March 17, 2012
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20 Week Bump Report
20 Weeks RS
How far along: 20 weeks (technically, 20 weeks and 3 days today)

How big is the baby: Our baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. She’s around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel. Or, if you like to think of babies as fruits…she’s a cantaloupe. 

Total weight gain: The last time I reported my weight gain was at 18 weeks and I hadn’t gained any weight since my 16 week appointment. For the past two weeks, my weight has been fluctuating between 1-2 lbs. On Wednesday (my official 20 week mark), I was up just over a pound and a half. This means I’ve gained 7.5 lbs since the start of my pregnancy, but it’s really starting to show.

Sleep: Kitty Paw stole my body pillow. I moved it to the rocker in our bedroom and she’s decided that it’s her new favorite sleeping spot. I’m too much of a softy to move it, and I wasn’t sleeping any better with it so I am letting her have it. It’s essentially training her to stay out of the baby’s room, so I guess it’s alright. I normally sleep on my side anyways, but it’s becoming a little more difficult to get completely comfortable. Interestingly enough, if I just turn on the fan (and point it right at me), I tend to sleep through the night.
Best moment of the week (past two weeks): Last Tuesday, I met up with my girl Casey for dinner. After dinner, she asked if I wanted to try on maternity clothes. I took her up on the offer since I really needed at least one pair of work pants. I literally found one pair, but it was really fun to hang out…and then get hit on by the guy at Orange Julius (as I mentioned last week during Scavenger Hunt Sunday). Then, on Friday night I met up with my parents to shop for nursery fabrics. Our little girl’s room is going to be so cute…I can’t wait for it to all come together. And of course, I’m feeling her move around pretty regularly now. It’s not significant enough that my husband can feel it, but she does have patterns: for example, I feel her move a good bit when my stomach is empty and I’m about to grab something to eat…it’s as if she has more room to move around or something.

Food cravings: Nothing specific.

Food aversions: Nothing specific.

  • My skin hasn’t given me too much trouble lately, so that’s good. However, my lips are still very chapped. I can’t put enough Vaseline on these bad boys.
  • My baby bump continues to grow and become more defined. I had a friend of mine take my measurements the other day for a wedding that I’m in in October. I told the bride that I would take a round of measurements at 20 and 24 weeks as the best estimate of what size I’ll need two months beyond my due date. Luckily, my chest, natural waist and hip measurements aren’t too far off from normal.
Gender: Girl! 

What I’m looking forward to: Still looking forward to the day that my husband can feel our little girl move…I feel like it’ll be sooner than later, we just have to be patient. 

I’m also looking forward to naming her. We made the mistake early on of sharing a few ideas with my parents over dinner (the night we told them it was a girl). This of course opened the door to reactions and suggestions (to clarify…not just from my parents…and some of which were pretty funny). I have since closed down that discussion, because it’s stressful enough to name this little person without trying to balance out everyone else’s opinions. I haven’t quite decided how soon I’ll share her name with the world…ya know, beyond when we share it with our families…when we decide on a name.

What I miss: Not sure that anything specific comes to mind – I’m pretty happy with life right now. 

Next Appointment: March 27th.


    Sounds like you are doing great. We didn’t share our daughter’s name until she was born because we didn’t want to deal with feedback and/or suggestions. Not sharing the name made it less stressful. We are now expecting our second and are doing the same. My thoughts on it are that we are sharing everything else so the name is something special between us for now.

    VERY few people new we were going with “Parker” before he was born… i really didn’t want to hear people’s opinions & input. some people can be really rude or we also found that people LOVE telling you about that person with that name you like who they really really didn’t like. haha, i think names are very personal & if you love it, it will grow on everyone else around you!

    You have such a cute little bump now! :D

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide to name her. And see pics of her. I’m sure she’ll be totally adorable. :)

    Don’t you love win people Give you their opinions on the names? You should have seen the looks we got with Navy’s name! Haha I’m so happy you are pregnant, you will love being a mommy!

    That is such an elegant picture… love it :)

    Such a sweet bump! :-)

    You seem to be getting along beautifully! I am enjoying your reports…and glad you are doing so well. You are wise to keep some details, like names, etc. to yourself, because people just love to give you their opinion, even when it isn’t wanted or requested. Like I just did…;)

    Have a great weekend!

    Oh, this may be my favorite bump photo thus far! So sweet!

    You might try Gap Maternity if you haven’t already. I’m a tad partial because I worked for the company for so long, but their lounge/yoga maternity line was my favorite! Old Navy has nearly the same stuff online, only much cheaper (in both respects of the word).

    I couldn’t agree more about keeping your daughter’s name to yourselves. Once she’s here, people won’t bat an eye at her name, but they can say the rudest things beforehand. When we still didn’t know Wyatt’s gender, we toyed around with some very vintage girl names. When I shared a few of them with my former boss, she remarked, “Ew. I sincerely hope you have a boy.” Wish I was kidding.

    What a cute bump! Love this shot. So pretty! I like the dress too :)

    Lovely shot, you can really see that bump now. I understand on the name thing. It’s so hard to have people coming from every direction with stuff. I already knew Em’s name before I knew she was a girl, but if she had been a boy man, we would’ve been in trouble. Sounds like you are doing great! I always thought that Em was saying come on mommy lets eat when she would move around when I was hungry, but your idea makes more sense haha. :0)

    What a beautiful photo! I so enjoy these bump reports and am still so excited for you!!

    I think keeping the naming process to yourselves is a good idea :-) I really tried to keep my opinions to myself with the kids, but it’s hard :-)

    Such a pretty photo! Feeling the movement is always amazing. Hope your husband can feel it soon! I totally agree about not sharing the name. We kept the name quiet until after Will was born!

    My favourite part of pregnancy was the movement. I will never forget the first time I felt my daughter move. As her kicks got stronger I used to take time at night to lay in bed and just feel her roll.
    We kept her name a secret because of the initial reactions we got when we shared ideas. Best decision we made.

    I am totally with you on the name thing. When I was pregnant with my first we shared some ideas with my brother-in-law and mother-in-law. Mistake. “I don’t like that.” “That’s different (and not in a good way).” We ended up going with very traditional names for both of our boys but stopped sharing our thoughts about the names. I had to see each of our little guys first too before I could pick out a name. We almost named our first Myles (after my husband’s father) but he didn’t feel like a Myles. Six years later and I still don’t think he’s a Myles — I think he’s a Joseph which is what we named him. Good luck on the naming issue. Love the light shining on your bump.

    You’re doing great! Love that photo of you!! I think you’re smart to keep your name ideas to yourselves until you are sure! (or longer). It’s such a personal thing and people have really strong opinions about them. Whatever name you decide will be the perfect one for her!

    A girl! How wonderful! The best part of being pregnant was feeling them move and actually seeing a foot outline poking out sometimes. What a wonderful part of life. Enjoy it to its fullest!

    This last bump photo was great! And it’s awesome to hear that this pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. I feel you on the names.. We didn’t share any names until after G was born, just because we didn’t really want any opinions. I’m sure whatever name you and Jeremy decide on will be perfect!

    LOVE this picture! nice update….sounds like you are doing really well! you know, everyone uses vaseline for their lips, but it’s really not good for you. I used to use it, but I found out that it actually burns your lips (being petroleum jelly and all) and makes you use more and more. so I found some awesome organic, olive-oil lip balm. it is SO nice and really good for your wee lips.

    Seems like you are just moving right along Ashley. Thanks for the update…always enjoy them.

    You stink about not gaining that much weight. I exploded. Lol. That photo is wonderful!

    I love your photo and glad to hear things are going so well.

    So glad things are going swimmingly for you! Can’t wait to hear what name you choose. :-)

    Yeah! Half way there. Whatever you name her, after a bit, people won’t imagine her being called anything else. Smart to keep it to yourself. Love the shot of your floral belly in the window.

    Beautiful picture, Ashley! Feeling the baby move is the BEST feeling, isn’t it?

    oh my how your baby bump has grown! This is a beautiful selfie of to chronicle the days of pregnancy. Hope you are feeling well and energetic. Take care of yourself dear.

    Love your bump pictures! And glad you are doing so well- It took a while for my husband to be able to feel the baby move but I remember it happening around 22 weeks. I honestly think he felt it before then, just didn’t know it was the baby and not me!

    I’m so excited for you…your husband will love the first time he feels her move…such joy!

    Such exciting times for you!!
    I still remember so fondly, sitting and just feeling all the delightful kicks and tickles from my passenger :)

    Half way there! How exciting! I was so excited when I started looking pregnant…. it makes it feel much more real ;D

    So excited for you Ashley. This is a GORGEOUS selfie!

    Beautiful image Ashley! Love hearing your updates. And wow, I haven’t been to an Orange Julius in years. There aren’t any around here any more, but I have fond memories from my youth ;)

    Adorable dress! So glad things are moving along easily.

    Congrats on a girl! I saw Jenn L-M last night at an event and she shared the news! And I’m in total agreement on the name game. With so many educators in our family, we didn’t share the name for fear of them attaching a horrid student to it. Granted it took us nearly 9 months to come up with it ourselves, but once we had it, we kept it in until he was born!

    Happy 20 weeks!

    Love your little bump. You are doing awesome as far as weight gain and everything.

    LOVE your dress – and happy 20 weeks! halfway there ;)

    I’m such a turd friend for not getting on your blog (or any blog for that matter more) But you SO did get hit on!! hahaha THat was great and I had a blast too. Can’t wait to see you on D’s BD and then we’ll be planning a movie night for sure! Miss yah. xo