April 22, 2012
Categories: Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Sunday (postponed until next week)
Yesterday morning, my grandmother passed away. She was 84 years old. Several of you know that I’ve been by her side at the hospital since Wednesday…and I’ve been asking for your prayers for a couple of weeks (thank you so much for all of your prayers – I am truly blessed to have such friends). Although I will miss her so much, I know that my prayers have been answered and she has been healed. She has been a child of God for many years – so, I know that she met Jesus yesterday. Heaven must be absolutely spectacular! I also know that she must be having quite a reunion with my grandfather, her brother, and all those who have passed before her.
Anyways, I apologize for being so absent the past few days…although I know you understand. It has been an incredibly emotional few days. As I write this message, I am not exactly sure when her funeral will take place (I imagine it’ll be Monday), but I do know that I am speaking at her funeral…so I will be praying for the right words to say. If you wouldn’t mind praying for me as well, I would really appreciate it.

Since I have clearly not had a chance to do much shooting this week, I have not prepared my own Scavenger Hunt collection. However, I am going to go ahead and open the link. It will stay open through Tuesday, May 1 – and, I will post my own photos next Sunday. For those of you that follow along with Tutorial Tuesday, I won’t have a tutorial this week either (it’s my week). Thank you for your understanding, your prayers, your love and your friendship. It means the world to me and I really am thankful to be a part of such a community.