March 19, 2012
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Adeline: Nine-Month Old Sneak Peek
Adeline: Nine-Month Old Sneak Peek
Last weekend, I met up with Adeline at Peace College for her nine-month portrait session. It felt so good to be outside on a beautiful day with my camera…and to have a beautiful little girl like Adeline to photograph was a huge bonus.
IMG_4554 RS
Her eyes alone are enough to make you go mushy. I am secretly hoping that my baby’s eyes are blue like my husband’s. Not that I don’t love my brown eyes…but who doesn’t love beautiful blue eyes?
IMG_4497 RS
In the spirit of Spring, Adeline was properly dressed in a pretty new Easter dress. I’m not sure she really cared what she was wearing as long as she could chew on the Easter basket.
IMG_4593 RS
What’s fun about this age is that babies are starting to stand on their own…or with the assistance of a tree, bench, etc. We thought we’d give this tree a shot.
IMG_4648 RS
We also thought it might be pretty to capture her in the flower bed, in front of Peace’s main building. This meant getting out in some pretty harsh sun (our photo session was at 1:30 pm). Luckily, I brought my reflector and was able to redirect some of that sun…or bounce it around a bit. If you don’t have a reflector, I fully encourage you to get one. In most cases, you can pick them up for under $15.
IMG_4726 RS
One of our goals (her mother and I) since my first session with Adeline six months ago, has been to capture a smile. I swear babies can me some of my more difficult clients to capture smiling. We almost got it while she was hanging onto a railing.
IMG_5093 BW RS
Then finally, we let her play at the water fountain’s edge for a bit (okay so these photos are slightly out of order). There’s that smile…completely worth the wait!
IMG_5021 RS
So that’s all for now – I hope you enjoyed a little preview of what I think turned out to be a beautiful session. You’ll have to come back in three months to see her first birthday photos. If you have any ideas for that session, I’d love to hear them. Have a great Monday!

    That 3rd and 4th photo are to die for – seriously sh does look like a doll, you did an amazing job!

    Gorgeous photos, love her blue eyes. Your photos make you want to pick her up and cuddle her gently.

    these are cute! the first one is my favorite! I just posted some I did with a 10-month-old, it can be a tough age to shoot but soo rewarding when you get a good shot!

    Beautiful… and yes, I must agree with you… love those eyes!

    Aww! That last one is adorable. :D

    The eyes are amazing! And your ability to capture those moments is truly wonderful! In spite of the rarity of the smiles, these are perfect shots for memories of how the child looked at this point in time. Sometimes, in our effort to coax a smile, we forget that the true child’s personality may not be one of constant smiles, but we need to learn to appreciate the truth of the moments! (I am done preaching now, thank you…)
    Great job!

    Her eyes are gorgeous! Great job

    Beautiful job! These are so sweet ;)

    Precious!!! Love the fence one :).

    Oh my goodness! Those eyes! Beautiful job, Ashley!

    ok, those eyes and those lips?!! How adorable is she? you took such beautiful photos of her! she is just the cutest! love these!!

    That smile pic is sooooo cute! I have blue eyes too just not that pretty. Mine are pretty green as well as blue.

    What wonderful shots! I loved them all and yes, she has some gorgeous blue eyes and very expressive with them already.

    Thanks for sharing.


    So sweet! Love the smile shot!

    Her eyes are beautiful! It looks like you had a great shoot.

    OH MY GOSH, Ashley! You are truly amazing at photography. More than one time have you brought a tear to her mama’s eyes. Thanks so much for capturing all of these great shots! I knew we hit it out of the park on Sunday. I’m truly blessed to have such a beatuiful baby girl and so much personality, which she decides to hide during these photo shoots. :-) Reading all the comments from your followers is so sweet. Thank you all.

    I love that last one at the fountain. Her face is priceless!

    There is an etsy shop that carries a giant stuffed cupcake. It would be a great prop for a birthday shoot. Since it is stuffed, you could get photos of her playing with it and exploring it, too. Then just reuse it for another shoot.
    I can look it up and find a link if you are interested.

    Awww. I love these. She has some gorgeous eyes!

    those eyes!

    It absolutely turned out to be a beautiful session- she is a doll!!!!!

    These are gorgeous! Really hope we can afford to hire someone to do A’s bday pics this year!

    So, so, so pretty! She has the most beautiful eyes!!

    So serious! What a crackup. I know what you mean about the blue eyes. The closest we came was hazel.

    I’m really just now learning to be observant about light–the way you placed her in shade with sun on the background makes a really wonderful image.

    Her eyes are simply stunning–what a doll! :D


    Oh my, those eyes! She is so adorable! And you did a wonderful job on her pictures! Thank you for sharing!

    She is beautiful! You did a wonderful job!

    She is adorable and these are fantastic photos!!

    I love all these, Ashley! You did a beautiful job in that harsh sun. The little girl is precious. I WISH we had blooming flowers here. I’m itching to get outdoors and take portrait shots!

    oh my that first picture of her with her big, beautiful blue eyes is just precious!! LOVED these Ashley. Great job!