May 11, 2012
Categories: My Pregnancy
A Pregnancy Story: Baby Shower!
Last weekend, my mother-in-law (and family) hosted my first baby shower. It was relatively small as she just invited family, but she didn’t leave out one detail. From the invitations, to the napkins,  chocolate-covered strawberries, punch, flowers and cupcakes (among many other goodies)…we really did have a wonderful time.
Shower Collage 1
I obviously could not take photos while I opened presents, but I did manage to take a few photos of the set up before every one arrived. Then, I passed off my camera to one of my husband’s cousins. I’m especially fond of the photo below – I had just opened a bag of “mommy gifts,” which included a nursing gown, nursing pads and nipple cream. Don’t you love the look on my husband’s face as he realizes what I’ve got? He has no clue what he’s getting into!
Shower Collage 2
Anyways, I’d like to publicly thank my mother-in-law once again for hosting such a beautiful shower. We are so thankful for everything we received – now we just need to load up on diapers and wait for our little girl to arrive!

    those photos are awesome even if it’s just a few :) i can’t wait till your little one is out :) and love the details on your shower!

    That is such a wonderful expression!
    And mmmm chocolate covered strawberries!! Glad you had a great time.

    Lovely! Those cupcakes look delish!!

    What fun that your husband got to attend! He’s in for this and MUCH more! Diapers, breast, and a blanket is all you’ll need. But I know there is much more.

    I am so glad someone got that photo of the two of you! Looks like a wonderful shower – the family sure knows how to throw a party! I can hardly wait to see the new little one when she arrives – such a beautiful mommy and handsome daddy! She will be gorgeous!

    You got some great photos, and I do love the one of your husband’s face! I think they all make that one when they realize what’s actually going to happen, lol. It looks like a great shower!

    Looks like fun! Excitiiiiing, a shower means time is almost there, eh??


    I love that face on your sweet hubby. Too cute!

    His face if priceless!! He looks excited and nervous at the same time! Your MIL did a wonderful job with the shower details!

    SO FUN!! Those are some fantastic memories Ashley- I’m so excited for you both.

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! Did you get good loot?

    What a beautiful shower! They are certainly one of the more fun parts of being pregnant. I love the look on Jeremy’s face :)

    how funny that his shirt says “spaced out”. Looks like a lovely (and tasty) shower.

    Sounds and looks like a great way to spend time with family. Love all the pink!

    The napkins are darling. I like neat napkin prints, they make me smile.

    Awwww! What a beautiful special day, YOU are SO cute… AND LOVE the look of hubz face, AND his shirt is rad… AND I want those cupcakes!!

    So exciting! Looks like you had an amazing afternoon!!

    Hi Ashley, sorry I’ve not stopped by in OH so long!

    Congratulations on the pregnancy :D You look amazing (love your 22wk shot on flickr)!

    I’ll try not to be so long coming back next time ~ life is just a touch crazy atm and blog-hopping has dropped off the map a little :(

    what a sweet mother-in-law. i love those kind of parties, imitate and detailed kind of party. xoxo.

    love the look on your husband’s face. and you’re right, he has no idea!

    Looks like you had a fun day. I just love all of the details!

    Great shots! Sounds like a great day!

    Your pictures are beautiful and the collage…gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your baby girl!!

    How sweet! I can’t believe how close you are to having her!

    Oh Ashley…I just love these baby bump reports…I feel more and more excited for you with each one of them. Nesting will hit soon… will be amazed at what you will get done!! hee hee!

    Oh my goodness. Nipple cream. Laughing my head off. LOVE his face!

    Nipple cream. :laughing: I’m sure hubby will love to help you apply that. ;)