March 02, 2012
Categories: Babies, Clients
Zan: Six-Month Old Sneak Peek
On Sunday, I met up with Zan for his six-month portraits. It’s amazing how quickly babies grow up (and I’ll find out that first hand soon enough). It feels like just yesterday, that I was driving over to his house to meet him for the first time…when he was just seven or eight days old.
IMG_4076 RS
It’s usually around six-months old that my baby clients start to really smile and show a bit of their own personality. In at least one case, I even had a six-month old decide to start crawling during our session. With that in mind, Zan was full of smiles on Sunday. He clearly knows a friend when he sees one.
IMG_4125 BW-RS
We decided to mix it up a bit this past weekend and meet at the NC Museum of History. Since Zan had been in the hospital the week prior…and with it being a little chilly outside, we kept things indoors. This meant that I not only had to rely heavily on my speed light, but I really had to bring my A game.
IMG_4231 RS
For the record, shooting indoors (especially in dark museums) is a challenge. As it relates to my processing, I’m working through a combination of over-exposed and under-exposed photos…but no worries Jessica, I’ve got ya covered.
IMG_4180 BW-RS
All that said, when you get a moment like the one above…priceless. I am in love with this shot. Doesn’t Zan look like a baby doll? And the sparkle in his eyes – I have NO idea how I managed to do that.
IMG_4265 RS
So, that’s Zan’s six-month portrait preview. I have so many more photos to process…so you may see a few more sprinkled here and there over the next couple of weeks. And this weekend, I’m meeting up with Adeline for her nine-month portraits. You’ll have to come back next Friday to see her preview. 

With all that said, have a great weekend. I’m heading to the doctor today…you know, for that anatomy scan. I haven’t quite figured out how I’ll share the big news – but come back tomorrow to find out if we’re having a boy or girl!

    That is some seriously cool sparkle in those eyes!! :D

    Can’t wait to hear if it’s blue or pink. :)

    The stars in his eyes are fabulous – but your photos are always good (at least the ones we see…I know how many I dump when I am going through mine!). You have such a marvelous eye for catching that candid shot. Can’t wait to hear the news! I still say girl…

    He is adorable! You know I am excited for the news!! Praying for you all…much love

    Love the sparkle in his eyes!!

    These are awesome! I can not wait to hear what you are having. :)

    okay…he is seriously so cute!! and those eyes!! you captured him so well!!

    And i am SO excited to see what you are having!! so fun! :)

    Hope baby girl cooperates for scan.

    Oh my! Those cheeks!!!! Adorable ;) Great shots Ashley!!

    Gorgeous photos! His face has so much expression. I hope that your appointment goes well today.

    that such a tough age to shoot! you did a great job!

    These are lovely! And holy smokes, how did you get that star in his eyes in that second to last shot?! Don’t you love those beautiful accidents? You can be like, “Uhh, yeah, I totally did that on purpose…” in your best photographer voice. :)

    Have fun at your anatomy scan, yay! Looking forward to hearing the news. :)


    OMGosh these are great! That sparkle in his eyes, wow awesome!

    Oh, these are insanely adorable! And boy that sparkle is too much! I can her his mom cheering from here. :)

    Oh, what a cutie! And awesome eyes!

    He is adorable!! You’re going to really love photographing that baby girl of yours :-)