February 15, 2012
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Guest Tutorial and a Reminder from Kitty Paw
Do you remember this before and after?
Dustyn Before and After RS
Well…I’m revisiting it today over at Crisp PhotoWorks – click HERE to read the tutorial. Also, in the spirit of Valentine’s day, don’t forget to send Kitty Paw a Love Letter. So far, she’s received nine letters, but she’s really hoping to receive a few more before February 22 (one week from today). Click HERE for all the details and prizes! Happy belated Valentine’s Day – hope your Wednesday is a great one!

    Yes, that is a great tutorial! Very helpful! Thanks for the Kitty Paw reminder, it completely slipped my mind!

    What an awesome tutorial .. Are we allowed to use that photo to try it with?

    Great tutorial! Thanks!

    I must say that is a perfect process! I saw leg removal and instantly looked at his legs and whast like, “what? the horror!” Then of course quickly realized that, whew, you left his legs on and removed the other subject’s leg. hehehe.

    Such an awesome edit!!

    I still love that shot!! He has grown so much since we first met.