April 17, 2012
Tutorial Tuesday: Low Key Photography
Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday! Sarah of Naptime Momtog and I will be bringing you a new challenge every week, to stretch your shooting and editing skills. This week, Sarah is sharing a tutorial on how to do Low Key Photography.

In traditional photography there are three types of lighting used: key light, fill light and back lighting for even illumination. Low-key lighting requires only one, key light. Be sure to click over to Sarah’s blog (click HERE) to see a pull back of her set up as well as read some tips on setting up your own low key photographs.

As for me, I’ll be honest…I rarely attempt low key photography. I think it intimidates me. That, and I usually only have myself to work with…so I’m a bit limited with regard to willing photography subjects (at least until our little girl arrives and she doesn’t have a choice). However, I have had some success with low key self-portraits. Here’s a few of my favorites: 
Computer Lies - Color RS
ISO 250, f/1.8,1/20 sec.
In this particular shot, I used the light from my computer screen to illuminate my face. I also processed this photo in black and white, but thought I might show what it looks like in color. Click HERE to see the black and white image.
ISO 2500, f/4.5, 1/30 sec.
In this particular shot, I was going for more of a character portrait…the character being a girl who felt isolated. In order to achieve the look, I needed to shoot in mostly darkness…of course, I also needed a hint of light to illuminate my body. I think I used what I call a “funeral parlor” lamp (the ones where the light shoots upwards instead of downward) tilted towards me. This created an interesting shadow that I think really plays into the mood of the image. From there, I processed the photo in black and white and applied texture. But enough about me, it’s your turn to show us a little low key photography.

Ready to join in the fun? Here’s how to do it:

1. Read through today’s tutorial on Sarah’s blog.
2. Choose your favorite shot (or more!) to share with us.
3. Don’t forget to grab the button for your post!
4. Link up between now and next Monday.

Tutorial Tuesday

PS: If you have any photography or editing suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let Sarah or me know! We would love to feature your tutorial.