April 28, 2012
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26 Week Bump Report
Fearfully and Wonderfully 26 Weeks RS
Photo inspired by Kelly Cameron Photography
How far along: 26 weeks (technically, 26 weeks and 3 days today). I’m getting close to the end of my second trimester (depending on how you calculate it)…and we only have about 94 days until we meet our baby! Where has time gone?

How big is the baby: Our little girl now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches from head to heel.

Total weight gain: Since my last bump report, I’ve gained half a pound for a total of 12 lbs gained since the start of my pregnancy. I actually went to the doctor on Friday, April 20th and I hadn’t gained any weight since my 24 week update…I attribute it to stress. I did make up for it a bit over the weekend, thanks to some good southern comfort food…but it doesn’t seem to show much. For what it’s worth, I feel a lot bigger than this photo seems to portray. However, one of my coworkers did comment this week that my baby “has grown so much!” I’m not completely sure, but I think she was saying that I’m getting big.

Sleep: It’s getting more difficult to find a comfortable spot. At this point in my pregnancy, I’m not supposed to sleep on my back so I’m forced to sleep on my side. I normally sleep on my side, so this should not be a problem. HOWEVER, our little girl thinks it’s fun to kick mommy in the side when she rolls over (although she likes kicking my left side more than my right). In addition, Kitty Paw has recently decided that I need a little extra attention and wants to sleep as close to me as possible (the other night, that meant on top of my head).

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new to report here. A lot of people who haven’t seen me in a while are shocked that I’m 6 months pregnant. I guess because I’m all belly. I’ve been told on a few occasions that I have the cutest maternity clothes. I can’t say that I spend much on them…I just don’t think pregnancy is an excuse for being frumpy.

“Note-worthy” moments of the week (past two weeks):
  1. During my doctor’s appointment, they checked my hemoglobin levels. Apparently, I am not getting enough iron in my diet. Therefore, I’ve started taking an iron supplement…and paying even closer attention to foods that are rich in iron. I didn’t bother arguing with the doctor, but I can’t imagine that my nutrition in the days prior was much to brag about…eating just enough to get by and limited to mostly fast food options around the hospital. I’m sure my body was showing some wear and tear.
  2. I also had to do my glucose test during my visit. I had a choice between orange and fruit punch. I went with fruit punch and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. I assume I passed the test since I haven’t heard anything.

Food cravings: Nothing specific, but my hunger is really starting to come back.

Food aversions: Nothing new.

  • Leg cramps. I’m still getting these and attribute it to not drinking enough water. So…I’m trying to drink more water. 
  • Circulation issues. Every so often, my hand or foot will just fall asleep. I hear it’s normal, but still kinda weird.
  • Still hungry, still experiencing heart burn. I picked up some Zantac this week – hopefully that’ll do the trick…otherwise, I’ll be asking for a prescription. If the old wives’ tales are true, this is one hairy baby.

Exercise: I got back to my routine on Tuesday after being out of the gym for a week. Up until this point, I’ve still been doing my thing on the elliptical machine. I briefly decided to move over to the treadmill and walk (at least I did on Tuesday)…much easier on my body now that our little girl has decided to work out with me. What I mean by this is that she normally falls asleep when I’m working out (something about the movement of my hips that simulates a rocking motion). Now, she likes to jump on my bladder or do a kick-boxing routine. It’s awesome. On the other hand, some of my gym buddies (the ones I don’t know by name…the ones that have never spoken to me before) have decided to congratulate me and comment on how cute I look. Only took 6 months to realize I wasn’t eating too many donuts. Sweet! 

Movement: She is moving all the time now…and it’s kind of exhausting.

Gender: Girl! 

What I’m looking forward to: Now that we’re back to our regular schedule, it’ll be nice to finish up the nursery. I’m also looking forward to our upcoming showers – we have one next weekend that should be fun. In addition, we just reserved a shelter at one of the nearby lakes for a baby party we’re throwing in June for all of our local friends. I guess I should start working on those details.

What I miss: My energy. I get a little bigger every day so it’s becoming more difficult to move around. 

Next Appointment: May 18th for my regularly scheduled appointment and May 21st for my 3D/4D ultrasound!