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A Pregnancy Story: The Beginning - Ramblings and Photos

February 17, 2012
Categories: My Pregnancy
A Pregnancy Story: The Beginning
I thought today, before I get to my bump report (tomorrow), that I’d take a step back up and share how we found out I was pregnant…and how we told our families that we were expecting.

As many of you might have guessed, this pregnancy was both planned and anticipated, so the months leading up to a positive test result were full of symptom analysis (and for those of you who’ve been there – you know how mentally draining this can be). However, the month I actually got pregnant, I experienced no noticeable symptoms. In fact, the week before Thanksgiving, I traveled cross country…packing plenty of feminine hygiene products just in case “aunt flo” came for a visit. Clearly she didn’t. 

Baby Sisk US 122011
Is it just me, or does our baby look like ET?
When my husband picked me up from the airport, we both had a feeling that this was our month, but the next day we were supposed to go to my parents’ for Thanksgiving. I couldn’t take a pregnancy test the night before and keep that kinda secret all day…so, we waited. Then, that Friday after Thanksgiving…as soon as we got home from my parents’ house, I peed on a stick (POAS). My husband told me not to hover, so I decided to unpack my bag while we waited for a result. A few minutes later, we walked over together to see those two little pink lines.

I know that a lot of people call their families immediately to spread the good news, but I’ve heard a lot of pregnancy horror stories of people telling too quickly only to be disappointed…so we decided that we would wait until my 8 week appointment and ultrasound before telling our families. I guess I just wanted to have evidence that an actual baby existed before telling the world.

As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t experience much in the way of morning sickness during my first trimester, so it was easy to hide my pregnancy from most people. However, my mom and I talk nearly every day (or at least every other day) so keeping my big news from her was painful. In fact, she’ll tell you that I was a bit distant and rude for those few weeks. Nonetheless, I wanted to tell her in person. Furthermore, I really wanted to wait until Christmas. It was completely worth the wait.
Baby Surprise RS
Fast forward to Christmas Eve. My husband and I decided that we would tell his family on Christmas Eve at the family cabin (since we would be with them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). A few weeks prior, my sister-in-law was asking everyone to send in pictures of themselves past and present. She may have even told us that she was going to put together a video montage to share with everyone after opening presents. We thought it was the perfect time to share our news.

At the end of the video, my husband announced that there was one photo missing and held up our eight week ultrasound photo. I had my camera ready and aimed at his Nanny and brother (above). It’s a little overexposed, but you can see how surprised they were. Of course, our announcement was followed by lots of tears and hugs…and our niece asking if it was a boy or girl…too soon sweetheart (but we’ll know in just a couple of weeks).

We left my inlaws’ house on Christmas Day after lunch to drive across the state to tell my parents that night. When we arrived, it was just the four of us (my mom, dad, me and my husband) and our presents (since my  brother and sister had already spent most of the day at home). We exchanged presents and as we were nearly done, I passed one final gift over to my mom. I think I gave her some speech about how I know I’m always made fun of for giving photo-related gifts, but I had to include just one. As she opened the box, her eyes filled with tears as she realized what it was – this part still makes me cry. My dad looked confused so I skipped any poetic creativity and announced that we were expecting….more hugs and tears.

It was the first of many good days and we’re all still beaming. Stay tuned as I share more bits and pieces of my pregnancy story over the next five and a half months. I’ll be back tomorrow with my 16 Week Bump Report.

PS: Don’t forget to send Kitty Paw a Love Letter. She’s waiting to hear from you. Click HERE for more details. 

    I am so late to this wonderful news! Big Congrats to you darling! I loved reading your post too:-). XX

    Oh what great ways to announce your blessing! :-P you’re going to have an awesome pregnancy journal for this little one! all the details captured and written down (while you clearly remember them!) will be priceless one day!

    I love reading these stories! We had our first in August 2010 and told our families at Christmas as well! I found a picture frame that said Mom + Dad = Me. My Mom oohed and ahhed over the frame for WAY too long before you realized what it really meant :)

    Congrats!! So excited to follow your journey!

    beautiful!!! so happy for you guys xx

    awww you know I loved this! Still so exciting!

    Telling family in person is so much more fun than doing it over the phone or via email–I had to do the same thing with my mom when I was pregnant with Sammy and she was actually kind of hurt that I had waited as long as I did, but fortunately she doesn’t hold grudges! :D I love the photo of your husband’s family–the look on his grandma’s face just says it all!

    I love this story. We broke the news about our first on Christmas, too.
    I can’t wait to find out what you are having. How exciting! Ooooh, then the shopping really begins. ;)

    So fun! I love reading things like this. Thanks for sharing!

    This just warms my heart! Thanks for sharing mama! Can’t wait to hear the bump report!

    P/S Miss Kitty Paw… your love letter will be coming very soon! Good things are worth the wait! Lol) xo

    That photo is priceless! We could never wait to tell the family. However this time we waited due to me being ill and in the hospital right around 5 weeks. It was very difficult not to tell my mom!

    I am excited for you and can’t wait read more, and the pictures.. I can’t wait for the pictures!

    I’ve only recently begun following your blog and I don’t comment often on any blog – but I had to tell you that I’m so very happy for you. Wonderful story. Enjoy each day.

    Thoroughly enjoy dour story Ashley. You did well to keep the news to yourselves for so long. Wise move.

    I loved the way you chose to tell your family – and the photo is priceless! The joy and surprise just explode off the “page”! Love it!

    So sweet, what an awesome Christmas present for everyone. Congrats again. So exciting.

    You will need to clip this post and include it in your baby’s keepsake book – it is so sweet. Many congratulations (perhaps duplicated) – wait, I’ve just had an idea for the scavenger hunt…….. <3

    love it! and it never gets old! Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us! this little one is loved so much already! I’ll never forget hearing our first’s heartbeat!! Isn’t it amazing also that God already know the plans he has for him/her! Enjoy these weeks and month you are the only one who will have these bonds with him/her!! it’s an honor isn’t it!!? be blessed

    I am so glad that everything is going great. Wonderful post. V

    what a sweet way to tell your family! congrats!

    Oh My Goodness!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I am just beaming with joy and teary after reading how you told the families. Such a blessing!!!! Enjoy each and every wonderful and horrible moment of pregnancy because while we are TOTALLY done… Sometimes I really miss the feeling of being pregnant. Much Love!!

    Keep meaning to stop by and say congrats to you! Exciting stuff! I think we’re probably due right around the same time–I’m early August as well- 8/8 to be exact! How fun!!!! So, it’s fun to read your accounts and ‘feel’ your pains (or lack thereof!)! CONGRATS!

    That is so sweet. I did the same thing, waited to tell my mom in person on Christmas. We talk every other day too and not telling her about killed me but it was SO worth it. And we even video taped it because I knew her reaction would be priceless! Gotta love mamas! Thanks for the update.

    oh i love reading this! you are so cute and so creative in your ways of sharing this big news with your family!! I am horrible with keeping my pregnancies from my family, i always tell my sister immediately! lol! yay! i can’t wait to hear more beautiful stories of your new addition!!

    I’m so excited for you Ashley! Your story reminds me of how i told my family years ago and how I found out last year that i would soon be a grandmother…such joy to come!

    Yep – in person is the way to go.

    Gave me goosebumps to read. :D

    (And can’t believe you’re already 16 weeks!!)

    I love hearing how people share the pregnancy news. I love that you captured Nanny’s reaction.

    What a great story Ashley! It’s going by so quickly!

    I’ve been so behind in catching up on blogs. I’m so excited to read about your happy news! Congrats and I can’t wait to read about your updates and of course see all of your beautiful photos. :)

    Thank you for sharing your story! I love hearing how you told your families the news!

    such a beautiful story!! It made me tear up!

    I am so excited for you guys!

    This was fun to read! I’m so happy for you!

    What great story!

    I didn’t know you were expecting! Congratulations, you’re in for a wonderful ride!

    What a great post! I had no idea you were expecting! Congratulations!

    such a great story! I can’t wait to see your bump update!

    Congratulations! What a beautiful story!

    Man you have some willpower. With Addison I called my mom right away of course I was very nervous after my miscarriage so I needed to share it with her. We did wait to tell his parents until our ultrasound. With this one I did surprise my mom with a shirt I had Addison wear but otherwise we just told people as we saw them. It is so exciting to see others get so emotional and excited about your special news! That is a pretty cool way to tell everyone!

    Such a sweet and memorable story. I love how you revealed the news with images. Loved reading the full story ;)

    *waving hi*

    Hey ladycakes! I was JUST getting ready to email you last night…. needing a bump report. This is adorable! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post! :-) Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    Not ever having had children it’s hard for me to “get” pregnancy stories and stuff, but this one is really sweet. Nanny’s face is fantastic and I think the way you told your mom is wonderful.
    Hope you’re doing and feeling well and those headaches have flown the coop.

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been MIA for too long apparently! Congratulations!

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Before I even read your caption for your ultrasound I was totally thinking – how cute! a teeny tiny alien! Can’t wait to hear more over the next few months!

    I love your story!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

    I’m really late to the party as well, but just wanted to tell you congrats! That’s so exciting!

    I do so love the way you guys shared the news with your family! IT is so exciting to announce a pregnancy to family and to see their reactions. I loved that part too. And look at your little one’s first picture! Such a perfect little person already:).

    This is so sweet! We also decided to wait until our first drs appt to tell our immediate family, but I had to spread my news by phone. This worked out perfectly for you around the holidays! Love that photo of his Nanny’s reaction!!

    What a fun way to share the news. Neon pregnant is such an amazing experience to be gifted!!

    We did the same thing, Ashley. I got pregnant with Liam before Thanksgiving and announced the pregnancy on Christmas Day, thinking that would be fun and a nice gift to boot. I didn’t care about waiting the three months to break the news. Well, it turns out my family was excited and Aaron’s wasn’t. Long story. I’ll have to let you in on how badly that went for us sometime. It was horrible. I’m glad you guys can actually enjoy your moment of glory and it’s nice to have people who love and support you. I’m so happy for you guys! I am predicting a girl. The heartbeat is up and the cravings mostly include sweets. The heartbeat “rule” is usually pretty accurate, but the sweets are touch and go. I can’t wait to find out!!

    Aww. Loved your little story.

    This post gave me goosebumps. Love it.

    What a fun way to tell everyone!! I don’t think we will tell anyone until that 8 week ultrasound either. Whenever that may be, that is. :) SO EXCITED for you!

    so adorable! I can’t believe how patient you were about POAS and about telling your family. I am so crazy and impatient this would never happen.

    So sweet! I could not wait like that. I was already 8 weeks when I found out and I called my mom immediately and told the rest of my family the next day which was Thanksgiving :0). Anyhoo, when I look back, I wish I had done it differently and been creative about it. Thanks for sharing!

    How fun! We told everyone right away… Couldn’t wait long enough to get creative, haha. Wish I had a fun story like this sometimes, though! ;)

    Isn’t it funny how you agonize over symptoms for months and months and then when you finally get knocked up there aren’t any:) thats how it happend for me with both of my pregnancies. My symptoms were no symptoms at all, not even my regular cycle symptoms.