friends who swear up and down by this approach. Click HERE to play along. 
  • Pendulum or Circle Swing:  This particular test has you hold a necklace with a pendant (often your wedding band on a string) or a needle over your belly. If it (whatever you choose to use) moves in a strong circular motion, you’re having a girl. If it moves back and forth like a pendulum, you’re having a boy. One of my coworkers said that she did this with both of her pregnancies and in both cases, it predicted she was having a girl. She has two beautiful little girls. She told me to bring in a necklace so we could try it out. I really thought I had to have a larger belly, but she said it didn’t matter. So, the other day at work, I laid down so she could dangle this chain over my belly. Sure enough, it started spinning in a circle…and I know she wasn’t moving her hand.
  • Urine Sample Tests: Of course, there is the Drano test (click HERE to see the recipe). I actually did not try this test…seems a little stinky and toxic – that can’t be good for the baby. However, I did purchase the GENDERmaker test. Much like a pregnancy test, you pee in a cup, then place a sample of your urine into a sample window on the gender prediction test. You are supposed to see an immediate chemical reaction in the control test window – it is supposed to change to either pink (Girl) or blue (Boy). For some reason, it took a while for the reaction to take place. I actually had to open up the test and drop my sample onto the sample tab until I witnessed a reaction. Furthermore, I noticed a heavy blue tab in between the sample space and the control space…which makes me think the whole thing is rigged. I threw away the test before taking a picture because I got a light shade of purple which doesn’t tell me much of anything – thus I think it’s a rip off. However, now that I look at the color chart, it may have leaned more girl. If anything, this type of thing should be used for entertainment purposes ONLY.

With all of that said, what myths do you buy into? Was there any particular one that was correct in predicting the gender of your babies? Tell me about your experience. And what do you predict for me? Girl or Boy? One more week and we’ll know for sure. I just need to come up with a creative way to tell you!


    I vote boy! BTW you look amazing…

    Reading into these old wives tales you would think that I ended up with a half boy / half girl baby. I was all over the charts. I’ve had 2 boys and pregnancies were definitely different. High heart rate with the first led me to believe it would be a girl (I didn’t find out prior to birth) but I was wrong. They say when you have heartburn that they baby has hair. I had terrible heartburn and my little guy was bald until he was one. It’s fun to read everything and guess anyway. :)

    Both the chinese birth chart and the urine tests were spot on with both my kids and my sisters 4 kids! Go figure….and unless your sticking your nose right in it the urine test is really not a big deal. You could always have your hubby add the drano…it would be interesting to know what it says before you find out. We were surprised the first time around and on the second I had an ultrasound only weeks before my son was born and we caved in and asked. I say based on just those two myths my vote is – girl!

    I say girl!!!

    A lot of those old wives tales rang really true to me and I had a girl! Only thing is, I carried K pretty low (at least it felt low to me) and I never had a lick of morning sickness. My weight definitely was all over, and I did gain in my lower body quite a bit. My face broke out just about the same, I was born in an odd year and she was conceived in an odd year. I did the ring thingie and it went in circles. The Chinese chart thingie was right. I slept on both sides. I wanted sweets (particularly cupcakes, fruit and pb&j, just like you). I don’t think I was very klutzy but I was doing a lot of yoga and my balance got really good. I don’t remember her heartbeat for the life of me. Greg gained some sympathy weight. I don’t understand that angle thing. This is crazy, now that I think of it… how a lot of those were true for me!

    You sound a lot like me :) But if I’m wrong, I’m okay with that. Little boys are cool too! :)

    Oh and I had CRAZY heartburn and K was born with a lot of hair! If that happens, Nexium is your friend (it was the ONLY thing that would work).

    I said boy, LOL there is a 50/50 chance I am right.

    Morningsickness so do not buy into that one, I was sick every moring till I was about 16weeks with Miss Mar and I was sick till I was 20 weeks with Mr Mar Jr. At least with him I only gaind 9kg with Miss Mar it was 18kg.

    The best thing to go by is your guts. That seems to work. ;) So what do you think you are having?

    I think a girl….

    Ive had a girl and boy and both were very different, my daughter was so easy no sickness, wore normal clothes right through she was 3 weeks early and had no hair till about 16 months old at least if not older lol….my son – I knew I was pregnant before I even did the test, I had morning sickness (not throwing up but feeling yuck) for at least the first half and the second half was killer heart burn (glass of cold milk works wonders for heart burn) and he was born with a head full of hair, I could snip a bit for his baby book at a few weeks old lol but he was so cute oh and he was 9 days overdue and I had to buy size large pants for him (first time in my life to buy size L lol) I was definally out front with him too….I really hope you don’t get heart burn or morning sickness….

    My stomach looks like that, and I can guarantee you that I’m not having a baby. :D

    As you know I don’t believe there are only 2 genders, but I just pray that your baby is healthy and well, and I know you’ll love it with all your heart whatever it is.

    I say boy! :)

    I’m thinking it’s a boy. :) It sounds like our pregnancy experiences were pretty similar, and you know I ended up with a 100% boy. I didn’t buy into all of the myths and whatnot when I was pregnant. But, the whole time I just FELT like we were having a boy. I think instinct is stronger than anything. :)

    I agree, you look awesome. Found out yesterday that God decided we needed number 4 on the way. ;P So I’ll be joining you.

    As a mother of 4 boys and grandmother to 5 boys, I can tell you that I “knew” every one of mine was a boy long before they were born, even though we didn’t have ultrasound way back in those days! I carried low – in 2 of the pregnancies, I still had a waistline…sort of. I was all out front…but there the predictions stop. I was sick, sick, sick with the first one, not at all with the others. Did have heartburn with all and they all had heads full of hair. So there you have it…I predict girl, based on your “scientific” data. Whatever you have, I wish you blessings and love! There is simply nothing like motherhood to cause you joy and make you grow! I am enjoying your journey!

    My mother says that if you do IT few days before your ovulation it will be a girl because “girl-sperm” lives longer, “boy-sperm” is quicker but die faster. ;) I think she knows what she is saying because they have done first two boys and then two girls on purpose. :D

    We have two boys and their heartbeats have been between 120-160 (boy one) and 130-160 (boy two).

    My vote is for a beautiful baby GIRL!! :D

    But no matter the gender of this tiny, precious gift that is continually growing in you right now, Ashley, I know beyond a matter of a fact that this little baby is already beyond blessed to have a mommy like you!

    You look great! either way I just keep praying you have a healthy baby.
    Have a great weekend

    I voted I don’t know because there really is a 50/50 chance of either a boy or girl. How exciting for you! I look forward to hearing updates along the way.

      we’re not there yet since we’re not sure whether we’re hanivg a girl or boy (we want to wait until we find out to start picking out names) but i know we’ll have so much trouble because my husband wants names that are SO COMMON! and i hate it! it’s kind of like “john smith” kind of common. i like it a little more creative and he hates it. so…. we’re going to be in trouble.

    I didn’t try to figure out with the first two, but with this pregnancy, it’s different than the first two (boys), which makes me wonder…i.e. no mask of pregnancy that I had terribly with both of the others and the bump is higher. I won’t take much stock in that until I find out for sure, but it’s still fun to try and guess… :)

    These were fun to read and scan! When pregnant with Bennett people asked me constantly if I wanted a boy or girl, this time is no different.

    You have popped and you look soo cute.

    I have no idea! All I can say is you look amazing regardless of the babies gender. My hubby and I totally felt I was going to have a girl. So much so that when I delivered and my dr. told us it was a girl we asked him if he was sure. Crazy isn’t it? :-)

    I guessed boy :) What do you think you’re having? Both times I just knew what I was having and I was right both times too.

    The first time I was pregnant I was so sick, it was awful. And I constantly craved pancakes with peanut butter and lots of orange juice…no calories there, huh? Oh, and strawberries too.

    Just remember that whatever they tell you for the sex, they can occasional be wrong. That happened to someone I know…opps. Last time I was pregnant they told me they were 99.9% sure I was having a girl, so I felt pretty confident that I was, but I still worried I’d be surprised at the end :)

    When I was pregnant half the people who offered their wisdom would tell me that I was having a boy because I was carrying so low. The other half would tell me I was having a girl because I was carrying high.
    My response; “And the other one?” At that point they would throw up their hands and say they had no clue.
    Yes, I was carrying two and they were both boys!
    My vote, I have no idea!

    I say boy — but I could be wrong! :)

    The heart rate one worked for me, but none of the others did, and frankly I don’t believe any of them work (more than 50% of the time ;)). I’m guessing boy for you based on the ultrasound!

    I voted girl, for no reason whatsoever. Both of my pregnancies have been totally different. However, I didn’t have too many issues with morning sickness with either pregnancy. Both of my pregnancies are boys, heart rate was always above 150 and I’ve carried (and am still carrying) high through to the end.

    I have found that some of the “baby gender myths” are true. At least for me. The ONE that was ridiculously inaccurate was the morning sickness. I had it BAD with BOTH of my boys, and in fact, every one I know that has had morning sickness badly happened to have boys. I would venture to say that maybe the myth is all backwards. Ha ha.
    You had mentioned that you didn’t know how anyone could know one way or another before their ultrasound.. but I did. I really did. Especially with my first (which was weird). As soon as I saw the “positive” on my pregnancy test, one of the FIRST things out of my mouth to my Husband was “Honey, I don’t know why, but I just KNOW that it’s a boy”. I never ever doubted it. Call it a Mother’s intuition maybe? And with my second, I had very strong feelings that I was carrying another boy – but those feelings came much later in the pregnancy (like around 11-12 weeks). But they were there none-the-less. And I haven’t been wrong yet. I suppose it’s 50/50 but I can’t describe it. I really felt that I already “knew” my boys before it was confirmed they were boys. Strange, right?

    I have heard about the heart rate being fairly accurate when checking for the heart rate at appointments. Even the Gyno said the same thing. So who knows. I tried the Chinese Gender Chart with Liam for fun. But, it showed I would have been having a girl. Oops. Not buying into those things. They also have this book out now to tell you how to conceive a certain sex. Not buying into that either. It really boils down to the male. Does he have a lot of girls on his side, or boys? The male plays a bigger part in the gender than we could ever do. Good luck, Ashley!

    I vote girl but wish is for a happy and healthy baby either way.

    the myths made me laugh … of course I was curious but I had to be surprised both times… we weren’t allowed to find out until the birth in BC Canada… with that said I had horrible nausea and vomiting for 9 mo. twice.. that is 18 mo. of misery… and I bloated and retained water the whole time both times… and high blood pressure… I was fit before the first and fairly fit before the second… I could hardly eat much less take vitamins… anyway… (so the empty stomach thing doesn’t work for all… =) my body couldn’t handle the extra hormones I think??) anyway… two identical miserable pregnancies… one boy one girl!! =) but it was too tempting to speculate… so you joke about it.. but I don’t believe in any of it… =) boy or girl they are a huge blessing! =)

    Oh I love this! I’d never heard of most of those gender-determining theories. I’m excited to hear if you are having a boy or a girl! Awwwww stuff like this just makes me excited to have my own kiddos someday.

    You really did your homework! It’s a girl. ;-)

      We did not find out and I was almost potsiive it was a boy all along. I honestly didn’t mind either way, since I’d like at least one of each anyway, and we were planning on neutral colors for the nursery. Baby was SUPER active, I did NOT crave sweets (when I’m usually a total sweet tooth), I craved meat, I still looked good, I carried all in the front… so according to all those old wives tales, I was having a boy. And I was right!

    I vote boy. No great reason behind it, just using my psychic abilities! Lol)

    I carried Sam low and Luke high…both are terrible the last month, by the way. And, I never looked pregnant from behind with either. (That was my grandfather’s indicator for girl.)

    I’m picking boy! :)

    I voted boy!

    Ill vote boy merely because Im biased and think everyone should have boys! Ha :). Have you heard of a cake reveal? Ive had a couple of friends do that. Have the bakery make the inside blue or pink and surprise, its a….!! Kinda fun. ;)

    With Anthony I knew it was a boy instinctively. With Dominic, I had no clue.

    I vote boy. Just because that is what I know and I wanna share the love. lol…

    My husband’s cousin told me the Chinese Gender Chart is “always on,” and ours said we were having a boy. We did have a boy. :) I have always had acne-prone skin, and throughout my pregnancy? Forgot what acne was! My skin was clear as can be the entire way. Also boy, from what you posted. :) I did as many of the tests as I could, and it was split half in half for us. I thought it was a girl, my husband thought so, but we were both quite surprised at our gender reveal at 18 weeks when within 5 seconds, the tech said, “It’s a boy! No denying that!” :)

    I am predicting a lovely healthy baby. I doesn’t matter the sex it is going to be loved. V

    This was fun to explore. I’ve had two of each and I had no clue until my 20 week ultrasounds and with each I also had earlier ultrasounds. Even those can be wrong, but it is fun to start shopping once you get he word ;)

    Very fun! My son and daughter in law have chosen to wait to find out the sex…won’t be long…I’m excited! I said it at the beginning when you posted you were expecting, and I’m sticking to it…GIRL.

    Such interesting tales on gender-prediction! I had zero morning sickness with all three of my girls, was prone to evil acne attacks and my belly always sat way down low like it was trying to escape my body.

    They did all have rather fast heart rates though.

    And with Afton I took a gender predictor pee test and it told me Boy. Hubs almost cried when he saw via ultrasound that it was wrong, even though I warned him it was totally not something to put faith in. Ha ha ha. God sure got him good with these three girls!

    Just reading your food cravings part made me hungry. I vote girl. Can’t wait to see what we’re having too.

    I don’t buy into any of them. I had a girl and she didn’t fit into any of those predictions! lol

    She was stubborn though. We tried to find out 4 times what she was. FOUR TIMES. She managed to hide the goods each time. Even hours before I was induced. She’s a stinker :)

      Obviously, I’ll be happy to have whatever we end up (hopefully) hnaivg one day. However, I have to admit that I dream of hnaivg a little girl. It makes no logical sense since my own mother and I have a rough time of things sometimes (not really bad, just not awesome). But I can’t help it. I think Craig is keeping his fingers crossed for a girl too just because he’s not sure what will happen if I don’t get one! ;)

    Love your little belly. I think a girl. What day is your ultrasound?

    isn’t it fun!!? every pregnancy is so different for each person… i’ve been preggo 4 times 3 boys and twin girls…every time I as all baby! the most i gained was 35 pounds….. love reading these posts and seeing your little bump grow!
    both boys and girls are so much fun and such a blessings..praying for a healthy little one and for you to stay healthy as well!

    I voted girl . . but who knows! This was fun, but I can dispell just about everyone e of the myths!

    this was such a fun post. I voted girl, but i could possibly be wrong. every single one of my pregnancies were different so i really have no clue ;)

    Wow, look at all those girl votes!

    I voted boy! I am surrounded by boys, so how could I not! I experienced no morning sickness during my pregnancy with Will. I just knew all the way up to our 20 week ultrasound that I was having a boy and I told everyone very matter of factly before the confirmation! Luckily, I was right!

    I voted girl for you, but mostly just because of a gut feeling, not because I have any particular reason to back it up. You look beautiful, btw! It’s great that you’re still going strong at the gym; it makes delivery and recovery much easier and faster (at least, that’s what the L&D nurse told me). Good luck next week!

    I’m horrible with guessing this sort of thing–but either way, you’re going to wind up with a beautiful baby! :D

    Go team PINK!

    Love the post…I think the evidence leans you towards a girl right?? But for some reason I think you are having a boy…just a witchy feeling ;)

    Wow! Who woulda thought there’s be all those ways to tell? I’m gonna vote girl, but really just hope the baby is healthy! Cute pic – you’re looking amazing!

    Little girl, guess what I have a 50% chance of being right!!!

    Hope you are keeping well. Take care. xxx

    I think boy…the suspense is killing me! I pray for healthy and ornery either way!

    When I had Wy, I carried around a barf bag 24/7…even had a trash can by the bed…for the first 4 months, then again for the last two. I only gained 18lbs until the last two weeks, when my blood pressure spiked and I puffed up like a water balloon and gained 8 lovely lbs of water.

    The chinese calendar was right for me…said boy. But my age was odd and the year he was conceived was even.

    Your totally having a girl. If it’s a boy I’ll be surprised. The chinese gender chart was right for us :)

    I vote girl!
    The only thing i had from the myths with both girls was the heart rates. Other then that pretty much everything else was wrong lol.
    Good Luck at you US and either way I hope its a happy healthy baby ;)

    I vote girl!

    I have to see you in profile before I can vote!

    We found out early on that we were having a boy so we didn’t spend a lot of time on girl names. We have naoewrrd it down to the two names that we kept bringing up again and again. I had one boy name that I really liked before I got pregnant but when it became “real” and we were actually having a boy, this name just didn’t feel right and we aren’t using it.

    it was so strange with both of my wifes pregnancys i had very bad heartburn for week straight and never had heart burn this was before we got a test each time. the second time i told her she was preg before we took the test cause of the heartburn has anyone else experienced this?

    I just want to say that you have one BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly!!!!!!!!!!!!