May 19, 2012
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29 Week Bump Report and Maternity Photos (Part 1)
DSC_8657A couple of weeks ago my friend, Sarah Halstead, asked if I would be interested in taking some maternity photos. We had already discussed taking some later in the summer, but getting closer to my due date…we realized that by late July, the baby may already be here (either that, or I’d just be hot and swollen…doesn’t make for a pretty picture). So, since she was in town, we thought we should take advantage of the time.

For those of you that follow Sarah on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen most of these photos…but for purposes of my own “maternity journal,” I also wanted to share them along with my 29 week bump report. 

How far along: 29 weeks (technically, 28 weeks and 3 days today). 

How big is the baby: Our baby girl now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel (I’ll confirm that on Monday during our 3D/4D ultrasound). Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain.

Total weight gain: Since my last bump report at 28 weeks, I’m holding steady at a total of 15 lbs gained since the start of my pregnancy.

Sleep: I don’t really have any complaints this week with regard to sleep. In fact, there have been several nights in the past week that I haven’t even gotten up to use the bathroom. Granted, I’m waking up fairly early…but I feel rested.
Maternity Clothes: Nearly everything I’ve been wearing the past few months is still working. I’ve become a bit bored with some of my clothes and it’s tempting to purchase new stuff, but it’s pointless. You guys gave me some great feedback on nursing tops. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve been wearing a “genie bra.” It’s been nice not to have to worry with my specific size and it’s way more comfortable than under-wire. I’m convinced that I’ll be able to continue wearing these while I’m nursing along with tank tops.
Oh…and you may be wondering about my swimsuits (or not).  I found this great company called Pez D’Or through either Zulily or Totsy or Baby Steals (one of those discount sites). Although I’m thinking I might get brave enough to wear a bikini while at the beach, I was really excited to wear one of my Pez D’Or tankinis for my maternity shoot.

Best moments of the week: 
  1. On Sunday (Mother’s Day), I spent the day with my sister since my parents decided to put the gift certificate we gave them at Christmas (beach resort) to use…and my husband was with his brother for a bachelor weekend. It was really nice to spend some time with my sweet sister. We went to lunch and saw The Hunger Games. It was so good that both of us really needed to use the bathroom, but neither of us were willing to get up. I was putting my kegels to work! 
  2. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blog until now, but my younger brother is also expecting his first child…in October! This past Wednesday, they went in for their anatomy scan and found out that they will be having a baby boy! We are really thrilled for them. I almost feel like our family is getting a two for one special – me having a girl and him having a boy…but it is going to be a crazy fall!
Food cravings: Still no major cravings. I still love my chocolate/banana/peanut butter protein smoothies and frozen yogurt though. In fact, earlier this week, my coworkers and I went to Five Guys for lunch. There happens to be a Yogurt Mountain next door…and they had a new flavor: iced cinnamon rolls. YUM!!!

Food aversions: Nothing new, but I am getting tired of eating anything Asian. Sorry Pei Wei, but I think we need to take a break from one another.
  • Still some circulation issues. In particular, when I start walking, my right leg starts to go numb just a bit. I typically just keep walking and it goes away, but it’s not comfortable. I’m convinced that our little girl is laying on a nerve. I’ll be sure to ask my doctor about it.
  • Still heartburn. Much like last week though, it’s not nearly as frequent.
  • Belly button still really wants to be an outtie. It hasn’t popped yet, but it’s coming.
  • NEW – lower back pain. I feel my best first thing in the morning, but by day end, my back is really sore…mostly on the right side. Again, I think it must be a nerve thing. I found a heating pad last weekend that I put to use earlier this week which really helped.
  • NEW – VEINS! I’ve been warned that at some point, my veins would really start showing. As I was getting out of the shower the other night, I noticed that my chest looked like one of those human anatomy models. I pointed it out to my husband…and he got a bit grossed out. Joy!
Exercise:  Twenty minutes of walking, four days a week…some light weight training and plenty of stretching. I think more than anything, I enjoy the routine.
Movement: I can’t tell yet if she’s moved into position or not – I guess I’ll find out on Monday. However, she still seems to have enough room to move around that I’m feeling her move, kick and punch quite frequently…and mostly during the day. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am carrying high. I guess the good news is that she is not sitting on my bladder (yet) – the bad news is that I feel very uncomfortable around my chest. I get winded very easily, but I’m not complaining. I’m hopeful that her activity level now is a reflection of what life will be like when she’s born. Sleep through the night…pretty please?

Gender: Girl!
What I’m looking forward to: Our 3D/4D ultrasound on Monday. Many of my male coworkers say that it’s a bit creepy since it looks like your baby is swimming in clay…and that you can really tell what your baby will look like. I’m just excited to “see her” one more time before she makes her grand entrance.

What I miss: I’m still missing the ability to move fast. Walking…even getting up from a sitting position requires so much effort. I even grunt like an old man.
Next Appointment: May 21st (Monday) for my 3D/4D ultrasound!

And with that, I hope you enjoyed this first round of maternity photos. Thanks so much Sarah for taking such great photos of me – you’re the best! I have another session scheduled for June 2nd with Casey Martinez. I guess I better start thinking about my wardrobe…and my husband’s for that matter. Have a great Saturday!

    Beautiful photos, you’e looking great.

    Such a joy to read and view.

    Besides some gorgeous poses, you are simply beautiful in your pregnancy! And, things seem to be going along well for you – I am sure you are anxious for the little one to arrive, but I am so glad you are enjoying the journey!

    These pictures are great! I’m glad you’re doing well in your pregancy; good for you for controlling your weight gain so well! Even though I exercised 4-5 days a week, I gained the full 35 lbs. You will be so thankful for your self-control afterward! Congrats on your brother having a little boy! That is going to be so much fun to have one of each in the family, and lucky that they’ll be so close in age to play together.

    What beautiful photos!! You look gorgeous…I love the last photo. :)

    Ha ha, sorry but that last shot is my favourite!!

    How awesome that your brother is having a boy! You guys are going to have so much fun. Close cousins are the best. :)

    Yep- fair skin = tons of veins. Yay. ;)

    And I think your tankini is the cutest!

    These pictures are stunning! You look simply cute in that swimsuit too! :) Your brother is having a boy? That’s too great!

    Cuteness! Love the pink swimsuit and that white dress is lovely.

    You are adorable. Beautiful pictures!

    Love the photos; Sarah did an excellent job! You look beautiful too. It seems like pregnancy is really agreeing with you. Yeah the veins can get really bad. My chest was horrible; I was a little grossed out with myself. And seriously I thought at one point my belly button would explode, but I was lucky it didn’t ;o)

    These are all so good, she did such a great job! That’s exciting that you guys will be having kids around the same time. We’ve been talking about how we don’t have anymore babies in our family and it’s sad, but my daughter loves her cousins! Anyhoo, are your shoes in these pics jellies? I love them!

    You are looking just wonderful…pregnancy agrees with you!!

    You have done such a great job of staying healthy throughout this pregnancy and you look great! So tiny and all purdee and stuff:). I need to work on eating better and staying more active on round two! The last picture is so very you:). ha! LOVE all of these pictures. They are so gorgeous and really capture the beauty of your pregnancy. I haven’t seen you in eons…since my birthday right? Over a month. WITHDRAWAL!

    HAAHAhaha… the last shot fantastic! Lol( Sarah did a beautiful job & you truly look stunning mama! How cool that your brother is having a boy! LOVE the pink stripey suite, btw! XO

    1. I can’t believe you were brave enough to include that last picture – not that you weren’t beautiful (you weren’t).
    2. I so wish I had been as pretty pregnant and in a bathing suit as you. You do pregnancy very well Ashley.

    See you Sunday!!

    ~The G is Silent

    Oh my gosh! The last picture is my favorite. I just burst out laughing. I am super excited for you Ashley!

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE the photos (and Sarah….SO JEALOUS that she took your photos). You, my friend, are absolutely stunning.

    These are so great! Sarah did a wonderful job!

    These are great and you are beautiful! I hope you start feeling better though <3

    These are great and you are beautiful! I hope you start feeling better though <3

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these. Sarah did a great job- she had such a beautiful model. :) Oh what joyous times Ashley- I’m so happy for you!

    What gorgeous pictures Ashley. You have such a youthful face. I know you are young, but seriously…you look like teenager in that bathing suit shot. :)

    Love the baby bump reports. Your maternity images are wonderful. You will cherish them!

    Love these! I love that you took shots in a bathing suit, I think those are my favorites! I love the ones on the bridge too!

    I remember my first view of our little girl in her 3D/4D ultrasound photo! It seems like a lifetime ago, as she is now a part of our lives at 2 weeks & 2 days old. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. At this time in your pregnancy, there is nothing so sweet & wonderful as seeing your child’s features and expressions. I was anxious to see if mine had changed very much from the 4D photo & birth, and she still looked very much the same, just a little bigger. :) Enjoyed looking at your maternity pictures. Very nice.

    I still remember this time. Enjoy it while it lasts. Sometimes I miss feeling D.
    Hoping things go well during the next few weeks :)

    Wow! Gorgeous! I love that swim suit!! These are all so beautiful! Congrats on having a new nephew too..that will be so nice for the cousins! :)

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    These are great! Love the ones by the pool! GL with 3d/4d! I always love these!

    Love that you shared so many photos. They are some of my favorites. :) Thanks for letting me take them. Excited to hear about your ultrasound. Hope it went well today!

    Gorgeous…the Mama and the shots!

    You are luminescent, Ashley! Sarah captured you beautifully. And your maternity wardrobe is just adorable. I didn’t even look half as chic as you do. You do pregnant well.

    Peace and blessings to you!


    Oh my! You’ll get a list too. :)

    1. Love the bump updates. :)
    2. You’re so stinking cute!!
    3. Stunning maternity shots! (Great job, Sarah!!)
    4. Hehe… love that swim tank-suit-kini thing. :)
    5. I just can’t see you, looking that tiny, having to grunt and struggle to get up! :)