February 24, 2012
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Last year, during Shoot and Edit, Jill Samter and I teamed up to get rid of captcha’s…or word verifications. For a while, it seemed as if our efforts were working – word verification seemed to disappear. Unfortunately, I have seen a huge increase in word verifications popping up all over the blogosphere. 


For one, I try to visit a lot of blogs (probably not as much as I once did since the baby has zapped a lot of that energy, but definitely on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt), and it takes too long trying to spell out weird words. Most times I have no clue what the letters are – which means I have to type in words more than once…especially now that part of the captcha is blurred out.  If you’re like me, the word verification thing really hampers your ability to visit and comment on other people’s posts. If you could just check your own site to see if you’re an offender and then remove it, that’d be great. 

Just in case you don’t know how to turn it off (and you’re in blogger) – go to your dashboard.  

Click on Settings….then click on Post and Comments (to lower your spam comments check off Registered Users like you see below). I personally allow anyone to comment, and blogger does a pretty good job of weeding out the anonymous users from my comment feed.
Settings for comments
Now, scroll down to where you see show word verification and select no. You may have to switch back to the old blogger interface to access this page since it’s not available in draft.blogger.com. Just got up to the right hand corner of your screen and click on the symbol that indicates settings (it’ll be beside the language button). Click on the option for the Old Blogger Interface and look for Settings and then Comments. Make the adjustments as you see below and save your changes.  You can adjust how often you moderate comments. I don’t mind if you moderate all comments as long as I don’t have to complete the word verification. I personally only moderate comments older than 14 days. settingsforcomments
I guess it’s really up to you whether or not you make this adjustment, but I do know that you’ll see an increase in comment traffic if you simply remove word verification. If nothing else, you’ll make me happy…that should count for something right?

And if you want to join the movement, feel free to copy/past the button below onto your blog. Spread the word – let’s get rid of word verification one blogger at a time!
Just Say No - Word Verification

While we’re here, let’s also discuss a couple of other things that would really make yours and my blogging experience more collaborative. 

1. Turn on your email addresses so that when you leave me a comment, I can reply back to you directly. Ideally, I would love to return visit everyone who visits my page, but let’s be honest…that doesn’t always happen. However, I would at least like to respond back to your comment to let you know I’m here. You can reply via email to my comments I leave on your blog because I’ve included an email address on my blogger profile.  

Rather than seeing noreply-comment@blogger.com when I try to respond to you, it’d be great to have your email address. In fact, did you know that if you don’t have your email linked to your profile, GMAIL links all noreply-comment@blogger.com comments together so it looks like one big blob of comments. It’s almost easier to just hit delete than to try to return-visit those bloggers. 

The steps are rather easy. Once fix the “no-reply@blogger.com,” others will be able to email you if they choose for comments to hit their in-box.
    • Edit your profile and enter your email address under the Identity section, then click on the box next to “show my email address” under the Privacy section. This will provide a link on the profile page that says “Email” and a person could click on that to email them directly.  This also provides a legit email address a blogger can reply to when responding to a comment left on their blog! As you can see in my example below, I used Jill’s original message and image. With Google +, this may look a little different, but you can still edit your profile to include your email address…even hide it from the sender so your email doesn’t get thrown into some sort of junk mail vendor’s hands.
    • Make sure your profile looks like this to enable others to email you back once your comment has been emailed to them. 
    edit profilesettingsblogger
    2. If you want to have comments left on your blog emailed to you – simply follow the steps above to turn off word verification and then add in your email address where you see it below.  Then click save.
    If you still get any unwanted comments simply turn on comment moderation and do not publish any that you do not wish to show. 

    3. Finally, I have just to point out to bloggers who may respond to comments on their blog…in most cases, your responses are never read by the original commenters. Personally, after I’ve visited a blog and left a comment, I move on and don’t return to see if the blogger responded to me. I do know that Blogger has enabled some WordPress/TypePad types of applications that allow you to comment directly on your blog, but that only works in certain browsers. Just thought I’d give you a head’s up.

    Alright, that’s all folks. Have a great day and spread the word!

      Okay, so I totally want to follow your directions because Scavenger Hunt Sunday is my favorite thing ever and I want to keep you happy. BUT when I went to make the changes, there wasn’t an option for word verification. Right after “Comment Moderation”, I see “Show Backlinks” and “Comment Form Message”. Nothing more. I don’t know if I’m one of the word verification offenders, but it doesn’t appear that if I am, it’s something I can change. Hmph…I’m happy when you’re happy, so I hope I’m not a word verification requiring girl.

      I couldn’t agree with you more!!!


      Thank you for taking the time out to list out the steps. I think most of the time, people just don’t know how to do it.

      Oh, hallelujah, sistah…it’s been driving me insane, lately!!!

      oh, amenamenamen! I couldn’t agree more. those captcha codes drive me nuts!

      I just wanted to check to make sure i had turned it off- but the new blogger interface doesn’t seem to have the option to turn it off.( it probably does somewhere, but not accessible via your instructions!)
      I had to go back & look at the old interface & I have turned it off. That may cause some problems for some.


      Biggest pet peeves: word verification and noreply-comment@blogger.com

      got rid of my word verification! I didnt even know I could change it! Thanks for the steps on how to fix it because I hated it!! :) :)

      Thank you! Thank you! I was going to write a post about this and wil noe link to your site…I think the word verifications are getting worse too…now they ask for 2 words! Sometimes I don’t even go ahead with my comment if I see that thing come up!

      Had already turned off word verification, but have now completed the rest of your tutorial! Thanks so much for taking the time to go through the steps. I am a relatively new blogger, so it was very helpful!

      Amen Sister!

      Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

      Oh I hate word verification!!!

      Oh that drives me crazy too!! if I have to enter it more than once I give up and leave. It’s a shame! Thanks for posting this Ashley!

      Amen sista!!!! This new one blogger has is even worse than the other. I am cross-eyed from trying to read them. :O)

      Yes and Amen and Thank You… and tears!!! :( Captch’s drive me completely insane.

      Oh yes, yes, yes!!! These are all things I want to say too! Especially about word verification…that thing is driving me nuts.

      Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I think I’ll write a post that links to this. Well done. You are the “bomb”!!

      Thank you soo much for this!!! I didn’t know how to get the word verification turned off on my blog, and it is especially annoying now that Blogger changed it. Thanks so much!

      Thank you so much for this. Word verification is beyond annoying, especially since now they seem to want TWO words — and sometimes it still won’t work.

      Ha! I just posted how much I hate word ver on my FB page! Thanks for throwing this out there again :)

      Preach on sista! THANK you!

      thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m getting it done!

      Thank you for writing this. I followed all this back when I first found you and Jill but I too noticed an increase in word verifications on blogs. It truly is a deterrent to visiting other blogs.

      Yes! I agree 100%. Googles word verification has gotten soooo much harder. Makes it hard when doing wordless wednesday.

      Amem! Thanks for that

      I hate word verification too. If I don’t get it after a try to two or if I”m in a hurry, I’ll just move on. I’ll admit though, that the new google changes have made it more confusing. I couldn’t get my email to show up with the google+ profile even when I had it clicked to “public” so I reverted back to the blogger profile.

      Thanks for sharing this info!

      Yes word verification is horrible, I totally agree. I sometimes won’t leave a comment if there is word verification … and forget trying to leave a comment using my mobile phone! thanks for posting this! I have had mine off from almost day one!

      Thank you so much for your very informative post. It is so clear and well written. I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to link to it with a post I am doing on word verification for the challenge blog Our Creative Corner.

      Thank you for such a thorough post on Word Verification. I linked it to a post on my blog…just trying to get everyone on board!!

      Happy Trails~

      I hope I have turned mine off because the new format drives me mad!

      Amen…thank you…ditto, all of the above too!

      Hi Ashley – may I use this post?? I run a couple challenge blogs and belong on a couple others and this has been crazy with this new word verification. I have one DT member with eye issues and she just struggles so much.

      You can email me at karen_ctmh@hotmail.com thanks a bunch!!

      Great post Ashley, has been mulling over for a week or two if I should address this on the challenges I run, as the whole word verification thing has become a nightmare.

      Would you mind me adding a link back here to my challenge posts when I do them at the weekend ?

      My mail addy is brenda@ibas.co.uk but will only do so if it’s OK with you.

      B x

      Thank you so much for the tutorial. I don’t like the word verification either! After reading your tutorial, I decided to go through the steps and make sure mine was not on. OH MY GOODNESS.. IT WAS! I had no idea :( Thanks to you it is off for good!! So, if you ever stop by my blog you will be a happy camper haha. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I also posted a link to this on my blog for anyone else that is a little bloggie challenged.


      YAY!! Sing it sista!

      I think mine has been gone for some time. I LOVE this because its so much easier to post without it when you go do a lot of link parties. Adding button now!

      YES PLEASE! I hate word verifications.

      I agree!! Word verification is such a pain, especially since Google/Blogger changed it recently. The words are REALLY hard to make out now.

      I can barely make out that word verification anymore! Thanks for the post…

      Ashley – thank you for this. I was so frustrated tonight trying to comment on someone’s blog that I set out to find a tutorial to show others how to turn off the blog verification. Your tutorial is awesome and I just posted it on my blog for others to go to your blog to read it!!!

      Let’s hope this helps!!!

      thanks Ashley! I dropped the word verification long ago, and I have “suggested” to others to drop it when I make comments.They must think I’m a bossy pants! Didn’t know about the email, but got that hooked up as well. Have a happy Wednesday.

      Thanks your blog was of great helP>>
      i have followed you
      all the best


      I wish that more people would follow suit.

      I’ve come across so many blogs in my wanderings lately that have it enabled, and quite frankly, it irritates me to the point that I don’t even bother trying to comment anymore. :-/

      It’s so easy to disable, and the argument in favor (and I’ve heard this repeatedly) for keeping it on to prevent spammers, isn’t necessary. Comment moderation is enough. ;-)

      As for email, though I understand having it available to visitors (especially with word verification enabled), if I’m taking part in a weekly challenge or photo share, and I take the time to visit other blogs and leave a thoughtful comment, I’d prefer that those people do the same for me. Besides, I do want people to see the things that I’m sharing as well. It bugs me to receive an email that says nothing more than ‘thanks’ because I visited their blog and commented on their post.

      I understand the argument (somewhat) if you’ve got several hundred followers, but many of us do not.

      There is some etiquette involved with this whole blogging thing. :-)

      Thanks for your post about WV. I’m going to post the button on my own blog.

      The opposite can happen too, often blogs that don’t have word verification enabled might be clogged with spam and the admins just don’t bother and alll the comments go to waste. So it’s another viewpoint to consider.. if the blogger is active and there are comments on show, no problem!