May 04, 2012
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Emily and Erin: UNC Graduation Portraits
Emily and Erin: UNC Graduation Portraits
Graduation Gown Collage
My twin cousins, Emily and Erin. have grown up. In fact, they will be graduating next weekend (Mother’s Day) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Education.
Collage 1
Over the Christmas holiday, I offered to take their graduation portraits. And can you believe it…they took me up on my offer! So, I met up with this past Sunday for a complete tour of campus.
Quad Shot
Interestingly enough, earlier in the day, my husband asked if I wanted to hit the gym with him before I met up with my cousins. Although tempting (ha ha, who am I kidding), I decided that I would probably get a good cardio workout in later in the day. I’m pretty sure walking around a college campus for two hours counts as a workout, right?
Old Well Collage
Actually, I was quite tired…but there was no way that I was going to admit defeat – pregnant or not! Emily and Erin had a full list of places they wanted to capture, and I…I was bound and determined we were going to capture them at every single one of them.
UNC Seal
Luckily, we had an incredibly beautiful day to work with…as evidence by all of the other graduates having their graduation portraits made at exactly the same time.
Closeup Faces
In addition to the weather, I also had the benefit of working with two beautiful models. I mean seriously…I have an entire set of images that I could have shared in my preview. I’m a bit jealous that they snagged those gorgeous blue eyes…and eyelashes.
Tower Photos
Either way, it’s really hard to believe that my youngest cousins (they’re about 8 or 9 years younger than me) have become such smart, classy and beautiful young women. I am so proud of them and know that if anyone is capable of teaching our next generation of leaders…it’s them.
Stadium Shot
With that said, congratulations Emily and Erin. You have made the entire family proud. I know that Grandma will be smiling down on you next Sunday.

    Pretty girls, pretty portraits. Nicely done!

    Lovely set! Graduation pictures to be proud of. :) Great job!

    WOWZA Ash! These look professional or something… LOL) Amazing portraits. I LOVE the red door shot & the composition of the last is just perfect! Beautiful girl for sure!

    Very lovely photos!!!

    The models are beautiful and you did a fantastic job of capturing their beautiful smiles and eyes! Well done, Ashley!

    Ashley, these are beautifully captured. :0) I bet they are thrilled with these! Yes, I think that counts as exercise!!! I love that one with both of them smiling up at you. Their eyes are sparkling and you can see their connection with you. They are beautiful girls!

    Wow! Those girls are gorgeous and so are the pictures. I love how you arranged them. So pretty. And kudos to you for doing that pregnant. I KNOW how exhausting that is.

    I 2nd the WOWZA comment!!! Holy SMOKES!! I didn’t want the post to end – LOL! They’re ALL just brilliant! I nearly freaked about the one in front of that brown/red/marroon? door… and the last one??! Geez, ya done good!! :-) They must be so happy with these!

    Awesome shoot Ashley! I wish I could have worn that pretty blue for my graduations– it makes such pretty pictures! =)

    Amazing light! Love them all.

    wow! you did an amazing job and i just love them all!! so beautiful and wonderful!!

    Great job! These are all so wonderful, and you’re right their eyes are GORGEOUS, especially against the blue robes!

    these are such great portirats!I love that last black and white one of them together, their eyes look amazing! I wish I had portraits like this done when I graduated college!

    Awesome portraits. Congrats to your cousins!

    This is one of the best photo sessions I’ve seen. Something different!

    Best wishes to your beautiful cousins. My son will be attending Chapel Hill in a couple of years.

    Oh…and walking around campus definitely counts as a workout! Maybe even two!!!

    Gorgeous girls, and seriously gorgeous portraits! I love ones of them in their cap and gowns. It was something I wish I would have had more of when I graduated. Your cousins are going to treasure these forever!

    Oh Ashley these photos are simply fantastic!

    These are so good! What wonderful treasures they will be in years to come. Loved each shot!

    These are awesome!! Great job!! They have gorgeous eyes and they go with their blue gowns. So pretty!