April 06, 2012
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Daisy’s Turns Two!
Daisy’s Turns Two!
Last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph Daisy’s 2nd birthday party. You may know Daisy from her mother’s (and my friend, Casey) blog: One Day at a Time. As you can immediately tell by the photos, it was a good old fashion country western honky-tonk kinda time!
Birthday Collage 1
This is clearly just a taste of the party (considering I still have a lot more photos to process), but Casey really pulled out all the stops – from a “Watering Hole,” to a “Craftin’ Corral”, to a “Pan for Gold” station…she had it all and the kids LOVED it!
IMG_5638 RS
Casey even had a little “photo booth” set up with piles of hay for the kids to sit on and have their pictures made. For just a moment, I felt a little bit like one of those mall photographers trying to get each child to smile at me for two seconds. I decided not to exploit any other children than Daisy for purposes of this preview, but some of the faces I got are priceless…just use your imagination.
IMG_5533 RS
And then of course there were presents…tons and tons of presents. Interestingly enough, Daisy did an incredible job of staying interested in opening presents. In my previous experience with two year old birthday parties (I’ve been to two others – both boy parties), the kids really don’t want to be dragged away from playing. But Daisy was awesome! I also had the added bonus of great light under the tent Casey set up in the backyard.
Birthday Collage 2
Finally, Daisy was presented with a brand new Radio Flyer tricycle. I’m not sure anything mattered once she saw her new bike. Sure she took the time to blow out a candle, but she was quick to let everyone know that the tricycle was her new favorite toy.
IMG_5581 RS
All that said, it was a great party and I’m so glad I could be there (even if I was exhausted once I got home). Happy Birthday Daisy!