Photographing an Aspiring Actress in Downtown Raleigh, NC
Photographing an Aspiring Actress in Downtown Raleigh, NC
Apparently, my dear husband has been “promoting” my business across the country (at least the along the east coast). For example…meet Lily. Lily is an aspiring actress. Lily and my husband work for the same company. Last weekend, she and her husband drove down from Washington, D.C. so that I could take some fresh head shots for her portfolio. Washington D.C. is roughly a four to five hour drive away from us, so while I was certainly flattered to take her business…I have to admit, I was also a bit nervous that I would royally screw something up.
IMG_3157 BW RS
I think these nerves are nervous for any professional in their field…whether it be photography, acting, public speaking, etc. These nerves always seems to go away as soon as I take the first photo, but they were definitely there.
IMG_3222 RS
Granted…I had beautiful morning light, a gorgeous model and my husband to help take the edge off.  Actually, my husband became a huge help to me last weekend.
IMG_3205 BW RS
For one, he’s the social butterfly between the two of us, which means he can become a comedian on demand. Trust me…this definitely comes in handy.
IMG_3322 RS
Often portrait sessions can start out a bit awkward…especially if you’ve never photographed the person standing in front of you. Funny husbands can break the ice and loosen a smile. 
IMG_3456 RS
My husband is also an incredible tour guide. I often allow my clients to choose our shooting location in the event that they have something specific in mind. In cases where your client is from out of town, that doesn’t exactly work.
IMG_3479 BW RS
So, I mentioned to my husband that I wanted a combination of urban and open spaces. He knew right where to take us. For example, I am loving the photos we took on N.C. State’s campus…specifically the “free expression tunnel.”
IMG_3601 RS
Of course he also wanted to go to the “homeless park.” I felt a little awkward about shooting in someone’s home (so to speak), so I suggested that we go to the capital instead.
IMG_3615 RS
Although Sunday morning was relatively quiet in downtown Raleigh, we did manage to run into a segway tour. By this point in our shoot, Lily handled the attention like a pro…she completely rocked the camera!
IMG_3649 BW RS
Wait…did I mention that he was also willing to hold my reflector (I don’t know why I haven’t used that before)? Super helpful! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed today’s preview. To Lily – thank you so much for making the trip to North Carolina. We’ll have to come to you next time. And for anyone else that is interested in coming to see me for a portrait session, just let me know. Happy Friday!

    The tunnel shots are really cool. :D

    I really like the B&W of her walking towards you, too.

    Beautiful images! So glad your husband could help you out. Mine isn’t nearly patient enough to do that! :)

    Wow…these are great shots. I am sure she is thrilled!

    I really like that tunnel! Very interesting!


    Black and whites are my favourite but my goodness they are all just fabulous!

    Lovely work. You will be famous, cause I am sure Lily is going places.

    Fantastic work Ashley! I’m sure she’ll think they were worth the drive! Love the colourful backdrop of the tunnel :)

    Fabulous shots, gorgeous model, wonderful husband, great staging… I don’t think there was anything you didn’t do well! I really enjoyed this series – great job!

    Your B&W shots are PERFECTION! Love them! Yes, it is awesome to have a reflector holder and comedian in one :-D

    Have a blessed weekend! Loved seeing your lemon photo on fb.

    xo Jill

    You did a wonderful job on these, Ashley! I get a tad nervous as every shoot! I LOVE the shots by the grafitti and in the tunnel!

    These are fabulous! Love your B&Ws!

    love these, you did an awesome job!!

    These are beautiful. I love the tunnel, looks so cool.

    I should fly out from AZ for a session :)

    you did an amazing job!! great pictures!!

    beautiful shots and editing


    The close ups are absolutely stunning! And I love that your husband was able to be such a big help to you at your shoot. So sweet!

    Beautiful shots Ashley! I’ve been contemplating getting a cheap set of reflectors. Looks like they did add some light to her face!

    You did awesome Ashley! I love the one where she is walking towards the camera.

    These are so beautiful, Ashley. You did such a fantastic work! Tunnel shots are so cool; beautiful colors. And your b&w edits are gorgeous.

    these are awesome! my favs are the B&Ws. Have a great weekend!

    These are really pretty.

    Oh my goodness, WOW! These are fabulous. I bet she was just smitten with them!

    You did a great job! These are wonderful!

    Beautiful portraits! Such variety, all the backgrounds are amazing. Your husband sounds like a keeper :)

    Oh my favorites are the two next to each other with the graffiti in the background! Great job Ashley!

    Lovely shots. If I was judging them rather than just enjoying your photos I think it would have been nice to have a couple of shots without her smiling too. Just because they can look a bit more “arty”.

    Fun! I especially love the graffiti shots!

    Such great shots–and you’re lucky to have such a helpful assistant on hand! :D I especially like the black and white one of her walking towards you…I just find that photo really compelling for some reason.

    These are so awesome. Great shots. I am hoping to get Kenny more involved too. :)

    beautiful smile!

    You totally rocked these. My favorite is the free expression tunnel. Did you use a reflector for that or a flash?

    Naturally, you rocked it :) Those are gorgous portraits anyone would be proud to have in their portfolio.

    Great Photos Ashley!!!!

    My hubby has the official title of COS on his business cards for Simply Life.. COS= carrier of stuff, and he is a great reflector guy..LOL

    These are all gorgeous! LOVE the tunnel shot. You so rock!

    These are gorgeous Ashley!!!!!! You did a great job as usual! I like that you had some help too (I have started enlisting the help of my “entourage” when I need it. Hey 3 additional sets of hands is great- I wonder how helpful they will be when I go pro one day) :)

    Great shots … love the B&W!

    Great job, Ashley! You really did a fabulous job with these. That tunnel is awesome!

    you did an awesome job, Ashley. If I were her I would be VERY satisfied with your work!

    Gorgeous photos, really like the close-up black and white ones.

    Gorgeous shots, all of them. Looks like you rocked the camera! Have a great weekend.


    Those are all beautiful shots! I bet Lily is so very happy with the results!

    These are great! I bet she is very pleased.

    I love my reflector, but I don’t use it as often as I should because it is so bulky and unwieldy…a reflector holder would definitely solve that problem! (Sunflower wants to, but that kind of defeats the purpose since she is supposed to be the subject and it is bigger than her.)

    These are lovely Ashley and Lily looks so relaxed. I think I’ll need to bring my hubby along to a few shoots – I always hope someone else is around at the time to hold a reflector for me.

    i have one of “those” too, a funny husband that is! gorgeous shots. thanks for linking up!

    These are gorgeous Ashley!! Great job!

    I totally agree with hubbies being wonderful ice breakers! I take mine with me all the time!! :)

    she’s gorgeous! beautiful shots.

    She is a beautiful gal and you captured that beauty perfectly! Love the tunnel shots! Awesome!

    These are great. I love the backdrop of the graffiti – it makes for a really unique portrait.

    These are just beautiful! You did an amazing job capturing her in different light and perspective! Thanks so much for sharing at “Life as this Mommy knows It”!

    Beautiful model, places and beautiful shots!

    Visiting for Favorite Photo Friday! Hope you can stop by:)

    You did a great job! I understand about the nerves. I had 2 weddings in three days ad was extremely nervous more about the second one. But they both went great. That’s really a compliment that she drove 4-5 hours to you, great job!

    She must be so excited about these! They are gorgeous! When I shoot my nieces or nephews I try to get one of my boys to come with me to entertain them while I shoot. I have to concentrate to much to be entertaining and funny!

    Somehow I missed this one. Gorgeous shots, Ashley! You did such a great job. I do LOVE the tunnel shots, what a great place!! Sounds like you got a keeper hubby on your hands! :0)

    Fabulous team work i say :)
    And YAY to your husband for spreading the good word of your photography.
    I bet Lily was thrilled with these photos – she’s gorgeous and you have done a most wonderful job. Great stuff!

    I had no idea that you lived so close to me! I live in Walnut Cove, NC. IT is tiny so you may not have heard of it but it is in the Triad near Greensboro and Winston Salem. :) Awesome job as always. I feel you on the nerves. I feel that way even with people I know.

    BEautiful job girl and I do love the tunnel shots!!

    Loving the new header….congratulations!!!


    Gorgeous photos, Ashley! Love the tunnel shots!