May 05, 2012
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Life While Pregnant vs. Life With Baby
Hello Third Trimester! According to this trimester calculator, I am officially in the last leg of my pregnancy. I’ll be honest, I am both excited and nervous. Like many women, I have dreamed of becoming a mom since I was a little girl playing with dolls. There was absolutely no question that when the time came, I would have a family of my own. However, dreaming of being pregnant/having a family feels very different from actually being pregnant. I guess reality has finally set in that I’m going to have to deliver a baby in a few months…and I don’t feel ready.

Just the other night, I went into panic mode (que the melodramatic music). Husband’s translation = intense mood swing. Last month, my dear sweet husband painted the nursery. I was thrilled…and then quietly daydreamed about getting the nursery done by mid-May. Up until Wednesday, nothing else had been done, but I guess my complaining paid off. Good thing…I was getting impatient.

Three years ago, I was also impatient…but more because I was done planning our October wedding and still had five months to go. Needless to say, that wedding was over-planned. With only three months left of this pregnancy, I don’t feel nearly as put together and I can only registry-stalk so much. The good news is that I am having my first shower tomorrow (yay!) so I can occupy some of this idle time by writing thank you notes. 

With that said, rather than stress…I thought it might be fun to look at the differences (er, similarities) between life while pregnant versus life with baby. I was inspired by a chapter in a book I bought for my husband called, “Pregnancy Sucks For Men” by Joanne Kimes and her husband, Jeff Kimes. The original piece was written from a man’s perspective so I adapted it for the ladies. 

Life Pregnant and with Baby

Funny? Honest? I think both. But I’m curious – what should be added to the list? I’d love to hear your personal stories of how being pregnant prepared you and your husband for parenthood.

    Lol!! So true! Going to the bathroom should be added: before baby you can go to the bathroom whenever you need to

    After baby, you use the bathroom 5 hours after your bladder feels like its going to burst and you’re never alone!

    Showering too. Before baby, shower first thing. After baby, you can’t remember if you did shower!

    I won’t even breech the topic of engorgement! Lol

    Unfortunately, my pregnancy days are so far behind me I can’t even remember the problems – other than the ones you have already mentioned. You know you will be a fantastic mother, Ashley – you have been preparing for it all your life! Just relax and follow your instincts. And as for the advice from doctors and others, do what feels right for you and your baby!

    Lol this is an awesome list, and I love what Mama Monkey added. But maybe the eating part for Life with Baby should be changed to “Your baby eats the nicest parts of your dinner plate.”
    And maybe laundry: Before baby, you wear a clean shirt every day. After baby, you (and baby!) wear 5 clean shirts a day.
    But really, even if this list is true, you’re going to be great at it! :)

    This made me smile…I remember being nervous and feeling unprepared. But once the baby comes, instinct and love kicks in, and you will do GREAT. I guess the only thing I’d add is:

    Life While Pregnant: your body slowly gets bigger
    Life With Baby: your body slowly gets smaller

    I guess my point is, it took nine months for your body to gain weight in preparation for the baby. It’ll take at least that long (or longer) for your body to shrink back. So don’t be hard on yourself if that’s something that stresses you – it takes time to lose the baby weight.

    This makes me laugh. Our saying is that once the baby comes- you will never again say “we will be there in 20 minutes”. Getting out of the house can be a chore. The amount of things you have to tote around is colossal. It wasn’t until the kids became older that going places became a bit less stressful- however, don’t let this scare you. I am WAY high strung- and I am sure most don’t view things the way I do. But this was just our experience.

    When you are pregnant every looks at you. After the baby is born, you might as well be invisible. All eyes are on the baby. Which can be a very good thing because most times you may feel like death warmed over. ;)

    When you are pregnant you question everything you eat and how it will effect the baby. After baby is born, you question everything you do and how it will effect the baby.

    I *should* go to bed early after the baby is in bed- but actually I stay up later than ever, because those hours after she’s in bed are the only ones to get anything done. :) So instead I stay up way too late, and have to get up super early with her in the morning- not the best cycle, but I can’t seem to break it.

    Oh Ashley! THis is so funny! I agree with Mama Monkey about the whole shower thing! Learn to embrace the witching hrs of between 2-4 a.m. Do you have a glider? That always helped…that and know that it doesn’t last forever. By the time my third one rolled around I figured…this little guy came into OUR lives and he’ll have to get used to the way we run our household….NOT he run our household….I always had 2 diaper bags…one fully packed, by the door, ready to go. Instinct will kick in. Oh…in that witching hour…don’t talk to the little one just feed, burp and change diaper. The less stimulation the better.
    I’m done!

    You can never be completely ready. It is a new adventure with a little being that has her own agenda. Just relax and enjoy the ride. It will be magnificent and so will you. Valerie

    I don’t think anyone’s truly ever ready to give birth, but when the time comes you just do it. Sort of like parenting; it just comes to you. It really does. This is such an exciting time. I love the similarities too. They are so true! LOL!

    Ha ha. These are sooo true.

    This might be along with going to bed early, but nap while pregnant cause you are so exhausted and same after baby is here. :)

    HA! Funny. Love this list ;D

    These are funny! Someone else already commented about showering … but enjoy them now while you can! :)

    haha LOVE this!

    We have three kids ages 3,2 & 1 and this list totally made me smile :-)

    Don’t worry about baby coming you’ll do amazing! If you just take a deep breath and try to stay relaxed even in the stressful moments it actually helps a ton:-) Specially being sleep deprived everything seems so much worse then they are. I’m learning that with each kid haha!


    You’ve been on my heart all week … continued prayers for you as you deal with your loss

    I have 4 children too and the best advice I ever had was to put baby into bed awake. That way they learn to drop off alone and if they wake in the night they know they can drop off alone. If you put them down asleep they panic when they wake and can’t re-settle. Worked for me!! My lot slept fantastically and still do aged 19, 16 and twins aged13!

    Hahahaha! I don’t have any kids yet but my friends with kids would all completely agree with this!