May 26, 2012
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30 Week Bump Report & 3D/4D Ultrasound Photos
3d4d Ultrasound Photos
How far along: 30 weeks (technically, 30 weeks and 3 days today). Wait a minute…I only have 10 weeks left!

How big is the baby: Our baby girl now weighs around 3 pounds and is about 16 inches from head to heel. If we’re talking fruits and vegetables, I think she’s about the size of a squash (at least that’s what The Bump says).

Total weight gain: Apparently I’ve gained about 2 lbs since last week for a total of 17 lbs since the start of my pregnancy.

Sleep: Nothing incredibly note-worthy.

Maternity Clothes: Yeah, I’m still rocking them.

Best moments of the week:

This week was pretty awesome. On Monday, my mom and husband joined me at my doctor’s office to see our baby girl in 3D/4D (and yes, we confirmed that she is still a GIRL). I included a few of my favorite pictures at the top of this post. Everyone tells me that these images are a great reflection of what she’ll look like at birth…which of course makes me even more excited to meet her. In addition to the live viewing, we received a CD with images and video clips. Here’s one of my favorites – she’s yawning…time for a nap!

We also started our birth classes this week. It’s very different than what I imagined…at least what I’ve seen on television and in movies. Apparently, they no longer teach a specific way to breath, but focus more on comfort techniques. We did learn a little about anatomy, pre-labor vs. true labor, and what type of labor support we’d likely want based on responses to an image.

What I mean by this – our instructor walked around holding an image of a woman carrying a baby (anatomy shot). Each woman in the room was asked to state what she saw…first thing that came to mind. Most women said “baby.” One or two said “miracle,” or “cramped.” Me…I said “head’s down.” In response, our instructor said that women who tend to point out things like the position of the baby are likely factual moms. I guess that’s me. She said for those types of moms, they’ll want to know more about where they are in the labor and delivery process so they can mentally focus. These moms also have a tendency to read a lot or watch baby deliveries on television so they can mentally prepare for their own labor. Meanwhile, mothers who say things like “miracle” or “cramped” are more emotional moms who will be looking for encouraging words during labor. I thought all of that was really interesting.

Finally, our nursery bedding and window treatments have returned from the seamstress. My parents are bringing them up this weekend so I can put the finishing touches on our little girl’s room. I think my mom is also going to help me hang pictures and such. In a future bump report, I’ll be sure to give you a tour…but I have a few other things I’ll have to share first, so be patient.

Food cravings: Again, nothing note-worthy. However, my hunger is starting to come back. If only I could physically eat what my brain thinks it can handle.

Food aversions: Nothing new.

  • Circulation issues…check.
  • Heartburn…check.
  • Flat belly button on it’s way to becoming an outtie…check.
  • Lower back pain (at night)…check.
  • Veins…check.
  • Increased butt size (this makes me cry and laugh at the same time)…check.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions…I think I’m starting to have them.

Exercise: Yep, I’m still hitting the gym about four days a week. Granted, I am not doing much more than walking along with a few light weights, but I’m keeping my butt moving. In fact, earlier this week I had six back-to-back meetings that required me to walk up and down the stairs. Everyone kept telling me to take the elevator, but I refused…gotta keep these legs moving as long as they still feel good. I should probably add that I continued to push myself into the night by going to see Wicked. The show was pretty good, but our seats were in the upper balcony…three flights of stairs. So, I got up at 6 am and got home at 10:45 pm…and watched American Idol until 12:30 am. I was tired, to say the least.

Movement: She is HEADS DOWN, but still moving – mostly during the day. Pray that this means she’ll sleep well through the night after she’s born.

Gender: STILL Girl! 

What I’m looking forward to: my work shower next Thursday!

What I miss: Um…an unoccupied stomach? Not that I don’t love being so close to my daughter, but I’m reaching that uncomfortable stage of my pregnancy. One of my coworkers said he would be happy to report back to his wife (who is due next week) that while I give the impression of being one of those “happy pregnant chicks,” that I get achy and irritable by day end. Since she’s been quite sick the past nine months, I think she was starting to believe that I was just a freak of nature…I am. 

Next Appointment: June 1st – I’m in two week increments now.

    eeek! i am so excited for you, and seriously those are the most gorgeous 3d/4d images i have ever seen – your girl is stunning! and it is so true that they really do look just like that – shell a was a spitting image, crazy isn’t it?

    can’t wait to see her nursery!

    What a beautiful little girl!! I LOVE the 3D/4D photos and video!
    It’s so good to hear that you’re still exercising. That will help you SO MUCH during labor and delivery!! And, you’ll get your pre-pregnancy body back more quickly :-)

    Oh my goodness!! Look at that cute little baby!!! So exciting!!!!

    So exciting! The images of your baby girl are precious. Can’t wait to see what your nursery looks like! :)

    Oh, she is so precious! And that little yawn…so adorable! Looking forward to seeing newborn photos :)

    Wow, that is some cool pics! Super nice! :-)

    What a wonderful set of images! I admit I am jealous that we didn’t have things like that when I was having my boys…or even the ability to tell the sex of the child. Time is getting short…I know you are so thrilled. Your blogs will be a wonderful way for you to share with your little one when she is old enough to understand, and I predict that these are stories she will want to hear over and over again!

    Totally amazing photos of your little girl. She’s beautiful!

    Oh my goodness! Those pictures are so cool! :D The last 10 weeks are going to go by so fast. ;)

    She is beautiful! I can’t wait to find out her name and see her (outside of your body, that is). ;)

    Good luck, Ashley! I think I gained 23 lbs. total with Landon and 19 lbs. with Liam. I’ve had friends gain around 60-80 lbs. I couldn’t imagine how they felt. It was bad enough where I was. Ha! You’re doing great, Mama!

    Great photos of your baby. Bet you are super excited. Have a great day.

    So excited for you! love the “i look like my daddy” picture. :)

    Such great photos! Wow. Getting sooo close. I can not wait to ‘meet’ her :)

    yippee! how absolutely adorable is she!!? love these BUMP reports. Hang in there!!

    How cool! These pictures kind of remind me of how Han Solo looked frozen in carbonite.

    Sooo cute

    This is so incredibly fascinating Ashley! I am thrilled for you. Thrilled to no end. So impressed with your incredible outlook : ) You always make me smile. Sending lots and lots of good thoughts.

    EEEEEEEeeeeeeKKKKKKK… EEEEK! Awwww… sooooo soooo precious Ash, can you tell I’m just a little excited for you mama?! She is just beautiful & is going be one blessed lucky girl. Bless you friend!

    So precious! how lucky to get the 3D/4D ultra sound! ;) such a blissful time anticipating and then meeting your first child! ;) blessings!!

    What sweet photos. And I think it is so neat you also have a video. Love the 3rd and 4th one. She’s a sweetie.

    Oh my gosh- these are AMAZING!!!!!!! This technology was just coming out when I was expecting the munchkin & we couldn’t really afford it. This would be the one thing I would most love to do if I were expecting again. So cool!

    Very cool photos! Technology is great! My ultrasound pictures are just the black and white blob that you can kinda, sorta tell is a baby. :) Glad everything is coming along nicely! Can’t wait to “meet” that little girl of yours!

    Aren’t those pictures amazing? I’m so glad we got them & I know you are too. She looks like very in there & very cute. Can’t wait for playdates with the GIRLS!!!

    I know it’s just one more comment, but I thought I’d let you know I am SO in love with your little girl already! She is so precious! I love her little round nose and- wow.. how neat to be able to see it in 3d/4d!!! (Here they make it So expensive. We could get a good deal if we went up to Canada though! lol)
    So so very excited for you! You will be an amazing mama!!

    OMG Ashley these in utero shots are incredibly awesome! I love the instructors interpretation of the mother-type responses!

    What awesome pics! I didn’t have anything like that when I was pregnant. So great to hear that you are doing so well. I’m so excited for you!! I imagine you can’t wait for her to arrive. :)

    We had the 3D done with our first daughter. I didn’t realize until looking back at the pictures how amazing they were. She looked exactly like the pictures.

    Bi weekly appointments—yay!!! I always loved that stage. The more often I could hear my babies heart beat the better! It’s so awesome and will be over much too quickly. Our oldest just turned 6 on Friday. I can’t believe she is just about done with kindergarten. How did that happen? I’m definitely more of a factual mom too… Learn as much as you can!! Love the 3D pics… They just make me ache for another baby :)

    Aww she’s so cute! That imaging is just amazing! I love following along with your bump reports and can’t wait for that nursery tour!

    These are SO cute!! Love that yawn :)

    by far the best 3D/4D pics i’ve ever seen:)