May 09, 2012
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Alyssa and Carter had a Birthday!
Birthday Collage
We had a busy weekend. Between my niece and nephew’s birthday party (their birthdays are a few weeks apart – this year Alyssa is 8 and Carter is 3) and my first baby shower, I have quite a few photos to share. If you remember their birthday party from last year (and I’m too lazy to find the link), then you might remember the deflatable toys, hot dogs, cupcakes, and lots and lots of children. This year, we kept it simple…a tractor and violin cake (Carter loves tractors and Alyssa loves her violin), some family and a few friends, and of course presents. At the end of the day, whether you have a lot of people or just those you love the most – we had an incredible time! Happy Wednesday – come back Friday for some of my baby shower photos.

    Looks like a great weekend! Love those cakes too!

    Ah…creative cake making. I’ll bet the kids loved their individual specials.

    Looks like a great time – and I love the photo of the 2 of them together – what great smiles!

    First of all-great job capturing their special day!! How neat to be a little part of it too through the photos :) Second- LOVE the cakes!! My cousin’s little boy is absolutely nuts about John Deere. He would LOVE love love that cake! The violin is beautiful! They look like they are perfect for each of them!

    I will definitely be back Friday!! Can’t WAIT to see shower pics! Eek!!

    Love the John Deere tractor. How fun that ya’ll can get together for such special occasions.

    Love these photos. Sounds like it was a great day!!

    Love the John Deere cake!!!

    looks like such a fun time! and those cakes are just adorable and amazing!!!

    looks like such a fun time! and those cakes are just adorable and amazing!!!

    Awww, it looks like you captured some very happy memories! Happy Birthday to your niece and nephew!

    Love the John Deere cake – My husband works for John Deere- so I always enjoy seeing any child that loves John Deere- and that cake is great! Happy Bday to your niece and nephew! :)

    Looks like so much fun. Love these images!

    These are beautiful Ashley! What a fun party, love the cake! Funny, I just shot my little Nephews party… it freaked me out being in total harsh sunshine, but they turned out pretty well! Will share them soon)

    Excited to see Friday’s pics! XO