February 21, 2012
Tutorial Tuesday
Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday! Sarah of Naptime Momtog and I will be bringing you a new challenge every week, to stretch your shooting and editing skills. This week, Sarah thought we’d check out a tutorial that is going around the photography blogesphere.

Jaymi from Live, Love and Travel is very inspiring (in fact, I’m hoping she’ll put together a future Tutorial Tuesday guest post soon). She is always sharing new tips and tricks to try. You may have already seen her tutorial on how to photograph water drop photos with a design in water. We wanted to try it ourselves. Here’s my best attempts (this one was even harder than I imagined – textures by Kim Klassen):
Water Droplet 1 RS

Water Droplet 2 RS

Water Droplet 3 RS

Water Droplet 4 RS
Be sure to check out Sarah’s interpretation…way better than mine. And of course, I can’t wait to see your try at fabric water droplets.

Ready to join in the fun? Here’s how to do it:

2. Choose your favorite shot (or more!) to share with us.
3. Don’t forget to grab the button for your post!
4. Link up between now and next Monday.

Tutorial Tuesday
PS: If you have any photography or editing suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let Sarah or me know! We would love to feature your tutorial. 


    I like the last one. :) I am hoping she will share a tutorial too.

    What a great series of photos! I’ve been trying my hand at photos like these of late and it’s not as easy as it looks!

    The second to last one is my favorite. I have been really wanting to try this. Not sure if my point and shoot will manage, and I’m not sure what to do about lighting… Hmmm seems like a good challenge!

    This is a difficult shot – at least for me! Great capture and use of the fabric coloration!

    Whoa, that is just, wow! Nicely done!

    Pretty shots. I need to try this.

    i think they look AWESOME esp with the textures! :D dont be too tough on yourself! they look fab!

    I find that water drops outside, especially in spring or summer, have great reflections.

    Wonderful photos, Ashley. :)

    HA! I loved this challenge she gave us all. I posted mine so many times I have worn everyone out with them I think :) It was hard but super fun too.

    These are awesome! Definitely another ‘project’ on my list. :)

    I am also fascinated by these shots and would never have dreamed the method would be so simple (ha! easier said than done). I could not get any photos without the shadow of the fawcet in my drops, but I notice you do not have this trouble. Is it offset flash or other lighting issues? any suggestions? thanks for the awsome ohotos and tips :)

    WOW!! Those look awesome..

    water drops are SOOOO hard!

    Um, I think you did really well. It is like shooting blind.

    What a fun surprise this was to see! Thanks for using my tutorial!! I still definitely plan on writing one for a future week, I think I know what I want to do I just have to get around to shooting some stuff for it! :)

    Wow, gorgeous result! This is way out of my league, but I look forward to seeing what others do with it.

    I think these turned out awesome! I wish I could do this one with my little camera. The added texture is a lovely touch!

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    Very cool! They remind me of the marbles I used to have when I was kid ~ they all had colored patterns in them and were fascinating to look at.

    These are so neat love your edits of them. I had fun with this weeks tutorial.

    Nicely done! By the time I got done shooting them there was no way I was going to add a texture. Yours looks great!

    Love your waterdrops, and the textures are awesome! What a fun tutorial!!

    I love these! Thanks for sharing, I will have to try this out :)

    I might have to read up on this, and give it a try! :D

    Wow, very cool! Jaymi does have so very cool and helpful ideas.

    I never captured a good water drop photo the last time I tried, so I may have to revisit this……..eventually.

    Love that. I need to try it.